Happier Corona Pop Times

In the heady happy times of early retirement way back in 2010, I blogged about a fond childhood memory of Corona Pop.     Little did I know how that name would come to be remembered in future years with much more sinister   connotations.       Dashing the childhood recollections of older people everywhere.    (You can see my earlier blog by clicking on the Archive for November 2010)

Was it a strange premonition or an unhappy coincidence ?

The pandemic has certainly demolished a cherished brand name.     If you Google corona now you get Corona virus, Corona cases, Corona deaths, Corona lockdown and Corona vaccine.   Whatever happened to cherryade, lemonade, orangeade, limeade and best of all dandelion and burdock ?

In my childhood days growing up in South Wales, every child looked forward to the sound of the rattle of bottles on the pop lorry each week.     Reward for good behaviour  and doing your homework.      You even got to keep thrupence on the return of every empty bottle.

Back in the 1930’s they sold 170 million bottles a year.     The Corona  Company was started in a little town at the bottom of the Rhondda Valley  by Mr. Evans and Mr. Thomas.    Originally delivered door to door on horse drawn carts then later on lorries with a uniformed man with a peaked cap.

The children of tomorrow may never know the innocent joys of all those bubbly flavours.

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6 Responses to Happier Corona Pop Times

  1. Mo Graham says:

    Ahhh, sweet memories of childhood! My brother and I used to eagerly await the Corona Man’s delivery every Friday evening, Dandelion & Burdock was my all time favourite – 70 years on, and I can still remember the taste of this delicious, refreshing drink😄

  2. Pop
    What a happy time! I cannot recall the day of the ‘pop’ wagon/dray coming to our streets, when I was a kid? Something tend to light the blue touch paper for a Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday, and returning the bottles for cash, and clasping new bottles of ‘POP’ flavours. I cannot remember the national pop drink off the dray in the 50’s but Corona strikes a bell, as does ‘TIZER’? Our supplier of the POP local to our area was W Busfields of GUISLEY, whole also supplied the local chippies 1/- for a fish [Haddock or Cod] and 6d for a bag of chips {small}. The Pop man would have a hand to ring school=bell to make us all aware of his enticing drinks.
    Also at this time we had two street traders in groceries, and green groceries, both in competition, and traded on different street, so as not to be seen in competition: Alas to no avail as all our house had access through the back garden to next road: hence the ladies of the house could trade for what ever they may have wished for if the first trader {Granddad Clark from 3 North Street}, or the second trader {MR Cowley from Canada Road} did not have on their van that day. AS Kids the Clark and COWLEY family were our neighbourhood shops, and we regularly played street games with the Clark and Cowley kids? Great fun.
    At the same time our milkman Mr Harrison from Markham Avenue, ran his round from his house, and had a electric powered hand cart. He traded locally in Milk delivering to each customer, selling milk in returnable bottles, and fresh eggs. Mr Harrison’s wholesale dairy supplier was Halifax Dairies which later became Craven Dairies, and eventually becoming ASDA Stores, with a once HQ in Kirkstall Road Leeds. It is all a small world? The chippie in the area was Mr Newbold from Markham Avenue, with his chip shop in Canada Road. Mr Newbold sold as requested ‘ONE OF EACH’ { a bag of chips and a fish-haddock, if one wanted something else one asked for a special – One of each ‘COD’ and chips} All fish was supplied fresh from Grimsby fish market [twice a week].

  3. By the way a popular bag of chips for us kids, was one with a portion of ‘Scraps’ [fish batter waste from the edge of the fish fryer container in the shops fryer] Scraps were added at no cost, just a smile from Mr and Mrs Newbold to their customers.

  4. Talking of chippies, in Guisley {White Cross} was Harry Ramsdens, that became a national institution and Franchise, of the North West Leeds Fish Friers Federation-Great Haddock and chips out of a bag and news of the world paper wrapper, or in magnificent style in the restaurant- not a cafe? But with silver service and chandeliers, a pianist and table cloths all lovely and white.
    A popular venue for fund raising events.
    Also just to breath a little fresh air in Guisley was Wendy Wools {spinners of knitting wools}. There again was the pram factory I knew as a kid ‘SILVER CROSS’, later in life to trade under its foundling family name ‘WILSONS’.
    Memories, 5 minutes thought during this Corona Virus epidemic. Great to drift and dream!

