Brave ??? NewWorld

We are waking up in a New World, but we don’t know yet if it will be a Brave one.    That will depend on how much changes and how much we can hold on to …….. and for a while we won’t know.

WHAT  COULD  CHANGE in the short term?

  • We may not all be here, but the lottery of who will be and who won’t has yet to be drawn.
  • What seems clear so far is that there will not be so many older people.
  • Nor will there be any cruises for the foreseeable future.
  • Our money will be worth a lot lees or in the worst case worthless.
  • Holding people and whole countries to ransom could be the new norm ?
  • Brexit will be a thing of the past, because there will be no Europe to exit.
  • We won’t need a new runway at Heathrow, because there will be a lot less airlines and nowhere to fly to.
  • HS2 need never be built, because we will not need to rush anywhere.
  • We will not require Bodj’s 40  new hospitals, because there will be plenty of spare beds soon and any way we won’t have any medicine.

The House of Lards won’t need to be abolished, because most of them will have died off.    The House of Commons will become a debating chamber purely for daytime TV, because events will continue to unfold long before our politicians can do anything about them.

The birds will still tweet and there will be something to eat.


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3 Responses to Brave ??? NewWorld

  1. if it were not so true, what would I do?
    GO to the LLLP for some light relief, and let my feelings and thoughts run riot!
    Even BODJ and his body of government advisors, are now not sure what the future holds? ”CHOAS” I suspect, and the USA has now stepped up to the plate: What we need is compassion and inspirational persons of character to help us through these difficult times?
    As has been commented, what now of ‘BREXIT’, we all need to survive as a world of caring nations.

  2. Thoughts
    What with this ‘Corona’ Virus, and all the upset, shaking about, and possible ‘’lock down’’ that is being proposed for this nation of ours, within this modern world, I just gently reflect at my age of 77 years, what Have I achieved? What do I require from Life? Question- have or has my view points been modified? Am I still that person who wrote those ‘’blogs’’ of the past on this site? Am I wise after the event? Or just confused?
    All these questions, not doubts, I believe I am true to my former life.
    While I read John’s piece {Brave new??? world}, and invited to submit my comments, I wondered into the three related nominated articles-new vision of later life-£trillion- give it back-rubbish bins 3.
    The pieces cover a number of years and subjects.
    I just wonder if when I was some years younger was I a pompous person? I trust not.
    Now with the prospect of the ‘corona virus and ‘LOCKDOWN’, I look around me at my friends and neighbours, and residents, in my present home for life environment of a retirement village for those of over 55 years of age: However the village is vibrant and at 77 I find myself in the majority of the average age group of 79 years, reflecting on the residents being mobile, some with aids, but all with the determination to remain in an independent way of life. This ‘ETHOS’ of independence to my mind screams at present ‘Lockdown’ scenario, and a possible life of total isolation as a society, personally and then as a citizen, from all resident friends, neighbours and family? At 77 while I and my wife are possibly considered vulnerable, I feel safe and secure, but isolated from the feelings of common compassion and relationships.
    One of the solutions from the blogs related items listed above was the development of a cyber world, and web/internet based community channels such as micorsoft/facebook and twitter, and the rest. How ever I have a conversation on the internet, strangers remain strangers, nothing to my mind can replace that personal interaction of a verbal conversation, and face to face, so I can read and enjoy the body language of my compardrie/fellow human being.
    Words expressed can give reassurance and peace of mind, and again one can draw comfort from what each phase means and how expressed, and Like this secure web site ‘Grumbles and Smiles’ A mind at rest.
    As I draw closer to that 100 years living, having passed 3 score years and 10, I enjoy my own moments of peace, but I look forward to the company of others more satisfying as the years march onwards.

  3. The corona virus, challenges us all, It brings to mind we are all involved, and we need a little of the old community spirits from my childhood where communities stood close together, and aided/supported each other and families in their localities.
    This modern attitude of ”I am all right Jack” makes me shudder a little, and to ask the question do we need a police controlling state and rationing in all its widest terms.

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