Triple lock out

This is a continuation of the Coronapop triplelock story.      Bodj’s first lock down was supposed to last for 3 weeks and then another three weeks, with no remission for good behaviour.        Most people followed the rules  and the sombrero was squashed by about 30,000 people who died, …. or perhaps it was nearer 60,000 people …. “the scientists” couldn’t really agree on the number.
Now we had all flattened the hat, Bodj said we could all be let out on parole, providing we stuck to some new rules.     The rules were very clear providing we all STAY ALERT and don’t move from country because the rules are different in each  country because of the R.

Oh and by the way people over 70 were vulnerable so they have to stay locked in.   Maybe forever !    If you are under 60 you can gather again but only outside and not inside,    And only in groups of 6 or eight or 10.     TWO metres apart although Bodj is looking at that.
It’s good of Bodj to clear that up, because if we don’t stick to the new rules the could go up and we want it to go down.    It seems there is still some sombrero flattening to do.
If the R goes up there could be a second wave —— not to be confused with a second clap.     Clapping is good for the NHS second waves are not.    If the second wave comes Bodj might have to declare another lock in, or lockdown,  or lock  up …..or maybe all of them.

Now they are starting to stop worrying about the R, so they are letting everybody out.     But, in future we must keep an eye on the K.      Of course they forgot to mention what the K is all all about.       And if the K  gets to be too big, or maybe too small, we are all going to be locked up again.      It was bad enough when we just had to grasp the daily numbers, now we have a Coronapop alphabet to learn👿

And we haven’t yet talked about TEST, TRACK AND TRACE 🤡

and wash your🧤🧤.

And Stay Alert.    And  Protect the NHS.   And Stay Home. —— oops no, don’t stay home , that was yesterday.

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7 Responses to Triple lock out

  1. dear sir you are an ”OLD RAT BAG” What in hell’s name is a ”K;???’ My great grand would say a ‘Kicking Curr’ But then you are not the dog I know, and you may deserve a kick up the jackssee? However I am onto the web in a flash to look up No. 10’s excuse for the ‘K’ in Corona Virus!! You have me confused.

  2. I am lost, to find an explanation for a ‘K’ factor/index. The government site accepts the typo, and in the corona Suite of papers directs one to the Dept Of Health papers and ”meeting making contact in the medical physical and mental health papers is presented at length:However there is NO POSITIVE MENTION OF @K@ in what ever form one wished it be.
    I am at a loss, dear sir! are you on the ruby field having a ‘KICKABOUT’ K, or in the mind of your readers stating that the government papers on the update of the ‘corona Virus’ as presented by BODJ is a ‘KNOCKOUT { Another form of K]? or again are you alluding to the fact that if one is over 70+ one must be aware of ST Peter, his golden gates, and the grim reaper??? K Is for killing???
    Reality sobering and mind numbing. just wonder what the LLLP have to say? ‘K’ is for Killing, but then take the broader view, with laughter, as we celebrate the life we have lived, and the fools we have meet, in which I include the Westminster fraternity.
    You have made me think dear JOHN? Life is for living and enjoyment? May we ‘knit’=K more confusion in what can be a dreary day at home tapping keys on a computer ? Knockem over!!

  3. john graham says:

    “K” is all about the koncentration Of outbreaks. So you have to keep your eye on it, but wear protective glasses!

  4. 3K’s not 3M’s.
    Kith, Kin, and Krap, I just whither as I listen to the information, apology: the news, from THE BBC TV on their Corona Virus No 10 Broadcast, the Home Secretary’s Parliamentary Statement at 16.00 hrs. Monday 9th.June, and then the update on BBC News at 18.00 on the weekends events within the UK, surrounding the subject of racial harmony and general Unrest?
    I have questions? Do you?
    1/-If I live in Yorkshire, am I a yorkshire man?
    2/-Has the UK got the correct immigration policy?
    3/-Is the UK part of Northern Europe?
    4/-Was each country in the Empire fighting in WWII for survival as individual nations?
    5/-Why did the citizens of the Empire and Commonwealth, migrate to the UK? Self preservation and social equality?
    6/-Does, do the modern younger generation of the UK dislike the political system of Parliamentary Party Politics, or do they even understand it? Are they Yorkshire Born and Bred, strong in the arm, and thick in the head? or do they believe and represent a voter in a different constitutional parliamentary seat, or another nation of birthplace? Maybe they are not a registered voter?
    7/-What is a protest?

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