Last Laugh Loony Lockdown

The Last Laugh Looney Party has returned to power.     Dragged back kicking and screaming from their Brexit success.      Prime Minister Bodj, after his brief illness with Coronapop, has realised that he can’t leave the rest of the Cabinet stooges in charge of anything.      In his absence in just a few weeks they had spent a fortune and run out of everything.

Big business want to get back to work, the media are all saying the public  wants to be let out and that children must go back to school.   The clamour is relentless …. in the news, in the press and from MP’s.
Bodj’s immediate request was for some ideas of how to get out of the “Lockdown”.

So here is the LLLP first recommendation to Bodj :-

Right now things are under control.   Not so much down to the Government’s efforts, but due to the superhuman efforts of NHS and all care staff and all the support workers helping them.    It is the front line people in health and social care and in food shops and their delivery drivers, as well as the many volunteers who are helping neighbours and friends.

The Coronapop virus is being contained and hospital cases are coming down.    Certainly it is true that there are and will be a lot more cases in nursing and residential care, but society has never really cared two hoots about them.    That is why no political party has come up with a  constructive answer to funding social care  for generations.

Now let’s look at some of the positives :-

  • It is a lot quieter, you can hear the birds singing.
  • There is a lot less traffic on the roads, so there are far fewer accidents and far less air pollution.
  • Most people are far less busy and have time to talk to people they meet.
  • Children maybe missing their friends but I’ll bet they are not missing exams.
  • There is a lot less crime.
  • We all have a lot more time to think and reflect on the value of life.

We need to learn some very fundamental lessons from all of this and not just try and go back to where we were before.


                       LLLP     “NUTS IN MAY”

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3 Responses to Last Laugh Loony Lockdown

  1. gathering thoughts or is it The thought’s of ‘NUTS In May’? and so the rhyme goes on and on???
    Another day, another thought! or is it ‘DOLLAR’? who is working??? Answers on a postcard please!

  2. Charles Parker says:

    Dear John I am so glad to have found your blog and have enjoyed going through your posts. We met 15 years ago when I was working for the Mercers’ Company. I have being trying to reach you to pick your brains about caring for older people in this awful crisis. I am involved with Anna Chaplaincy It would be very good if we could speak. Please would you email me? Yours Charles

  3. I see the LOONies are in charge,, and having the last laugh? Maybe, we maybe the only folks left to talk sense! Either as a political party {LLLP} and as confining society as the LLLL? What we need dear John is a newer organisation to whom we can pay our subscriptions too, and others can join the association of Last Laugh LOONIES, as the Last Laugh Loonies Rejuvenated!!!!

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