Cloud Surfing – Ontario

GrumbleSmiles was set up to provide innovative answers to tackling the problems of loneliness in later life.    Many older people are less able to get out and about, which can be the first steps towards a life of isolation.

My travel around the clouds continue you can see more of my travel adventures by clicking on CLOUD SURFING in the TAG CLOUD).   Today I invite you to join me on a trip to unknown destinations around the world and an opportunity to talk to new and interesting people.    All at no cost and from the comfort of your own armchair.

We are going cloudsurfing to Ontario.

Courtesy of a blogger and photographer The Furry Gnome whose blog is entitled “Seasons in the Valley”.



This is a winter walk in a part of the world I’ve never visited.  I’m much happier visiting it in my armchair rather than trecking through the woods in the Canadian winter.   The Furry Gnome’s comments and photographs give you a great illustration of what it must be like.

Click on the link below for more photos.

In the weeks ahead, I will publish more blogs and photographs from my cloud surfing travels.

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2 Responses to Cloud Surfing – Ontario

  1. initially winters in Ontario, and the many scenes of a winters walk through the forests and woods. I just recall my scouting days, and being informed if one were lost in a british foreest, then as the prevailing wind and weather was from the west, one should study the trees, stones, walls, and other natural or man made phenomena, and look for the prevalent growth of ‘lichens’ that would give you/me the compass direction of west! and I would you would have a bearing in which direction one could seek shelter and the warmth.
    Further apart from the wintery scenes on Furry Jacks? ‘blog’ should one have the courage to press or ride the link to his web site, one is rewarded with travel pictures, and spring/summer blooms, that light up the pages of ones computer screen. Furry Jacks? personal life and comments are revealing, and like the rest of us oldies, its not the tale he tells, but the personal life’s information he shares with us! We all have in the latter years a moment or two to share with others, some poignant, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but all in all that moment or two of quiet reflection of life and ones loved ones, or how life has dealt out the fate of old age to us all as individuals..
    AS John has highlighted it is ‘cloud surfing’ idle moments with ones personal thoughts, and that weighing up or question:- have I lead a good life, have I had a bad life? I ask ”whom is that Judge” definitely, not me sir??

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