LLLP Climate Change

This is the next crazy idea from the Last Laugh Looney Party for Prime MinisterBodj to consider in response to the Coronapop virus.

Every World leader has been pontificating about climate change for years.   Targets have been set with fingers in the air and little or no chance of success, except for the certainty that the politicians will be long gone by the time their planned deadline is due to arrive.

Now Coronapop has shown us the way forward :-

  • Stop all private cars on the roads, that will reduce thousands of accidents a year.
  • Ground all planes indefinitely and turn all airports into solar power stations and wind farms.
  • Permanently dock all cruise ships and convert them into luxury hotels for the homeless and luxury prisons for the feckless.     The smallest, dirtiest, most cramped, rust buckets will be reserved for tax exile billionaires who have had their yachts, private planes, multiple homes, holiday villa’s and islands confiscated by the tax man.
  • Public transport will be required to run on time and be spotlessly clean, after all railway staff have been “retrained” by the Japanese.
  • HS2 will be scrapped saving untold £billions.
  • Mobility scooters will be given right of way on all highways, but will only be available to the elderly, the disabled, pregnant mothers and parents with under school aged children.
  • Everyone else will have to go on foot or  cycle for short journeys to improve the health of the nation.

There probably will be even more crazy ideas from the LLLP 🤡

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7 Responses to LLLP Climate Change

  1. Looniestransport
    Well! well! The LLLP is having a ‘field day’ {at sea that meant activities outside those of normal duties?}. It is very sobering the Lunatics are really in charge of this countries policies, and Westminster or at least the House Of Commons has become a distressed NHS Hospital for the mentally ill, as they struggle to ‘’come OUT’’ and be ‘gay’ about the corona Virus, and this Sunday evenings information broadcast of ‘Hope and Glory’ By BODJ-Boris our Prime Minister!!!
    Last evening the Minister of Transport Chris Heaton-Harris presented the broadcast from the steps of No. 10 about the latest on this Corona Virus, and what a vision? I do not know if he had walked on water, or wet his pants. We are in the next phase to travel around in social isolation, on modern forms of transport, whilst at the same time attempt/Maybe going back to work- [That is the general herd Population- not the saviours CARE/NHS/ Police/ Amubulance/fire/public servants/ essential supply workers, and more- who are all ready working, in some cases remote from home?]. What is the envisaged work pattern for the UK? Do we all in the future work from home? Maybe not, we take to our bicycles, walk, never mind the physical distancing our workplace may be from home? Can we work away from home for a regular limited time period, or periods, >???? WHAT A MESS! The hotels, bed and breakfast and pubs and restaurants are and will remain shut, so what happens now??
    OUR EMPLOYERS are stuck with rates/rents/ running costing of running and organising a place of employment [factory/warehouses/office/ manufacturing of chemical-refinery plant/ an airline/ a shipping company] and trading internationally as well as locally??? Balls UP!! comes to mind.
    YOU MAY THROW SNOWBALLS AT ME!!! Good at least you are thinking.
    Chris Heaton-Harris has thought a lot, and our high street are to become what in this new green world of ours??? Cycle highways/ pedestrian highways to have priority, and then again no cars, definitely no diesel powered cars, Petrol cars maybe?/ and there again electrical power cars [pure- not high breds]? It is all so simple we must in future live within a bike ride from our place of work, or work from home, Except of course for are our SAVIORS Of Society= God Bless them!= There again our suppliers of goods and food stuffs are allowed in our high streets with their 40 tonne Goliath’s powered now by what?? let me think electricity or is it diesel? And the ferry;s they may have to traverse, or indeed the shipping bringing in the goods, by {You have a guess? Sail would be preferred, but the auxiliary power required on a modern sail ship of some 65,000 gross tons, may be candles and matches to burn and incinerate all the wasted foodstuffs—} By the way are you still dreaming, or come to some positive conclusion as to how the save us and BORIS from himself, as for Chris Heaton-Harris is he working his ticket for a pension, paid by the rest of us??? Pie In the SKY, I trust.
    Someone some where has to get real, we are in the imagination in the Last Laugh Loonie Party [LLLP], Do we have a leader?? Yes Sir Common sense and reality, even if we have to meet our own Lord of Our Own faith!!! face to face.

