Swept to a New World ?

We are all on a voyage sailing into a New World, just like Columbus and Captain  Cook.   This time with Coronavirus as the wind behind us blowing us hither and thither to who ( certainly not WHO ) knows where.
What seems clear is that we won’t be able to go back to where we were before.   The world will have changed by the time this virus is done, but will it be for better or for worse ?

For Worse ?

  • Worldwide millions of people will have died, mainly the elderly.
  • Third World countries with poor health care will be hit the hardest.
  • Heavily indebted Western World countries will be almost bankrupt.
  • Global recession could leave millions of people unemployed.
  • There will be raging inflation in the West as economies are reshaped.
  • The European Union will become the European Disunion.
  • China will colonise large parts of the Third World and become the Global dominant economic force through its control of natural resources.

For Better ?

  • Climate change will slow down as greenhouse gases reduce.
  •  The reduction in numbers of old people will ease pressure on the NHS.
  • Airlines will be dramatically scaled back and cruise ships will sink altogether.
  • Gardening will become the most popular pastime and a necessity for food production.
  • The HS2 train will stop before it has started and the fourth runway at Heathrow can stay in mothballs forever.


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7 Responses to Swept to a New World ?

  1. Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, all to the tune of the Sally Army Band, and the tune-;- maybe ‘ What a friend we have in Jesus’?
    I don’t think it will be ‘Keep the red Flag flying’ and come the revolution??? Will Big Ben be repaired by then? and the BBC News broadcast the chimes- with the News, and bring music to our ears, Or will it be a nursery rhyme tune while the piped piper plays his tune???
    It is all in the imagination, and yet to come???? ‘God Bless us all’ as Tiny Tim quoted in ‘A Christmas Carol Tale’ by Charles Dickens’

  2. Nonplused
    The Last Laugh Loonie Party [LLLP], and the blog by John on “Swept to a new world”, and the side swipe at current events especially the ‘Corona Virus’.
    I remain confused, both emotionally and mentally, and torn apart to make some logical sense, without being facetious or irreverent.
    John’s Comments are all worthy and relevant! What is missing is ‘What is happening in the up to date political events? And who or whom is in charge? My thoughts go out to the chairman of the LLLP, and while the current Conservative Government has an Leader in absentia BORIS [BODJ]. The daily speakers and the technocrats/scientists on the current daily BBC News afternoon 10 Downing Street broadcasts, offer informative views on the current Corona Virus, some points are very detailed and specific, and require to be listened too very carefully, so that one interprets the information correctly.
    I feel is what is lacking, is a leader, or a spokesman of leader capabilities. This last week or two, we have had different ministers, representing the views of collective government policy. I realise the subject being discussed are tailored to the individual ministry;s ? Very Noble but to me as a citizen, not delivered with the firmness and I feel authority of a leader, or deputy leader.
    I do wish Boris a swift and joyous recovery from the Corona Virus: But I do wonder where the British Conservative Party in Parliament is heading- Boris had with his henchmen the opportunity for a thorough clear out of the miss match of BRITEX IN/OUT before the December 2019 election, and there appear to be no senior political masters ‘’Grandees’’, except shall I say Mr Grove? I cannot see any others, and this maybe BORIS’s Achilles heel? So while we have a majority parliamentary Party, we may lack a leader? Answers on a Post card Please

