Coronapop Koan

Over the grey green grass,

Roll the gathering clouds.

It only takes a single flower,

To lighten even the darkest hour.

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4 Responses to Coronapop Koan

  1. What ever the Flower be it a pansy, sunflower, or a snowdrop, Just that one thought or flower is welcomed!!!

  2. What ever John was thinking, my mind was alive to that solitary flower among the wilderness, and that ray of sunshine and hope it brings to me-Wonderful!!!
    However reality struck home and the midday news on the BBC was rabbiting on about our MP’s in Westminster and sitting as they do in Parliament, sometimes not on their backsides but their hands, spouting those empty words of alleged comfort and togetherness we ‘Brits’ as a nation may display? All I can say it is utter ‘clap trap’ and it makes the ‘Grass Grow in Texas’? and while it maybe a good fertilizer, it stinks to me at the moment, and is just plain rotten!
    At 77 years of age all I ask is for a little common sense from my MP’s and a consensus of a political direction for the good of us all..
    Should I call up the Last Laugh LOONIE Party, all that I know are my limits:-Life is limited, my horizons are not my own!,the only consolation is that I meet St.Peter at the ‘Golden Gates’ a happy man, having lived a good life and acted responsible throughout it!
    WE have on these pages discussed and dismissed the ‘Swiss Clinic of euthanasia, However I wonder if we vote out of the EU, and then decide our future: Are we all off to Switzerland for that bank account, and the chance to end life before we get caught with ”’our draws down”

  3. Mediawednesday3rdJune2020
    Whow! Howdie! I feel like a rogue and a disbeliever in the modern media like for example today’s Daily Mail and the BBC TV’s News.
    These idioms, make hay of the alleged facts in the Corona Virus data prepared by the government, that death during the ‘Epidemic’ visits the older generation, over 70’s regardless of health, and there again with these leading factors visits the non white population with in the UK more frequently??? I will have to measure my 5 foot 10 inch frame against the door jam, or mark it out against and on the the bed, measuring my length from head to toe, for my pine box!
    I am sure that all the media outlets trust that I will survive and buy a newspaper tomorrow, or listen intently to that radio of TV station??? Boris is still with his personal delivery as at PM Question time today in Parliament, wishing us to practice social isolation, with the modifications of meeting the family and friends [No more than 6 persons], out doors in an open space, such as a garden or park.
    That is informative and welcoming: However I note on the evening news BBCTV Channel 1 the supposed demonstrations in London, in Hyde Park, Downing Street, and Parliament Square;[ allegedly supporting the American USA political/ anti-police and the death of the coloured {Afro-Caribbean person} while in police custody and under street arrest], the crowd as the media/film crew showed were predominately the UK younger generation, and they were congregated on mass with “NO” ‘SOCIAL ISOLATION’ or Distancing!!!
    This disappointed me for the disrespect it showed of the current UK Government Nations concern in combating the ‘Corona Virus’ that the younger generation ‘MOB’ at large displayed. I am patient, and do wish this world to be fairer place! However I wish we could as the older generation within the UK show respect to each other with a modicum of compassion. I believe the cut throat cut and thrust in Parliament at present is not an example of behaviour to follow? Not while we are asked to fight this Corona Virus Epidemic.

  4. BODJ.
    I see today Saturday 6th. June I either missed, or there was no No.10 Corona Virus broadcast, with the usual facts and figures. The news broadcasts were full of the advice by the government to the British Public to social distance, and a plea to strictly comply with this request, as they the public in London, Leicester and Birmingham go about the protestations concerning the alleged US incident, arresting the black person. This view point was followed up by view points on protests in other countries of the world concerning ethnic issues. This may in the future be dangerous and the media and the British Political system, to explain with compassion and rationalle that The UK is no a Police State, and as a citizen of the UK, and aged 77 and a past seaman, I find travel with different ethic crews, and visiting foreign nations and their nationals, sobering and to do business and relaxing in the world of nations, one has to be understanding and broad minded. The Media appear to present these problems on a populous front and with racially bias, which again I consider very dangerous. We must as a nation look after our own, and trust that our beliefs and actions in supporting our British Government, are an example for the world at large to admire.

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