  2. JOHN IN HIS BLOG MENTIONS MOBILITY SCOOTERS? i HESITATE RESERVEDLY, and wonder about the new fangled KIDDIES TOY an ELECTRIC scooter, not a mobity scooter??
    The no so younger generation are bombing around the redway, in Milton Keynes on these objects at a hell of a lick?
    One needs to define the word scooter, and give it a legal meaning and definition.

  3. 10may 2020dailymailpage14
    Alas at 17.40 on the television before the 18.00 Hrs News on ITV, maybe pontificating on the words of possible wisdom, from Boris.
    I wish to extremely cynical, and very cautious. The Daily Mail piece leads with the line ‘’27 Million EU Jobs in Danger’’. Basically it concerns the Holiday industry across Europe, and the undertone that the ‘’BRITS’’ as a nation as big spenders!!! Here is the rub, we oldies within the UK may have disposable income or assets, and in most circumstances common sense?
    I respectfully suggested we voted in December 2019 to end the bickering within the elite proletariat in the UK and the EU. Now we have a majority government and we trust that common sense with compassion will prevail in Boris’s speech as the UK Prime Minister at 19.00? I however just wonder and go back to this piece by the Daily Mail, and the alleged Brits as Big Spenders: Here I believe that MONEY makes MONEY, and all the rich in this world wish us a BRITS to be compliant, work hard and diligently for them? {Who or Whom ever they be}, without being revolting in its truest format, and compliant to the GOD of the GREEN DOLLAR or POUND, without protesting too hard!!!
    Boris has to be very careful; as has have the Conservative Political Party in these times of hardship, and virus. I seem to remember My parents reflecting about the 1945 UK Elections, and the ousting of a leader throughout the WWII, and the vision of the Political Labour Party, in what was seen as a binding of social beliefs and actions, and a new vision of hope and social equality-not communism?
    I await Boris with anticipation, and in trepidation and a little hope!!!

  4. 20.00 hrs Boris has spoken? Sobering message! One aspect of the broadcast was that immigration controls with health checks is too be, at AIRPORTS, no mention of ferry and sea ports where passenger carrying, and mobile freight ferries ships.
    Question do we have entering the UK more people/personnel by air travel, than by sea?, if so, also if the airports deal with air passengers in transit to other than UK destinations, are health checks to be a compliant test for these passengers/travellers.