  3. HM The Queen Elizabeth II
    21st. April 2020.
    “ God Save the Queen” Happy Birthday Mam! Many more to come!
    This ‘Corona Virus’ and self isolation makes one wonder? What would I wish to do today? Lots possibly: However I must before reality strikes me, drift and dream, within my 77 years of life; never mind HM the Queen’s 94 years.
    I am if my dream’s are true take me back wards and forwards through the years, the only progression, is the years calender January To December!
    January-Snow on the ground, sledging in the village main street in Wensleydale as a pre school child with my sister: Then as a school boy and my 3 sisters in LEEDS on Littlemoor and the local golf course or the billing, sledging/racing down the slopes. Then visiting the local dams sliding and slipping on the ice, only when adults were about, to ensure the ice would support our weight.
    As a more mature person, and one became aware of other things, one would be aware of ‘BURN’S Nite, and that odd nogging, or ‘tinnie’ if at sea, and sailing with a Glaswegian crew, when ‘tinnies’ would flow, and Jimmy Shand and Andy Stewart music would flow; God Bless the Scots.
    February- Not much to say here, dark nights becoming lighter and every 4th year a leap year, when as an older person may count the pairs of gloves, one had given away?
    March-Spring Solecist; neither light or dark, year end, and as one became a worker the dreaded year end, tax returns, and demands with both local and HM Inspector of Taxes writing too one with joyous letters??? I Bet? Later in life Molly and I experienced much happiness,on the 19th. My sisters birthday, but then on the same day we have two wonderful great granddaughters born on this day. Some 5 years apart-two separate families { One a grand daughters and one a grandsons}.
    April- Who’s the FOOL? -Tax bills, direct debits etc. Arrive. My Mum’s birthday month- happy memories? Anniversary of my employment first day with ‘Auntie’ in my Shore career. As a child with Mum and Dad an afternoon out to Woodhouse Moor in Leeds to see a circus [Bertrum Mills, and later Billy Smarts].
    May-The school year and studying hard for the year end examinations. At Cubs and scouts more outdoor activities tracking down to the local woods in Esholt, playing the ‘Fox and hounds’ as I became older, some of the time I was chosen as the ‘’FOX’ and given the life! Of a neckerchief in the lop of my belt? If this was removed/stolen I was considered captured! My aim was to lead the hounds on a trail, hide in the woods, and be hopefully the first back to the ‘DEN’ the cub/scout hut with my neckerchief, as the winner, and would lead the troop pack, into a farewell singsong.
    JUNE-MID SUMMER Solstice= Watching the wonderful sunsets at this time of the year in my time at sea, in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Late June end of term exams at school,11+ etc. Where was I going [Not too far in academia]?
    July-and then August. End of the school year for myself, our children and grandchildren: We look forward to family holidays: Our greater family all congregated at Newquay for a week at least, or a fortnight, fun and frolics on the beach-Who could stop the tide from destroying our jointly built sand castle, or could we all dam up the beach stream and stop it flowing to the sea [A task by King Canute]? We had fun but never won. This took place over some 15 years annual pilgrimage. I had more serious memories of Cornwall as It was where I joined a few of my ships; sailing from Falmouth Drydocks to the wide wide world. As a family later in life my employer a Swedish Turbine Manufacturer ask me, and invited my family with our children to Finspong in Sweden to stay[ for 5 weeks] while I was trained in the works. This was great on our evenings together we would take our car and go ‘MOOSE Hunting’- never found one, On our weekends we visited Stockholm [where we say the VASA a reclaimed sailing warship wreck, and the Swedish ‘Father Christmas Post Office’. We travelled to and from Finspong from Malmo our Ferry terminal back to the UK – [Immingham], while travelling Southern Sweden we visited the Gotham Canal and the many Swedish Glass works, admiring the works of glassware, buying a couple of trinkets. For the children their treat was an ice lolly called a ‘Katsatapuc’, which they loved.
    As a scout we had our camp second week in August, all under canvas! Campfires/widegames and singsongs great fun. Gingang goolie comes to mind, and ‘a old woman by the grave yard stood oohee aah ohee ahh!’–THEN THE FINIAL SHOUT FROM THE OLD LADY THROWING THE SHEET FROM HER BODY–BOOO!- I was baptise on passing my tenderfoot badge at my first camp, as ?????? [I cannot remember except it meant I had a growlley voice. The names where scouting names taken for Baden Powel’s book ‘Scouting For Boys’]
    September-=- back to school, and learning, This came true to life for me in my seagoing days, and my study for my @TIckets@ as a seagoing engineer at Hull Tech {Twice-once for my 2nd class, and the once for my first class ticket-3 months study and then the exam, and appearing before an examiner; after my written exams for an oral exam. Quaking in my boots and messed pants? Great for the experience}.
    August–=- my quiet moments, my wedding to Molly some 54 years ago-wonderful
    The autumn solstice, nights drawing in again!
    October==, Dads birthday month, quiet month except, for as kids our family duck apple party and Halloween the 31st, then there was no trick or treating.
    November– Chumping, fireworks and bonfire night not forgetting the 4th, as mischief night and mayhem. The rest of the nights and days quiet, and good behaviour.
    December== Christmas and the kiddies service ‘Christingle’ and the kiddies singing carols in church. As a youngster with my pals and my growlley voice I would go up and down the local streets carol singing for that ‘penny or two’: However I was never rich. As we grew up as a family and I had mine, I remember my time from Hamburg and on the 6th December putting either shoes or clogs or for St. Nicholas. [A birch twitch if I was naughty and some sweets if I was good.]
    After Christmas and Santa Claus, New years Eve and Hogmany , and a few moments to wish for ones next year?
    I still wish good health, and happiness for my family and friends, and just to enjoy life with whom ever I come into contact with. The future is and can be exciting for all of us?

