Rainy day

It was a rainy day today.

A go away day.

A stay indoors day.

An excuse for doing nothing day.


But it’s not a hurricane day.

No floods to hold back day.

Not even a thunder and lightening day.

Just a drizzly miserable day.

A down pour of idleness day.


Rainy days disrupt your plans,

Unless you are intrepid.

But if the rain goes on for too long,

You just become decrepit.

Maybe I should build an ark ?

I should have prepared for the flood.

Still the garden gains whenever it rains

But it’s a shame about all the mud.

The flowers are happy,

the rain is their hearts desire.

For me it’s just a good excuse,

to stay in by the fire 😀




 James Baldwin



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1 Response to Rainy day

  1. well the UK has had its share recently of rain, and the heavens opening up? we need the rain, it has been a dry old winter! However like all good chaps one must take the weather as it stands, and a warm mug of cocoa by the fire, and a good book-not necessarily ”thee good book”’ but then a pray or two may help. Dream on Macduff, you have work to do with your followers and converts to old age?? Keep going.
    The rhyme not bad??

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