  5. For2pins
    It is an interesting Monday morning 11 May 2020, as it unfolds.
    Just listening to ‘Good Morning Britain’ on ITV channel 1 @ 08.30 hrs. Peirce Morgan was discussing rather forcibly with experts {scientific}, and then the ‘Scottish First Minister’ Nichola Sturgeon, the Premier’s speech last night made by Boris Johnson ‘Prime Minister of the UK’ in his address to the nation at 19.00hrs. On the UK Media [TV and Radio], and the latest 08.30 Radio BBC4 this morning by the ‘’Chancellor of the Exchequer’’. The point of debate was the new UK Government message, from ‘’Stay at Home-Lockdown’’ to Keep Safe- Lockdown but a relaxation of the exercises/meeting rules within a family, and its generations, provided it is within the same family genetically.
    1/- Boris made the point of relaxation of exercises out with the home to open spaces, achieved by walking, cycling, or car, within 30 mins or so from home by { Car/van motor bike say, being the limit of travel, within a single inward/outward journey}.
    2/- Nichola Sturgeon, wished the message to her Scottish Nation that they remain in ‘LOCKDOWN’ to protect lives, within Scotland.
    3/- The Chancellor of the Exchequer is stated/alleged to have said the freedom to exercise, is or permits, family generations to travel and to meet, but they must keep the proscribed social distancing, and family generations may meet under these circumstances.
    Within my personal household, and extended family this is causing confusion, between stay at home, and isolate in our retirement village, and the urge to be compassionate and meet all the younger generations of my immediate family, never mind my/our siblings and their families, and yet travel and meet under social isolation conditions. It is a most difficult and emotional problem to resolve, with out being pragmatic.
    That’s the one point of the day, the next is the elephant in the room, economy for the UK against unavoidable and foreseen dangers of the ‘Corona Virus’, and death, for those not listed by the government experts as vulnerable, when and where age may be or not be a related to an active lifestyle with no known ailments into consideration.
    Thinking out of the frame! And WWI and WWII It was the young basically fit and able, who firstly volunteered and then where conscripted into the front line of battle where they had to face in the company of others, in all of the services, fate as it befell them, protecting not only themselves and comrades, but those at home, from evils as perceived, [THEY WERE THE CANNON FODDER], and had to face the ultimate choice of survival or death as an individual; those left at home the children and oldies, and women folk, keep everyday of life’s rituals going as a matter of survival. We fought as a nation! Now in this modern day war with this Corona Virus epidemic, we have to may be reline our thoughts, and think with our heads, rather than our hearts? Letting the younger generation help the nation back to the road of economic recovery, and movement to attend the work place of their employment. In this emergency the NHS staff and organisation are the enlisted cannon fodder of this ‘WAR’, with the back up of the other emergency services, while the food chain has to be protected and responsible to keep the nation feed and watered on rations of supply, with its transport carriage interface? To enable this to be attained costs money and the other younger and middle aged working, and fitter older working persons should be permitted to return to the work place to help the UK economy return to as normal as possible! The UK’s children, who must be protected, and schooled, life meanwhile for the oldies in the population, must consider what they can seriously offer in this ‘crisis’? To be responsible they may as individuals have to consider as a body, support both morally and where possible financial, to their personal family members, and the in general the well being of the UK society, and give confidence to the younger generations that they are what one may describe as the ‘Additional Cannon Fodder’ to help fight this epidemic, and to be realistic of the expectancy in life, showing stoic and determination that what fate may have in store for them as a generation.
    Please do not take the older generation for granted, or fools, in return for facing the inevitable fate and future life, we especially, I in particular expect the UK as a nation to come together and make the UK a safe and secure, economic and a place of a safe haven for our younger and future generations who may dwell and work, with integrity and hopefully future prosperity.

  6. WEDNESDAY 13th. May 2020 at 11.30 hrs.
    Good day ‘COBBERS’ how are you? fine and dandy I trust!!! This morning as BODJ has lifted the travel restrictions for exercise, Molly and I have walked the local Grand Union Canal ‘REDWAYS’ and then back to our retirement village along the ordinary cycle/footpath Redway, back to our retirement village: The walk some 40 minutes was invigorating, and most pleasant, not many yokels to speak off-3 in fact in passing, and saying howdy too!!!. The more interesting feature of the walk besides counting the few dandelions, then the numerous daisy’s, and speaking to them by name as neighbours, as is our want after this period of restrictive lockdown and its restrictive exercise periods: more usually around the perimeter’s of our retirement village, it was most pleasant to note new comers to the verges and hedgerows of Clover and buttercups! Summer, sunshine and I hope, joy, are overtaking the bleak out look of ‘Lockdown’ and the ‘Corona Virus’?

  7. Primaryemotions
    Thursday 14th.May 2020. In our family of multi=generational groups, with the emphasis on primary aged school children, this ‘Corona Virus’ ‘Lockdown’ has highlighted possible emotional situations!
    The scenario envisaged, and to some extent displayed, is that for the infant child having witnessed and experienced ‘Lockdown’ and ‘ZOOM’ Telephone/telephone conversations only, and then coming ‘OUT’ as one may say from it, and meeting ones school friends, buddies, and family inter-generational groups: How does the child face a meeting under ‘social distancing’ without the emotional, warmth, and general feeling of a ‘cuddle or love’ by the people with whom that, or this child has not physical seen for the past 12 weeks???
    An adult may understand, but how does one explain it to a child, while at the same time de-neighing them the warmth of human kindness and love????? {at that/this time in their life}.
    Answers on a postcard please!

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