LLLP —-“Rust Bucket Cruise”

At the request of Prime Minister Bodj, the Last Laugh Looney Party is turning its attention to the redistribution of wealth and tax reform, when the Coronapop is finally contained.      This is a huge subject which runs into 2,734 million, trillion pages of advice from Her Majesty’s Revenue Collectors.    It makes jobs for thousands of civil servants, who work tirelessly sending out incomprehensible forms and reminders and threatening letters until they get a large chunk of our hard-earned money.   All so Bodj’s Government

can spend it for us.

In the meantime a host of accountants, many of whom used to be civil servants, work tirelessly for those earning most money, to help them pay as little tax as possible.   That is how we end up with 90% of the wealth of the UK  being in the hands of only 5% of the people.

The LLLP  will recommend radical moves to change that.    In stark contrast to every previous Government that has promised to stop tax avoidance and yet nothing seems to happen.    So the LLLP will introduce a REPATRIATE UNHAPPY SAILORS TAX.   This will be entirely voluntary 🤡

The LLLP first step will be to set a new standard rate of tax of 10%, which everyone will pay except children, ….NHS staff, … care workers ….. and …… all pensioners.  This new system will be so simple that we won’t need all the civil servants and accountants,

Secondly, the LLLP will introduce a national “maximum” wage of £50,000 a year.  I know people will say that would lead to a mass exodus of wealthy  people from the UK, but unfortunatly that will be rather difficult for them during the Coronapop lockdown.   Especially after their private jets have been impounded.

So hear comes the voluntary bit :-      Everyone earning over £50,000 will be asked to voluntarily donate their excess income to the LLLP EMERGENCY RECOVERY FUND.    If they don’t wish to do that, they will be given a free luxury cruise around the Isle of Wight,  indefinitely until they have a change of heart.

Sir Richard Branson is one of the first passengers, now that his airline has gone bust.  Closely followed by Sir Phillip Green,  since he shed so many crocodile tears over having to close all his shops.     Thirdly we welcome onboard Fred the Shred, the “ ex Sir”, who used to rundown the Royal Bank of Scotland.    The low interest bankers👿 stock market speculators 👿 and no-win-no-fee lawyers 👿 are kept down in the lowest decks locked in  inside cabins and only allowed on deck for one hour a day until they hand over their ill-gotten gains.

The LLLP rust bucket will be named HMS Fat Cat     This is the first of many ships that will join the new Coronapop cruise fleet 🤡

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5 Responses to LLLP —-“Rust Bucket Cruise”

  1. Rabbits on
    John has stirred me into two responses this Sunday Morning, for which I must confess my sins, before going to my place of worship, and my ‘God’ of dreams!
    Quote from the daily mail Wednesday 13th. June 2020
    “”” Life is Grand”” Reader SW19 { in my past I resided in this nick of the woods-East Sheen?}
    ‘ Lockdown’ is making me feel like a royal- No one is allowed to come near me or shake my hand, some one else gets my shopping and I never carry cash.- I live in splendid isolation with walkabouts monitored by police, and if I want to acknowledge the public, I wave from my balcony.
    Time to quietly reflect?
    Matters in hand! John’s blog of today? I must look hard at myself in the mirror- Am I clean shaven, hair tidy, or do I have a topknot of bristling hair, and a beard of indeterminate growth, unkept and shaggy looking, and then with my crutch, and is there a parrot on my shoulder, as an old time sailor, and once an employee of ‘auntie’ [civil service- marine regulations/ not cash or revenue and tax, but never the less a hanger on/of sorts]???
    I admire the comments of a marine tour and cruise around @Parkhurst@ but alas that is for the criminal fraternity, not those with miss-placed loyalties to the green Pound Note or dollar. These persons may enjoy an alternative term/holiday in one of the care homes, as they are at present? Which are Fighting on all fronts with actually financial, product/supply, and there again the huge emotional problems that come with caring for the elderly and very vulnerable citizens in this society of ours???
    I just wonder where the LLLP are? Recommending a repatriation sailors tax???
    BODJ may know the answer? Alas he has given away the british merchant fleet, and its sailing british registered seamen as crew, to the up and coming-I believe that call it the new world? Who am I to question such decisions? As for the leaders of industry in this ‘pandemic-corona virus’ they are allegedly to the headlines in the media, after the body and souls of the hard working, diligent UK citizen to ‘cough up’ that extra dollar, and penny in our tax bill?
    A question of ‘ethics’ do we as ‘Brits’ trade fairly and equitably around the world and in the world of commerce, or do we fleece who or whom ever we meet or trade with? I hope and trust not-?
    I still believe in the old adage “”an english gentlemen’s word is his bond!!!””
    I trust we are all, all of us honest??? AS ARE I BELIEVE THE DESIRES AND DREAMS OF THE LLLP!!!!

  2. the tag lines attached to this blog are interesting and intriguing? The elphant is still in the room ‘Britex’, what is the final solution? do we cross the North Sea, to the ‘Promised Land’?

  3. in my comments ”rabbits ON” above I quote SW 19 as my previos haunt,? Correction please it was SW14.

  4. One solution by the LLLP is a cruise ship HMS FAT CAT, here one can get up to mischief Firstly considering the terminology the the ‘FAT CAT NAVAL Brigade.
    1/- Admiral of the fleet- Sufficient gold on his cap, and shoulders to ensure the lowly crew will bow and scrape.
    2/- Captain- A Tactician of sufficient nowse to avoid the political deviceive decisions that may have to be taken!
    3/- Master at ARMS the ships policemen, locking up revolting crew members into the ‘’BRIG’’
    4/- The helmsman steers the ship on the course dictated by the Captain, without question.
    5/- The engineer responsible for the propulsion of the ship, and any voyage repairs should the ship develop a leak, and loose its watertight capabilities, in what ever weather/storm should the ship sail through or encounter!
    6/- The crew seamen, deck or engine, undertake an honest days work, and be prepared to die for ones ship/country, should it be asked of one?
    & then an uncertain crew member originating from the Indian Sub Continent, with the magnificent title of ‘’TOPAZ’’ [born as an untouchable] who was the toilet cleaner, and only had this responsibility. A position of responsibility, and integrity. Is this what BODJ believes are the unclean voting population of the UK Nation are???
    We can be hurt, and insulted, may be not ignorant, but deep thinkers, and we do have a vote if over 18 in the UK? Beware??? Treat us fairly BODJ! Please!!!

  5. there is a hole in my bucket dear BODJ a hole! Well mend it dear david, mend it!
    with what say I mend dear BODJ, with what?
    With straw dear david with straw mend it?
    My knife needs sharpening dear BODJ- well sharpen it dear david sharpen it!
    With what shall I sharpen it, – a stone dear david a stone!
    How shall I wet it dear BODJ, with what?- Water dear david with water!
    In what shall I carry the water dear BODJ, with what?- In a bucket dear david a bucket!
    There is a hole in my bucket dear BODJ a hole? Well I never what a self satisfying tale dear david, dear david
    Dear BODJ Dear BODJ there is a hole in Westminster Politics and the present government dear BODJ?
    Well I will fix it dear david I will fix it! It is called common sense and leadership dear david!
    There is a hole in my bucket dear BODJ dear BODJ, are you a mouse or a man? There is a hole in my bucket dear BODJ.!! a hole!!!

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