Packaging Puzzle?

I started writing about excess packaging way back in 2010 and it has been something of an irritant ever since.  ( You can see my earlier posts by clicking on Packaging in the TagCloud)    My rants haven’t changed much.   If anything there is more wrapping than ever.     But here is another aspect of the subject , which is designed to keep the shoppers guessing.  

I wonder what we all did before they had “sell by” dates.    Come to that, who invented the idea in the first place ….   and why?     It certainly wasn’t the retailers, because that puts them under pressure to get things sold before the goods are not so good.   That’s why their shelf stackers spend hours hiding the newest goods behind all the earlier sell by dates.     But, neither can it be the purchasers because they have to scrabble about usually at the very back of the shelves to find the most up to date sell by date.

The latest retailer game is to find ever more obscure places to put the date.    It used to be on the top of the tin or box, but once the customers rumbled that, the retailers quickly switched to other less convenient locations.   The back of the box surrounded by masses of other information,  or the side of the bottle top.     Other tactics include using very small print,  or printing the date in yellow on a white background.    Or how about mixing up the date with a lot of other numbers just to be a bit more confusing.
It is only a matter of time before they start to use invisible ink, or maybe write the dates in Roman numerals.

Anyone would think that retailers are not sold on the idea of “ sell by “ dates.


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4 Responses to Packaging Puzzle?

  1. I have just enjoyed my visit web wise to the as ‘refered too’ related blogs above at the foot of the packaging puzzle Blog ,
    I note old friends, and there again many memories of a past life, as I struggle with ‘packages’ not only in fact as articles, but those in my minds compartment, where I visit from time to time my old friends, and the life of a younger person, and in my minds eye laugh, joke, and spend those intermit few seconds with my favourite thoughts.
    Thank you John, may be as I grow older the packaging may become ‘greener?’ and more friendly?? easier to open that odd article of desire? However not the mind, I just hope that remains strong and virile before ‘senile dementia catches up with me, and all days and memories roll into one vision-Maybe?? Who can tell? I maybe even happier in my own world??? Who Knows???

  2. Damaged, out of date, passed its best, the goods and thoughts of desire?
    All that is wrapped up in modern man-made packaging, does one at my age start with food and drink, or amorous thoughts of yesteryear and those brown envelopes delivered to save blushes while one confronted the young girl at the chemists for a pack of 3 french letters! Then in the middle of all passionate activity fighting with the individual condom wrapped up in its protective skin, what was greater I ask one? Was it the all consuming passion, or the thought of doing the correct thing? At the right time? My memories are shot! I only remember those moments now as one might say: growing older getting wiser?? What a load of cobblers? We cannot have John Blog inundated with paragraphs and sentences from ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’: Never mind the passion!!!
    My latest beano with the modern packaging is for that taste of a ‘grape’? as fresh fruit it is well protected bundled up in a plastic basket with a clear film top/cover or if one prefers in a bottle with a title and a sealed top and again that silver foil wrapped around the neck? {of the bottle} and one with age and feeble finger grasp, those few words of nordic oath as one struggles with a knife or implement to release the encapsulated cork/stopper. Again as an oldie I only wish to buy in quantities for 1 and on those occasions when I may wish to be reminded of happy memories: Blast I have to buy for me in a series of large quantities, and then let the food or drink go to waste, or past its sell by date, or tempt the ‘devil’ and consume only to be attacked by bilious out-busts and my athleticism, of how many times I can run to the LOO! Poor old bugger you may say? Alas you are right dear reader-However in moderation my thoughts are my own to enjoy and savour, even if the essential groceries in life are sold in large multiples for hygienic and costing/packaging principles, I am an oldie as you you may gather, I like to finger/touch the goods before I buy, or so my memories tell me? Am I getting mixed up with my feelings, and befuddled in my mind? Only you can tell; Am I becoming that cantankerous, objectionable old soul, who is passed bye on the other side of the street, and left alone to ‘hobble home’’
    Just thoughts dear reader in my life in my retirement village, I share many a good yarn, juicy, maybe salacious a story with my neighbour’s and friends. It is all in life’s rich pattern, to enjoy!!!

  3. What is??
    A question, an idea, a relationship, a family member? An intrusion?
    Just pondering John’s ‘blog’ about Packaging! And wondering-what if?
    Is there a moment in life with some one dear when you may in your mind wish to recall those special moments, and does it include a vista-by the seaside/in the country/on the moors/mountains, abroad, or on the high seas enjoying the freshness of open life on a cruise, or remembering those trots to the loo as the ship pitches and rolls in a squall? Maybe it may include some favourite music, by Bach, and or those days in the local dance pally with Strauss with those waltz’s and polka’s and then an evening of inter-mate romance. Or it could be 5 minutes with the radio [Light programme the home service- the shipping forecast], and big Ben at midnight with all his ‘chimes’? Where Oh where have those moments gone? Do you in fact keep a draw full of past valentine cards or old love letters from someone dear to one heart?
    I am sure the trials and tribulations of a working life are there with the many memories of colleagues past and present who made life either enjoyable, or brought one up with a jolt, and made one review a decision, that at the time was essential, however in reflection, things could or may have been done differently? We are but Human.
    For the soul and well being of man, those beans on toast, with a can of ‘Tennants’ on a blacked out broken down ship, were a god send! Just memories? Just that? Am I a judge I think not just a man, husband, father, grandfather, son and brother dreaming in my 5 minutes ‘’ think of home’’!

  4. just refered to my history lessons/remarks on John’s Blob -Packaging= John in the past and maybe today a little mellower=, reveals how the oldies and future oldies will have to fight with packaging of assorted consumer goods from foods to that little item bought in other shops or now Amazon, and ebay? For instance who’s bins these days for rubbish recycling and otherwise to the local council bin men, is full of disposed wrapping and protective films, and those cardboard boxes?
    Yet the politics is making lots of noise about how we are as a society are to go ”GREEN”

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