  4. my friend and companion, in my moments of contemplation, is the ‘steam radio; and music? Mainly of the crooners of the 40’s 50;s and the big bands playing dance music, and then the Wurlitzer and its strict tempo music for the dance hall, tunes I remember of my courting days, and on occasions a little of Victor Sylvester and his dance orchestra. Not forgetting those lazy moments with Mantrovanni and his string orchestra.
    Today I can only find Tony Blackburn with,music memories of the 60’s or his favorite tunes, both programme’s on the current radio listings. What I do miss are two programmes:, one, BIG Bands and then the Organist entertains, which ceased broadcasting in early 2019.
    To hear my favorite tunes recordings I must go to my CD disc player, just a passing memory or two.

  5. Here I am playing back in my minds eye, the steam radio, and listening to the roar of 4 stroke and 2 stroke monstrosities, such as norton, yamaha, AJS, matchless, BSA, some italian jobs, and a few more italian/ japanese motor cylces as they in the summer race around the Isle of Man TT Circuit some 37 miles, maybe twice, passed that bend??? [ Was it at Ramsey] then Peel, and up and around Snaefell-ZOO___OOM!!! to the finish line and the flag. My names etched in memory ar Geoff Duke and Mike Hailwood

  6. Germany
    Just watched the ‘Repair Shop’ on BBC Channel 1 TV, and was provoked into instant memories of my younger childhood in 1948/9, in Germany with my mother and father.
    On the ‘Repair Shop’ there was a story of a Salesman who went to Africa to sell and live as a Massey Ferguson Tractor manufacturer. What was given to repair/update a working model of a 1940’s massey furguson tractor with a plough that was connected to the back of the tractor by a unique and patented coupling system. The modelled showed a single blade plough.
    What I saw in 1948/49 was the real thing on an island some kilometers down stream from Hamburg on the Elbe, and the Plough had 3 blades, not just one. The trials were by the British Ministry- Control Commission Germany [CCG] to display and show the German farmers what Britain could supply to help their food/farming production, as the German Industry was recovering from the arms production and bombing of the war. The trials were successful.
    While in Germany Mum and Dad took us on holidays : Dads trips- as part of the government CCG. To the Friensen Isles Nordeene, Harz moutains Altenua and Gosslar, then to Brunswick. Our trips in the summer to the seaside were too Charboutze?? on the Baltic near Kiel.
    All memories!

  7. LLLP Question are with all this info and some confusing details on BBC TV 1 Channel at 16.30, I am confused and look to a succinct instruction’s, are ear plugs considered safety equipment??? Knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands!

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