• This post follows on from the LAST LAUGH LOONEY PARTY appointment to  to Prime Minister Bodj’s cabinet of national unity and begins to look at what lessons we should learn from the country’s experience of the Coronapop.

Crazy thoughts for crazy times, is something that the Last Laugh Looney Party specialises in, which is no doubt why, Prime Minister Bodj has brought them back into Cabinet discussions.    His current crop of stooges, who all purport to be Government Ministers, can’t see beyond the end of their noses.    There forward thinking extends only as far as next days headline and even then their answers are limited to a few few stock phrases.    “Wash your hands, wipe your nose and don’t tickle your toes!”

Let’s start with the “Lockdown”.

It’s not all bad, nothing like as life-limiting as the First or Second World Wars must have been.     The upsides of the lock down are that the Coronapop has been slowed down, which gives the NHS a chance to gain some empty bedspaces, get extra supplies of PPE and get all its staff back to work.

So the first crazy idea would be to extend the “Lockdown”  until Christmas !

  • Everyone would have to continue to socially isolate, unless they were a Key worker.    “STAY AT HOME” would be the watchword and ”WYH”.
  • Anyone caught breaking the rules would be rounded up by the police and quarantined on one of the thousands of idle cruise ships.   The ships would sail around the British Isles until Christmas …. 2021.   The passengers/ tourists/inmates/ thoughtless gits would be required to make face masks and gowns for care staff and embroider “sorry” on each one.
  • All NHS and social care staff  and other support workers would be paid a 50% lump sum Christmas tax free bonus.  Paid for by a special NHS tax on  the banks 🤡

There will be more from the LLLP as we navigate ourselves through the Coronapop  months ahead.

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3 Responses to LLLP “NUTS IN MAY”

  1. Wyh
    Gunden Morgan? Or words to that effect! I note the Philistines are being encouraged to throw stones at the Last Laugh Loonies, as our leader has spoken!!!
    It is only May and we have to pursue this ‘Coronapop’ outburst maybe until Christmas 2020? Oh My God! Save me, please: Like John I have delved into my draws, sorry is it drawers, and cupboards and admired my treasures, and soon I will have to go to the ‘on-line’ shanagins of purchasing, some new personal effects, such as underwear, and socks, plus maybe a ‘HAWAIIAN Shirt’ to brighten my day.
    I shudder to think of my exact measurements such that the online retailer would demand [My 40” = waist, boxer shorts, briefs or old fashioned undies such as shorts and Long Johns’ for instance Am I buying for or from the summer range, or maybe the autumn range, or anticipating in the ‘FALL’ , and the ‘WINTER Range’ and getting in before ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ all this excitement in ‘CORONPOPS’ and Self Isolation, to whom do I turn to for common sense ‘BODJ’ and his party political broadcasts, ITV and the broadcasts from any opposition party, or there again ‘auntie-the BBC’ and all their pundits, espousing knowledge and some may say words of wisdom? I am slightly mystified!
    Back to my on-line shopping should I have purchased some tight fitting/loose fitting garments in the ‘corona virus- epidemic’, Am I sold up the river without a paddle having first unpacked the item delicately, washed my body and soul, then unwrapped very carefully-keeping the packaging, then tried on the items and found they do not serve the purpose I bought them for {Personal comfort], do I return them in their original packaging? Have I the right to demand my return of monies? Does everyone now who buys on line in this epidemic of Coronapops???. have the same rights?
    Maybe on balance I must wait until ‘LIFT OFF’ when Lockdown has been declared annulled, and I CAN WALK THE SHELVES in the various stores and ‘finger and feel’ the objects of desire I wish to personally purchase. So until then my skid marked and holy undies and socks remain as my first choice of ware, unless I go ‘commando’ and I am sure that would please the many onlookers, including you ‘DUCKIE!’

  2. gunden Tak or words to that effect? By the way are we still in the EU as a nation?

  3. why eye laddie! did anyone dance round the Maypole the 1st of the month, or are we all waiting for ‘D-Day’ 75 anniversary celebrations, this Friday on the 6th? Come on Hinnee give ma an answer.
    Respect has to be shown and felt by all of us for ‘D -Day’.
    Today and at present I just wonder how Boris [BODJ] will perform, full of dignity, respect for the elderly of this nation, or more circumspect, as to how to pacify us oldies ,with words of platitude, and commiseration as he puts his Chancellor in the fore front , ,with what we can expect, as this ‘Cornoa Virus’ viciously bites deep into the UK and world economy.
    I feel isolated from a leader, and listening to his comforting words, as we enter our 7th. week of social isolation, and I am finding the BBC Virus daily on the TV 16.30 to or until now the 18.00 news. My mind is full of charts and percentages etc? I Just am looking forward to a little glimmer of ‘What may be in the Future’ should I behave, and not abuse this self isolation.
    I just wonder does my Long jobs {Crap] serve a self isolation period in the local sewage works/plant before it is allowed to mingle freely with the other turds??
    As once was said ”Language timothy” But what the Hell!

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