Corona V GrumbleSmiles

You can’t let all this endless talk about Coronavirus get you down.

Goodness knows there are plenty of reasons to  grumble about it :-

  • confined to the house for the next twelve weeks – nationalised house arrest courtesy of Bodj 🤡
  • whatsmore it will probably be a lot longer than this  —— maybe 6 months without time off for good behaviour.     Bodj has a track record of missing deadlines, remember Brexit🤡
  • No sport on the tele – no rugby 🏉   no football ⚽️ no cricket , 🏏 and no tennis  🏸— thank goodness.
  • No going to watch Leicester Tigers — although this season that was turning out to be a bit of a trial anyway☹️
  • No cruises, definitely no cruises.
  • Our politicians are busy printing and spending money we haven’t got. Still it makes them think they are doing something in a crisis.
  • Every TV news programme with exactly the same news as every other  news programme, repeated every hour of every day.
  • Scientists emerging from laboratories to step into the TV sunlight for their two minutes of fame.   Professors of virology and epidemiology and immunology and immunodeficiency and sociology and behavioural science and all sorts of ologies you have never even heard of.    All with “expert “ opinions on their ologies.     From eminent universities like Oxford and Cambridge and Lancaster and Doncaster and every other caster.      Probably everybody is a Professor at sometime in their life 👨‍🎓
  • Countless reminders about washing your hands, again and again and again.

But what about Coronavirus smiles :-

  • With all the flight bans and empty cruise ships and shut down shops and factories we are dramatically cutting down our carbon emissions, so Coronavirus could save the planet from global warming. —- although there might not be many older people left to enjoy it.
  • Spring is on the way and the birds are singing.   Obviously no one has told the flowers or the birds about CORONAVIRUS !
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3 Responses to Corona V GrumbleSmiles

  1. Yet again, an excellent BLOGG. I am confused, and look at the elephants within the room? Who am I?, who is my maker? what is my faith?, and will I survive this bout of ‘corona virus outbreak’?
    I am absolutely bewitched by all the good intentions of BODJ and his government, and the outpourings of advice? I feel there is room yet for the LLLP and the finial solution of white smoke from the chimney stack? A new saviour, or is that a ‘POPE’? or ME?
    Answers on a post card please, before postie is moribund in messages/greetings of misfortune.
    Again before I go the ‘as related subjects’ on this blog site message, give one an insight into modern life within the UK at the moment .
    Am I blowing smoke up someone’s or your posterior, do tell me!! I am eager to read, as now we must all communicate and transact business/conversations via the internet: God Bless us all!!!

  2. a cruise ship : how about the ARK, and the crew Egyptians lead by the smile of the SPHINX? and shopping now in the UK feels like bargaining in the SHUK, not shopping in the local friendly supermarket?
    I am all at sea swimming with the sharks!!!!! and I am the bait??

  3. Clever
    IT IS NOW SATURDAY 21 March 2020. the Spring Solstice- When daylight hours equal hours of darkness?
    Well I never what do I think as on Monday 23rd March from 00.00 hours we as a nation are ‘CONFINED TO BARRACKS’’ in most communities, and encouraged only to exit for food and dire emergencies, and the supermarket and convenience stores, within our communities, are self operational, by means of the internet and web, and in a closed community, for the in-firmed [nursing-care home], or elderly, or a retirement home/village for the over 55’s if they have facilities such for activities, hobbies and activities, and there again an inbuilt convenience shop,are under siege by all residents and care attendant’s and visitor’s, it is a nightmare!!!! What is a practical and sensible way to act, and yet be compassionate and sensible, when all around are acting on BODJ and his governments advice? Which is in some cases not clear or concise: when trying as we all do with the detail, and the elderly/in-firmed/ and those suffering notifiable ailments.
    The elephant in the room? Who is left to fight the DEVIL? You or me. I am getting hot under the collar!
    Is it night or day, or is life just confusing?

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