Pangolin Nonsense

Today I woke up with a pangolin 😀

it just popped into my head😇

l don’t know where it came from ?

was it something that I said?


Pangolin was only only a word,

rolling around in my brain.

Tumbling out of the jumble jungle,

answering a quiz Master’s unasked question.


Trusty Google half solved the problem.

Pangolins do actually exist.

In Africa, India, China and the Phillipines,

But not in Kilsby, except for today.

None of that explains

what the pangolin

was doing

in my head.



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2 Responses to Pangolin Nonsense

  1. dear John!!! I have had to seek out my friend ‘GOPHER’ in the american of terms, an underground resider, more commonly termed a ‘ground squirrel’? But hey! and then all that reading on ‘google’ and wikileaks about a ‘Plainsong’ I come round from eating my rice crispies to utter nonesense you have quoted as ‘Pangolins’.
    It is all mind blowing: Too much to absorb at this respectful time in the moring eating ‘brekkiers’, I must away to the cubical, and clear my mind, never mind my body of all this detritus, but then I remember my Friendly friend ‘IZAL’ and its message-‘Please wash your hands’??

    By the way John Good morning, you scaly ball of a figure from Kilsby. The anagram for John-Friend!!!

  2. I just wonder if i or John belong as our readers may do to the ”OLD FARTS=Society”, we appear to rattle on and pass wind quite frequently, with out stopping to make any sense of our fellow readers, or in deed what we have written as individuals????
    At 75+ it is all in the mind, and ones lips speak eulogies to life in general, and no one in particular?
    If you like we are silent but deadly in our thoughts words and deeds??? Another missive to that thing called the cyber space!!! Alas I must now be quiet!?? What say you?.

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