New World not yet?

We have been in “lockdown” in the UK for FIFTEEN weeks or more.

I am losing track of time, but is that so bad?

What have we got to go back to ?

Many people are straining at the leash.

Let me out, let me out !


Even the Government wants us to get back to work.

But will there be jobs to go back to ?

Building houses that nobody can afford.

Constructing new offices now everyone is working from home.

Or a high-speed train, when nobody is in a rush.

Or how about a flight to nowhere.



Coronapop is not done with us yet.

We may have locked it down,

But it will be back with a vengeance,

if we get out of our beds and lift our heads.

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4 Responses to New World not yet?

  1. Contemplation
    Mind in neutral, the enigma of a smile, and those rushing around us begging us to go on one knee! To who or whom am I referring ??? Simply my world as I see it at 77 years old, and through the eyes of the media.
    5Gees/3Gees that mobile telephone government [UK] technical contract and exchange of information, with the inscrutable smile of the Chinese??? Are we correct? Or is America correct? What about the EU? Is there a new ‘Bamboo Curtain’ to be knitted? And do we have the needles to weave a pattern of intrigue?
    It is all too mystifying for my ‘soul’ alone! However I am sure the wise old sage of China will bide their time, and in the end cause us to have some form of agreement with him/her, but I trust not on one knee, but of equality. The intelligent mind and the centers of curiosity and learning have no allegiances except to the willing ability to exchange ‘ideas, and thoughts’
    That is the ideological media thoughts for today!!! Now I dream and drift and maybe ask what are the common problems across the world?? Political thoughts for the day, and our own salvation, and to whom do we go down on one knee too?? or have an agreement[s] with to survive as a nation the UK? For this I have my finger up my fundamental orifice, while I am sat on my ‘throne’! We as an island nation need to have food? We are not self sufficient, either as the UK or individual nations [Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England]. WE have a Commonwealth of Nations, with whom we respect and trade with? We still do belong all though not much longer to the EU [The European Union of Nations]. We can survive and feed ourselves and neighbours as the EU: can we??? that is the question, as we trade in the EU not as the UK Commonwealth, but as a nation of Europe, and the EU may benefit from its member states trade within their ‘OLD Allegiances- of ‘Empires’ { here one has to include the Portuguese, the Spanish, The Nordic/Scandinavia, Russian, and then the more familiar French and British}. Now the troubling sector, the USA, which can be totally self sufficient and the breadbasket of the world? Alas the USA was / is the unwanted of the world, shaken down, allowed to prosper, and is hungry to trade in a world market? There again is Asia, with, India, China, Japan, and Indonesia, they also all need food, and the Chinese Peoples have an inscrutable smile, and patience, for and of generations.
    The basic commodity of trade is trust, and to barter with honesty! Money and that inscrutable smile is for them to know, and you to believe in??? what ever your currency???

  2. The. Indian, and the African continents are not forgotten? India for its humility, and african Continent {Is this the one knee salute}? Where the European conguesterdors bastards.

  3. Lockdown 15 weeks out of 52 greater than a a quarter and almost a third of a year..
    Working from home, self isolation and social distancing, we are been given the constant message to remain isolated, and yet we are, or our employers are asked to open the work place, and attempt to end ‘Furlough’ making or encouraging the UK to become economically viable, and to reenter the world of commerce as a trading nation.
    The daily No10 Corona Virus has become more spasmodic, as has the news of our neighbours in Europe, of the updates of the ‘Epidemic’, and yet we are encouraged as the school summer holiday period approaches to consider positively holidays in the UK at the seaside and in rural holiday areas, and too some extent Support travel on the ‘air bridges’ to european holiday resorts?
    The nation has been on ‘Furlough’ and while the NHS, Transport and construction employers have been busy supporting their respective workforces, so I respectfully ask has ‘lockdown’ been a time away from paid employment? Question who is paying for these as described holidays??? All of us through the governments handouts and ‘Furlough’, or individual savings from each citizen in the UK???
    Nothing is a given or crystal clear to me!!!
    We are alerted to a re-occurrence of Corona Virus, when??? is the question??? and again for how long.
    AS an oldie off 70+ I just drift and dream, and all masked up, and described as vulnerable, and I just wonder if the UK working population says on Furlough, where will my pension payments come from, and there again some green eyed monster in authority will consider the retired pensions as the working population and I am positive the tax office and tax breaks may/will hammer us as the earning population?? What a bummer!!
    I am waiting for BODJ and his government to be innovative and fair to one and all of us in the UK, without the yoke of bad debts.

  4. Memorised
    It is lockdown for this 77 year old, just had breekers, listening to my recording of the Tony Blackburn radio 2 programme- ‘sounds of the 60’s’, not me with my aches and pains but the music of my younger days.
    In my minds eye what am I dreaming about? Life in general, like Tony’s music some times life is difficult to absorb, at other times one is lifted, light heartedly into the ‘clouds’ and that/those thoughts life is wonderful, and intriguing? Every day or thought a wonder to behold. I am most thankful and fortunate with my personal life! I met Molly at Wetherby racecourse when I was 17: Molly was then ‘maid of Honour’ to Wetherby May Queen, some 3 years later we meet up again at the local ‘HOP’ in Wetherby dance hall, and since that we became engaged, married, children, and now we are seeing our own family blossom. [we are still husband and wife some 55 years]
    Life is but a book, full of chapters, that inter relate and entwine. Families Molly’s were basically from Ayrshire and Leeds, mine from Liverpool and London,so we have spent many a pleasant time with family visiting the haunts and hideaways in Lancashire/Yorkshire/Ayrshire, talking and taking the mickey out of the foibles of the local slang, as we relate incidents to each other. Then their is my seagoing days sailing with crews from all the major UK ports, and with Indian and Pakistani crew members, my vocabulary becomes enriched with ‘lingo’ and slang [Never mind anglo saxon], that just sings to me as I recall my few moments of heated debate, or a moment of light relief as one defuses a difficult situation. There again with Molly we have been gypsies within the UK married- Wetherby, then Molly at sea for 2 years with me, then Bedfordshire and the didicoy’s, then Hull and the fishing fraternity, after Ayrshire and Burns Country, with all his stories and tales {the road and the miles to Dundee, and Molly’s mum reciting many a childhood saying/rhyme to our children}. I was working then in Glasgow with the Glaswegians-many a saying and as a shusanack unclean, unwanted, but not unloved? Then we spent some time on the Tyne amongst the ‘Geordie s’ Here one had ones leg pulled all the time, and the language was not rude but very poetical. Then our last move to Bedfordshire, reason I had to work from a London Office Queens English, correctness and all that jazz, my background ‘lingo’ had to take a back seat , so to speak.
    Then Molly and I came across a Warwickshire Gent, respectable, full of the queens english, could sell fish to any body who may listen, but not a rouge, and very sincere! His accent middle england, his intentions honourable, and his beliefs wonderful, in providing living standards and support for the over 55’s. A friend indeed!!!!!

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