Decisive Indecision !


He has been for a while

He doesn’t know,

whether to laugh to laugh or cry.


He was much more decisive about Brexit,

And “got it done”

Except not yet.


After that triumph,

Coronapop came along to spoil it all,

Bodj said “we can beat it.“

But not yet,


We have enough PPE,

But not yet.


We are going to have a world beating track and trace system

But not yet.


We are going to develop a vaccine.

But not yet.


READY.       STEADY.        WAIT

It’s not that Bodj is indecisive ,

He just can’t make up his mind !



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2 Responses to Decisive Indecision !

  1. Dear John! you have it one! I for one am extremely ‘perplexed’ as the Concise Oxford English dictionary has put it?
    My question to the reader and the Chairman of the ‘LAST LAUGH LOONIE PARTY’ is:- ”Is BODJ as confusing and as ruffled as his hairstyle, as the image on TV and the media may present? Or is he the man of integrity, honesty, and deep thinking, as is ‘cohorts believe, as they spout daily in the media and on the steps of No. 10 ??? In fact have we a government of committee, or a government of leadership???
    The RMS Titantic, was well built,{had a flaw in design} was Captained by an honest man, its path was through dangerous waters, was struck below the waterline for travelling too fast in a known area ice field, and later sank with a good few souls onboard,
    Boris is charting us through unknown waters, and his fellow officers are advising, while we the crew are at the mercy of their decisions??? Are there metaphorical lifeboats available or will we become casualties of a shipwreck and face the prospects of a life in ‘DAVY JONES LOCKER’
    We need good charts reliable weather forecast, and officers who can guide this ship ‘HM GOVERNMENT’ thorough any weather we may meet, to the next safe Haven??
    Maybe the LLLP are the lads and lassies who can do such a thing?? Vote Now! Vote for what one believes in!!!

  2. It was refreshing to note ”two timers” respect the position of each other! and yet see at 90 odd and 100 years they have served their country and communities well! Good on yer Sir Tom, and ‘God Bless you your majesty ‘Elizabeth’!! ”GOD Save the QUEEN”..
    I am proud to be British!

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