  5. Tall storey??? how tall you may decide??? or is it a story???
    The sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray! I am in my dreams with a sailors uniform in blue? As Mum in law ; Grace-scottish lady- would say if there is enough ‘blue’ in the sky when one looks up, enough to make a sailors suit, then the sun would shine! {On the righteous is another matter?}.
    So I am setting forth on my meanderings, through the territory I knew as a younger man, while an inspector of passenger Boats {those that carried more than 12 Souls! [Adults/children].} My regulations, limits were from Littlehampton- due north to Leicester, due east to the WASH, and all the hinterland lakes/ponds/rivers that may carry the trade of a passenger boat/barge. Basically today I am north of the Thames.
    In my minds eye I am looking at the passenger ships or cruise ships in excess of 60 persons, which would require for safety reasons, and in the case of the seven short blasts on the horn to ‘Abandon Ship’, and take to the life rafts, and life buoys, until one was rescued! Here I am looking at the southern/midlands sector of the ‘’EXTRACARE CHARITABLE TRUST’’ and their schemes and Retirement villages, and some ‘Old Foggies’ a retired captain of welfare from Long Buckby, called ‘JOHN’!
    My horizons are limited, and restricted to the navigable waters in which I must travel. I start off on ‘old father thames, and get to Marlow, nearest point to High Wycombie, and visit this Extracare Retirement village of some 350 souls- My first cruise ship. I travel from High Wycombie/Marlow up the Thames to Oxford, and Folly Bridge, here I stop for refreshment and admire the many of Salters Brothers River Steamers, as I spent many a spring morning on their slip ways tapping and scrapping the ‘bottom’ of these turn of the 20th century ladies {Note a vessel or ship is always know as a lady? Not a HIM?} I now after my cuppa travel up the Oxford Canal, here I come to Braunston: I have a decision, so I go hard to Port, and as this is Braunston, I am now on the ‘Grand Union Canal’ travelling to BRUUM. In the Birmingham centre I must dismount my sturdy stead and be welcomed again by the ‘Extracare Charitable Trust and their 5 in total, or is it 4? Retirement Villages each with some 350? souls, all living ‘a life of riley’ with a captain 3 safety crew, and lots of support crew, to prevent the ships whistle from being blown seven times =Hooting out- ‘abandon ship’ All is well and all is in place the regulations are full filled.
    I now retrace my steps voyage, back to Braunston along the ‘Grand Union Canal’; at Braunston I continue my trip up the Oxford Canal to Rugby, and to behold that county town that brought forth that game of ‘’ALL BALLS’’ Playing with an oval ball to us, I know as does JOHN-=It is-’’RUGBY?’’ not a game for sissies but gentlemen.I must now retrace my steps to Braunston, then at the junction again ‘Starboard. To Knapton on the Hill and proceed up the Coventry Canal, here I once again stop, and think of the ‘EXTRACARE CHARITABLE TRUST, and here there is, are a cruise liner ‘Retirement Village’’ and some smaller passenger ships ‘SCHEMES’, and also the registered HQ Office of the TRUST, with all the encumberant executives, and associated management structure and staff to run a ‘well OILED ship’ or shipping company[PS Not Tipsy, or tipsy turvy, but upright and caring and responsible}. After this sojourn up to Coventry I back track to Knapton on the Hill. After bearing hard to Port, I proceed again along the Grand Union Canal to LONG BUCKBY, a small hamlet in Warwickshire, with a towering resident ‘ My Dear John’ a man of many letters, and positive thoughts of what one as a society can do with the elderly/older generation? After my five minutes or so with JOhn in my mind, I note the Grand union canal at this point has a junction-northbound to Leicester along a narrow boat only navigation, until it joins the Market Harborough Leicester broad beam navigation at Foxton Locks, and on to Leicester. I take the southern route to Gayton Juncton and pass on to Northampton, here stand a cruise ship to the EXTRACARE Charitable Trust as a ‘Retirement Village’, but now under a new but agreed management structure- The dreams are still there as the village was conceived and built.
    From Gaydon Junction, as a sailor I must travel way passed Northampton, down stream on the Nene, to the Wash, and the re enter the river OUSE complex and sail, voyage upstream to Bedford? Once again I reach an EXTRACARE CRUISE ship with a full compliment of souls some 350+ staff and residents, enjoying life in retirement at their Retirement Village. I now am stuck, I am some 12/5miles from Milton Keynes, but, unless I re trace my journey back to the WASH, along the RIVER NENE, Gayton Junction I am tired and buggered? But hey! Just a thought if I follow my dreams as a scout, and go back to my book ‘rovering to success’ then I can paddle my own canoe up the River Ouse to Milton Keynes { Stoney Stratford}, and walk up the bank [canoe being dragged] to the aqueduct, that crosses the RIVER OUSE bearing the Grand Union Canal. All I must do now is paddle down stream to my Home LOVAT FIELDS run and managed, as is our sister retirement village Shenley WOOD [both of some 350 souls= 2 memorable cruise ships] also in Milton Keynes managed/ owned and run by the Extracare Charitable Trust. What a journey and within a blink of the eye?
    I have not forgotten, there is close to MIlton Keynes is an Extracare CHARITABLE TRUST Scheme in Kettering some 60+ souls, a passenger ship, which brings me to the end of my sailors yarn, as a ship inspector of passenger boats I admired. Scrapping the bottom, and touched with feeling the passenger boat in the Kettering Park {Wickstead}, and saw many a happy child ride the boat swing on the swings, go down the slides, jump onto the roundabouts and push and shove the umbrella from side to side or ride the swing boats, all things in my dreams now, I did as a kid in my local park. I must pay respect to Wickstead for the enjoyment of a well provided childrens park, and today as an elderly gent ‘The Extracare Charitable Trust’ for my safe and secure home, I which I can dream, and relax in? Thank You JOHN!!!

  6. an afternoon at the ‘Flicks’!
    Just spending an afternoon in front of the telly, an this wet afternoon, watching a ‘NETFLIX’ film with the title of the ;HEALER’. A whimsical story of a healer, who did not believe in a ‘GOD’ or the feeling of human kindness for a task done to help a fellow citizen. Very relaxing, a complete fairy story, with a thread interwoven of human life.
    The credits for the film were of interest, and attributed to a Cancer fund for young persons, and attributed to an inspired idea By Paul Newman? Is he/was he the film star of the 60’s / 70’s. I am intrigued, and a believer in the films storyline! Great!

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