New New World.

We will all have to adjust to Coronapop being with us for years to come.

Yes we may get a vaccine in a years time,

but by then we will be bankrupt as a country.

Along with many others, who have been living beyond their means.


As a Nation we need to be more self-sufficient.

Grow our own food again.

Live within our own energy bubble.

Re-think everything.


Embrace technology,

but make it user-friendly for all.

The old need to learn from the young.

But so do the young need to value the wisdom of age.

Nothing is free, you have to work hard for everything worth while.

And then take time to appreciate it.



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4 Responses to New New World.

  1. Very Deep! and soul searching!! can we all go forward, without navel gazing, and looking in the mirror??? We must all pull together, both young and old, all of us! That includes the world as we know it??? Without the discourtesy of me over you syndrome???
    Are we a mutual society??? Can we survive???

  2. Intrigue
    Are we all expectant of BODJ and his government, of monies, more monies, and dreams of what may be??
    Vaccination against any form of the ‘Corona Virus’, in the short term, then again prosperity for all residents of the UK! Food, plenty of it to live, work a healthy lifestyle, Energy from the windmills of Westminster Politicians producing green electricity, or is it the ‘black stuff=called coal??’ Have we, or do we have plenty reserves of both?? Then we have our ‘Social Bubble’ of the nuclear club, is this a clean and green energy source?? We are required to embrace and teach/educate our younger generations, in scientific theories, such that we can defeat ignorance, and intolerance/bigotry in life, and move forward with confidence.
    Finally, we the old must believe in the younger generation, their ideas and energy to change and modify life styles. We the elder generation, must be prepared to advise and guide the younger ones, and yet recognise the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. BODJ has a role and responsibility, and he must be honest with the British Public and firstly with himself, to ensure that UK will survive the current ‘corona virus epidemic’ for the well being of the UK, within the world theatre at large!

  3. Heartbeat-buddy
    Make of the title what you will, the late 50;s early 60’s, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, or I am still living dear friendly heart, are you beating for me, sending that tingling feeling to my brain at 77 years old as I collect my thoughts for the day, and maybe pause and as the radio [light programme] at 5 minutes past 8’o clock and the reverend pronounced a deep thought, and a thank you to ones god for the day ahead.
    BODJ not that far from my thoughts these days, and his image, of a return to normality? Only I am perplexed and a little confused. The Elected government in their moments on the rostrum in No. 10 daily pronounce what they hope the British Public will do with, or in the future????
    We have pictures of crowded beaches around the UK, especially the south east, and then the warnings of the local population of the dangers in these situations of passing on the ‘Corona VIrus’??? Now this weeks messages are spend spend spend, and the slogans of visit your high streets, the shops and restaurants, pubs and bars, and in the near future the air bridges may open:: But Hey! Wait a minute! Why not holiday in ENGLAND, and in the resorts that did not want one in Devon and Cornwall and the South and south west, in ‘LOCKDOWN’ what a muddle and confused thinking. Is BODJ trying to inform us all that we are in for austerity, and a slump, and that our [ if we have them] our family holiday abodes in Spain, Portugal, the CANNARIES, Balarac and greek islands, are no more- too much spending of the £sterling in Euroland, ‘’Think of the British Economy’’ It makes me cry with frustration.
    In the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s the most exotic holiday I had had was the Isle Of Mann, a cruise from Liverpool to Douglas, and back with a week touring the Island. My romancing and foreign travel was my job of work as a seaman. However as a father all I could afford with my wife and children was a weeks holiday in a caravan park in Newquay, Cornwall. This dream lasted for some 15/20 years with holidaying, with the greater family on the beach, with mums dads, cousins, and siblings and their respective families some 14 -18 of us in the group! Great Fun?
    I now drift and dream, and think of my upbringing, and holidays in the West Riding: There were ‘feast weeks’ ‘bowling tides’ wakes weeks, when the mills and engineering workshops, mines, would close down for the annual 14 days, and the workers would go on holiday to ‘Butlins/seasides=Devon, Cornwall, Linconlshire, Yorkshire, and off course Blackpool??? One may meet new friends or neighbours enjoying the same resort and holiday. Is this what BODJ hopes we will all do? But wait a minute where have all these industrial town industries/places of work gone to??? Is it all to the pub to booze and while away ones free time?? Think on BODJ we all have dreams: even if you do not have the stomach or the vision for the future of ENGLAND as part of a UNITED KINGDOM!!!!

  4. Trust
    Boris has asked us through his henchmen to trust, and believe in the UK. Under the current Corona Virus, we appear naked, as the day we were born.
    All we have is a begging bowl, honesty, and integrity. WE are hungry, we cannot grow enough food to feed the whole of the UK for ever, the economy is un=describable, the manufacturing and technical base, may not be sufficient, to permit the employment of thousands: there again lots of social care, [including the pensioners], local and central government posts of which the NHS/social services are just but a few. The service industry, financial, and hospitality rely on the good will of the employees to be guided to do an honest days work, and then transport international shipping and air transport to bring in food and imports, and return to the worlds markets our finished and manufactured goods.
    Everything relies upon the honesty and trustworthiness of an UK Man or woman.
    MR JOHNSON you play up the City of London as a beacon of true endeavour’s however I just ask you : ‘’in this world of ‘’OUR’s’’ – is an Englishmans’ Word his BOND?? Or is it trader/buyer beware!!! and as a resident of the UK are you asking me to vote, with my heart or head??? Whom do I have to trust Boris you and your government or the value of stirling-£??? Am I being goosed for being to nigh-eve?? Answers on a postcard please.

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