Cloud Surfing – Washington State again

GrumbleSmiles was set up to provide innovative answers to tackling the problems of loneliness in later life.    Many older people are less able to get out and about, which can be the first steps towards a life of isolation.

My travel around the clouds continue you can see more of my travel adventures by clicking on CLOUD SURFING in the TAG CLOUD).   Today I invite you to join me on a trip to unknown destinations around the world and an opportunity to talk to new and interesting people.    All at no cost and from the comfort of your own armchair.

We are going cloudsurfing to Washington State.

Courtesy of a blogger and photographer DJan who we visited before in May on this year.  This time we’re trecking through the spectacular scenery of the Pine and Cedar Lake Trail.



For some more great photographs and Jan’s excellent commentary on the walk, click on the link below and scroll down to 20 September to the blog entitled “Another Local Hike”.

In the weeks ahead, I will publish more blogs and photographs from my cloud surfing travels.

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2 Responses to Cloud Surfing – Washington State again

  1. Boots
    Well I never! When one pushes the invitation line to DJAN blog site, one has an interesting array of photographs to ponder over, in the state of Washington USA.
    While I admire the forests, rocks and crags, heather covered hills, and snow covered peaks, I note the footwear of Jan and friends??? : Not the modern proverbial trainers, but good old fashioned ‘Hiking Boots’? and that haversack to carry the waterproofs, sarnies, water/drinks etc. within, not for getting that bar of milk chocolate for energy, that one may exert on a good days hiking.
    It all brings me back to my youth and days around the ‘West Riding’ and the places one may wish to go to?- Brimham Rocks, Plumton Rocks, Otley Chevin {suprise View} here if in July ,one could go bilberry picking as we did as kids with mum and dad then there was Kilnsey Crag, Kettlewell, Buckden Pike, Gapping Ghyl Pot, Mother Shipton’s Cave and neared home the ‘Pho Factory estate of Esholt run by Bradford Corporation and its surrounding pine trees, to enable a sweeter smell to issue from the estate. Here on the estate due to Bradfords’ Industrial heritage the woollen trade, mills, and woolcomber’s waste was rich in ‘lanoline’ from the fleece washing that they did, and the filter beds of the solids and liquids was treated to a bath of an acidic concoction of sulphuric acid, which after a number of days in the filter beds settled out, then the heavier matter was decanted from the liquid, and then steam pressed in the Pho! Factory works, and the lanoline extracted, as a by product. After that the steam pressed matter/residual was removed the ‘Hard stuff’ it was distributed on the estate drying fields open to the atmosphere and encouraged to breath? It depended where one lived in the vicinity of the Aire Valley, but the aroma carried by the wind, got every where, and put hairs on one chest-so to speak?
    The pine trees did there best with respect to an acceptable odour, and we played as kids tracking games in these estate woods. Great fun.

  2. sights
    Standing on ‘Suprise View’ overlooking the Wharfe valley, one can see to the east Kilsey Cragg, a rock climbers training piece, and to the west ‘The Cow and Calf Rocks’ another rock climbers training pitch. Further west and one would see in the horizon the ‘grouse moors’ of ‘Beamsley Beacon’.
    Should one a any day feel energetic there was the walk from the ‘Cow and Calf Rocks’ over Ikley Moor, Rombalds Moor, from Wharfedale into Airedale above Bingley to the watering hole called ‘Dick Hudsons [a Tetley ‘s House in my younger days]. Should one require a more gentle outing, one could catch the 55 west yorkshire road car bus to Shiplly, walk passed ‘SALTS MILL[now a folk museum] and into Shiply Glen and catch the tram from the ‘glen bottom to the top’ and be rewarded the views of Airedale from Baildon Moor..
    All this from a blog of memories and friendship-great? cloud or mind surfing!!!..

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