April Showers !

They say it never rains, but it pours.   In fact it hasn’t rained in Kilsby for quite some time.    The garden is particularly dry.     Whatever happened to April showers?

So it was a surprise to wake up this morning to find it was pouring down.    In fact it was Mo who first discovered it.   She was so excited, she came running upstairs to wake me up and tell me it was pouring down in the lounge.     Not the normal place for an April shower.

I lept out of bed and set off downstairs only to find the sunshine  streaming in through the open kitchen door and not a drop of rain to be seen.    Then I ventured into the lounge and discovered a spring bubbling out of the ceiling.    Actually more of a raging torrent !   Directly below the upstairs bathroom, so I raced back upstairs, but there was no sign of a running tap, or an overflowing sink nor a leaky pipe.    That exhausted my plumbing knowledge, so I rang our friend Chris, who is a proper plumber.   Obviously he would be up at 7 o’clock in the morning, just waiting for my call 😀

Chris told me to turn the mains water off at the stopcock.   It is most conveniently located at the very back of the lowest kitchen cupboard.     Where we keep all the odds and sods of cleaning materials, …. and polishes, …. and rubber gloves, …. and dog bowels …. and 57 cloths …. etc. … etc …etc.     All of which I  intended to sort out, but I had left it for a rainy day☹️
Eventually I got to the stopcock, only to find I needed a screwdriver to turn it off.   I know I have one in the cupboard in the downstairs toilet.   The cupboard that is full of toilet rolls …. and cleaning materials …. and air fresheners …. and Dettol ….and small flower vases.    Right at the very back is my tool box.   Now I can put a finger in the dam.   Only problem is that when I finally turn the stopcock off, the water keeps on running.

By this time Chris is on his way blue light flashing, hurtling towards this Noah’s Ark in Kilsby.    In the meantime I set off around the house turning on all the cold taps and flushing all the toilets.     It’s a good job we don’t have a water meter.    At last the torrent is reduced to a trickle, but still you don’t really want even a trickle coming from the ceiling of your lounge.     I suppose we could get an aquarium and make a feature of it.

Outside a white van screeched to a halt, Chris ran in dressed for the flood with galoshes over his pyjamas and a life raft.     By this time the monsoon had passed  and he wondered what all the fuss was about.   Then after a quick cup of tea to make up for no breakfast, he set about investigating the source of the leak.

Sadly, his starting point was to check the cold water tank .   It is located in the most inaccessible place in the house, behind an obstacle course of clutter at the back of my walk-in wardrobe.      So now starts another involuntary clear out beginning with my gardening clothes, which I carefully scatter on the floor in a pile each time I come in from the garden.   With that out of the way I move onto the shirts I never wear and shoes I had forgotten I had.   Oh and the shoe cleaning polish and brushes I only use for weddings and funerals.   Then we are onto Mo’s riding boots x 2 and my treasured Stetson hat.   Nearly there, just a few boxes of assorted bits and pieces.     At long last Chis can inspect the tank, but that’s not the problem ….. so I can put all that stuff back 🤠

It turned out to be a faulty WC cistern and a blocked overflow, which Chris fixed in a flash.   Now all I have to do is put everything back in the cupboards !

Still the morning was better than watching breakfast television weather forecast😀

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6 Responses to April Showers !

  1. Boggle
    I and Molly are tickled pick with this story of events John, and we send our best wishes for your future endeavours to save the ceiling, and completed the tasks, many of them of bottoming the corners and a thorough de-cluttering. Molly did reveal her boss while working, also had the exact same problem in his then new house in London.
    When in the older houses and the open cold water tank {with no closing lid} was in the roof space, again one had to once in a while, if one had nesting birds in the eaves to occasionally check for dead birds or nesting material, that might block the overflow. Regards.

  2. Hey Presto! Ureaka!
    What a blog by some fairies! It takes the biscuit straight from the Bothers GRIMM! The imagination runs riotous on this beautiful peaceful and sunny Sunday Morning, while I chomp at my cornflakes and breekkie wheat. My image of a balding, hair receding, de-spectacled John in his best night wear, ‘budgie smugglers’ dancing round the bedroom and then down stairs, to find MO calm and collected, asking why has the lounge been anointed by the ‘GOOD Lord’! and Then John in his utter amazement reviewing the situation, collecting his thoughts, his ODDS AND SODS, from all his cupboards [57 varieties], as he prays or is it swears to ‘satan’, quoting the words ‘Where fore art thou, my steadfast screwdriver’ Ranting on the mobile to some poor chap called ‘’CHRIS’’. I have no idea how John made a greeting to Chris in his state of dress {Budgie smugglers/no glasses-specs/and his hair uncombed}, maybe by gown, or a robe of sorts, You Know? and a crown! ‘John Being King of all he surveys’
    The water, holier than thou! One can not curse and blaspheme enough!
    Sorry John; My mind and imagination have worked overtime, and both Molly and I have had a good giggle!! Good on yer!

  3. I note Chris had a white van! Did he have a white coat? and was he one of three?? Quack,quack, quackers??

  4. Engineer
    I just have to stop and think John, and I believe you are not ‘’pulling my chain’’. In the older houses of my family, and those I have owned, the WC had a cistern tank above the wc pedestal, just under the ceiling, the wc and its cistern were generally installed on an outside wall. So the overflow could go from the cistern directly though the outside wall, and drip if there were an overflow down the outside wall of the house.
    The house had a rising cold water main, which after the stop cock went direct to the kitchen sink tap.[Hence one was advised only to drink tap water [cold] from the kitchen tap]. After this the rising main went up to the main storage tank in the roof space [generally] as this gave the head or pressure to serve all other taps and appliance that required water,[Including the hotwater system and the back boiler].
    I believe modern water supplies are all served to an internal stopcock under the sink in the kitchen, and then to each water requiring appliance/tap? It is only the hot water system that has a separate header tank, to maintain the tapflow pressure?[which may be aided by a pump pressure system?].
    In a modern house all cold water taps within the house are generally on the rising main, and safe from contaminants, including lead as the older houses the water pipes were of lead not copper.

  5. Was it a long job? having a leak, pulling the chain, or a royal flush with our hearts????

  6. It is dull this Wednesday 29th April 2020 morning, during the night it has been reigning cats and dogs, and the royal walkabout for exercise has to be taken with ‘Hoodies’ and hats, and rain jackets about ones person. This in the middle of ‘LOCKDOWN in our retirement Village: WE have no foreign castle/mansion, or country house into which one can hide, or maid/man servants who can regally look after ones personal requirement? I must walk around like a prize cheese, and smell the place out? What a pong?
    I like all of us miss the bright sunny days, lazing around in near nakedness, while the sunshine blesses my body, and warms my soul!
    Will the corona virus end at the end of this ‘downpour’? or is their more to come? Answers on a postcard please?

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