Coronapop Conversion.

Right from the outset of  Coronapop the country has been faced with a challenge as big as anything we have seen  in most peoples lifetime.     The Government was and still is slow to react in a rapidly changing situation.     No doubt this will continue for months to come.
The lockdown has changed most peoples way of life and there may be no going back.   Similarly many businesses and institutions have had to adapt to new ways of working.

Some people are already taking advantage of the excuse of Coronapop to push for changes they have been advocating for some time :-

  • Banks have all but shut down on the High Street, on-line banking is what they really want us all to move to.
  • Retailers have also switched to cashless payments, take it or leave it, that’s health and safety.
  • All Government information  and forms  are on-line, if you can find them.
  • GP’s have gone to ground, without too much of a sound.
  • Hospital A &E departments have emptied now that the pubs are closed and the roads are free of traffic.

We do not need to go back to where we were before.    Rather we need to adapt to the changes that have been forced upon us, to better accommodate everyone :-

  • Banks have made themselves redundant by paying no interest to savers, and offering little help to lenders.
  • Retail shops will have to offer a whole new experience in shopping to compete with on-line sellers.   They have said it before, but they didn’t do it.    How about tea, coffee an easy chair and a personal shopper who fetches and gift-wraps your goods.   Some thing they already do in luxury shops and Japan.
  • Government communication needs to be simple clear and honest.      Only localised,  face to face delivery will  make this possible, supported by instant technology delivery systems.   If Amazon can do it, why can’t the Government?
  • GP’s have deserted the front line of health care with group surgery’s, locum doctors and deputising services.   They need to get back in touch with patients and be the face of preventative medicine and the gatekeepers of acute care.   Bring back the trusted family practitioner.

Hospital A&E  should only be free for emergencies.    Anyone else turning up should be charged.


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3 Responses to Coronapop Conversion.

  1. ”PHEW” that’s a clear out? and a flushing down the toilet, all that to absorb!!! We definitely need a touch of reality and honesty in which way forward? and with a leader of vision, leading: guiding a government of hope and plain speaking through this fog at present surrounding us all???

  2. Not too much to comment about, after a weekend with the family! However I note quietly the media are still busy with ‘NEWS’ in this ‘epidemic of corona virus’ No comments about the political elite, BUT wait I note two passing comments???
    Mr Grove RT.Hon. MP is spouting once again about ‘BRITEX’ what a subject to ask the LLLP to consider? and there again a few lines in the week edition of the newspaper @MAIL@ Domonic Cummins is back in charge of No. 10 and its backroom policies? Where Oh Where the HELL! is the elected government and the elected house of WESTMINSTER?
    Are we all now in ‘PARTY MODE [piss ups and celebrations and nonsense choosing / electing new leaders]’. What ever has happened to the UK as a nation, and a policy of honest people, are we now all SHYSTERS? I Hope not????

  3. I note todays conservative party infowe are all ”’ON THE BANDWAGON” including BODJ, wonderful, all we need now is music???? Norman Wisdom ‘what a fool i am;;, ??? a hit wonder in the Top 10 in the 50’s? Are we going backwards to christmas{Charlie Drake-comedian]??? in the late 50’s early 60’s.

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