What the “K” ?

The Coronapop storyline is getting more and more tangled in a whirlwind of doctored communication.     Or perhaps I should say “doktored kommunikation”.

Because in my post last week  I said that the Government was moving it’s strategy to give greater konsideraction to the “K”.   Unfortunately they failed to explain what the K was all about.

The term comes from a scientific paper, so you may think the answer is elementary.  K  is the periodic table symbol for POTASSIUM.  Obviously that makes sense ?   But before you rush out to buy vitamin K, think again.    That is not the magik Kure.

I did read something about koagulating blood and klotting, but it’s not about that either.  That’s a Kell factor I think, but let’s not get konfused.

Kissing is definitely a no no, surely it can’t be that.   Although they did have rapid spread in France and they do a lot of kissing there.

It is related to the variation in infected peoples kontacts and the klusters they go to.   People with a low K are the super spreaders.

I hope that’s kleared up the konfusion about K.

P.S.  —— It is not why they are killing all the mink in Holland, that is more to do with the R.

Keep washing your hands in the sink.     Stay off the drink.    Stay alert and think.

And whatever you do, don’t get on a Publick transport double deckker without a mask.


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6 Responses to What the “K” ?

  1. What a ‘Kkey’ piece of information, my mind is in ‘Kklinck’ just debating about the possible characters who I can Have met during this ‘Lockdown’ and KORONA VIRUS, Krickey, it is not a sunday afternoons game on the village green, watching those old ‘Kronies, knocking that Kricket’ ball about. But then I may score a boundary whether it be a 4 or 6, does it matter, it is all in good faith with my kindred man, or is it a woman,s/ladies match? Knickers! as one may say?

  2. ‘K’ in the international communication is K-‘KILO’! What a weighty subject, or a long way to go in distance if one is on one ‘KNEES’ praying to be released from this abuse of ‘Knowledge’ of the mind? and all this Klap Trap?

  3. Konfusion, so I call in my friends from the Kommittee of the ‘Ragamuffins society” belonging to the Last Laugh Loonie Party’ [LLLP], and kontemplate my Knavel.
    IT IS ALMOST the 11th Hour on the 11th. Day this month of JUNE? We the ragamuffins are deep in thought!! ”K again K say K is the eleventh letter of the english alphabet, hence our pre-occupation with the number Eleven, and the. that letter K. We are the Knights of the Round table, – no one person in charge, and we look upwards to our gods on the computer screen, and visulize a ‘Kolidescope’ Of people, colour and events, imagining we are at the Kinema, watching the ‘fliCks’ of of BlacK and white, with a little colour in our cheeks, as we watch the lead man surcome to the charms and wilely ways, beguiled by the seductress heroine.{ are the children watching or listening – sex and more sex= as an oldie I do not understand these emotions, any more, I am yours for a mere pecK or Kiss on the CheeK}
    I will give this story in cinema-graphic terms a ‘K’ rating!!!!

  4. Safety in the past,Klunck=KLICK every trip??? So while one drifts and dreams on or in this blog, the sKy’s the limit A =’ K’ at every corner???

  5. Alleluia, what a ‘kafuffle’, the spelling is not correct, neither is the ‘K’ letter preoccupation, at present about this blog? Poor Old Winston, and Baden Powell are wiping paint from their eyes, the population of youngsters in the major towns of the UK are revolting, and we are being pressed by the media to pick out the printed word in ‘Black and White’, while BODJ and his cohorts use colourful language, to help us blow bubbles. It is all to me Hot Air, and With the letter ‘K’ I must say it is all ‘Knickers’ to me? As an oldie.

  6. It is not our King, But our QUEEN, celebrating her Birthday [94] at Windsor, with the Welsh Guards parading their colours, and the attending Guards Combined Military Band, It was a most pleasant hour, to watch the rituals, and for a moment in today’s unrest enjoy being British. Excellent!!!

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