Coronapop Ego

One day there will have to be an analysis of this Coronapop era.   Not a five year long public enquiry, which is a shelf to hide things away.   More a quiet contemplation, with a few guideposts for people to consider and hopefully act upon.

Two things mark the way  already:-    EGO  has played a large part in navigating through the uncharted seas of Coronapop.    Preening politicians are full of it, they didn’t get to be an MP without it.   Make them a Cabinet Minister and put them on the tele and they get a double dose.    The excess of ego  is matched by a marked lack of HUMILITY.    Indeed these are two sides of the same coin and equally blinding.

The two attributes can be a toxic combination, rather like Coronapop itself.   Navigating in the dark is difficult by definition, but it can be helped by the more distant view of a satellite scanning other horizons.   In other worlds you would call this benchmarking.    But ego resists that, ego prefers to find its own way.

All this has been acted out in the media frenzy of headline-hungry journalists and the furious friend-gathering twitterarty.   None of which leads to cool heads or quiet reflection.

Into this cocktail you then have to add a mixture of science and speculation.   Equally brimming full of professorship egos, with a host of certainty and uncertainty.    Academic careers to be crowned or crushed.    Seldom tempered by the peer review of common sense.

On reflection there might have been another way.   We didn’t need to wait for the Government to tell us what to do.    Without the EGO of us all believing we are different and with the humility to accept simplicity, we could have saved lives ourselves.

Washing hands is free.

  Social distancing is easy.

Masks are not a great imposition.

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4 Responses to Coronapop Ego

  1. simple, was it as difficult, as one may believe? Or does common sense rule?? aree we all ”puffed up” like the crowing cockerel at dawn? with an EGO! to display as well as a ‘comb of coloured feathers”’!!!

  2. Going through this ‘Corona Virus” publicity circus,of politics and the media remind me gently of my sea days?
    AS dusk descends, and the night devil comes on the scene; Progressing on the high seas into the darkness, one has no headlights-shinning brightly to light the way forward, only the natural light of darkness, and ones own ship has navigational lights to warn on coming sister ships that one is under way,[ [ white masthead white lights and a red and green light=port and starboard], and to be passed safely, or if one creeps up upon a ship traveling in the same direction, one has to pass safely as the ”rules of the road dictate!!!
    All this completed in the hours of darkness!!! Now as dawn appears over the horizon, one can see the oncoming ships, should one be an enemy or undesirable the captain may ring down to the engine room and demand smoke and more smoke to hid ones position: this is in the ‘Corona Virus the cavalry or should one say the ‘media’ and a 17.00 broadcast by some politicians or another, ready for the next nightfall, and journey through the dark??/
    Maybe this is a little cynical??? But hey! we are on the high seas navigating life through the dark and daylight periods?????
    All we need to do is breakdown and become adrift in life, and then we all take to the lifeboats, when life becomes a fundamental and basic issue, and rely on someone to rescue us???????
    Who is the question???

  3. I just wonder what is normal in family life? I drift back to sayings in my childhood, and strictly understood within the family: However maybe not to outsiders.
    2 sayings come to mind: 1/- tippletiggs a forward roll, and 2/- a ‘tingalairiee’ this was the sound of the approaching ice cream man’s van-In our area it was Frank Granelley’ an Italian ice cream merchant seller, and the music was all Italian =Just one more cornetto’ and other similar tunes from Italy. I am afraid I am no opera buff???

  4. Perceptions
    I sit and wonder in my lounge chair, and just gaze through the window, and watch the breeze in the trees, as it makes the boughs bend and react with graceful movements and the fluttering of all the leaves? I just reflect at this moment, on who I am? Am I righteous, and have I been fair of opinions throughout my 77 years?? of my fellow humans???
    As a youngster living among the family groups and neighbours, I had to be obedient and respectful to my elders! Which conjures up thoughts, here I recall family parties, and gatherings where as a youngster we were greeted, and wished well to live a future happy life by all! Then their was the oldies uncles and maiden aunts, and great grand parents, who were introduced too, and is was explained they lived in a cupboard/wardrobe [ metaphorically], and only brought out on high days and holidays to show we would grow old one day-[Here speech, eyesight, and movement/dexterity as we noted could be impaired.]
    Then at mid-life, married, earning a living and children of my own, I talked to my parents, uncles and aunts, and cousins, and at work my colleagues, I was required to be coherent, reasonably authoritativeness, and be clear and concise in my thinking and speech. My behaviour to my children had to be impeccable when introducing my older relatives we had metaphorically put in the wardrobe/cupboard- I was being respectful to old age-I trust???
    Now retired and a senior pensioner to boot, and having a title of grand father, and then now great GRANDFATHER, I have to behave!!! You may wish???
    I now with looking out of my lounge window, and just drifting in my minds eye! And playing with my personal attributes. My mind is bright, my memory failing, and my speech has to be slower and precise, my sight needs the aid of spectacles, I am hard of hearing, and my movement/dexterity slower! However within my self, if you open the cupboard, and ask me the right questions, I feel most confident, and should I be talking not to a younger person, but one of my age I feel most confident and self assured, and I have the patience and time to converse, and banter, with compassion, and respect, as one day in the future I will be there.
    It is now fun to see how life equals us all out, and we must all bow to the inevitable and St Peter, as he may ask me: ‘’were you conceited, opinionated, in considerate to your family members old and young, along with your friends and neighbours???’’ Here I must get out the begging bowl, and ask St. Peter for his indulgence.

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