Bodj and his Cabinet Ministers have made a real dogs dinner of handling the Coronapop crisis.     A second wave is coming, but this time it is not just the virus back again, it’s a financial tidal wave.    Rushi Havesomemoney has had no trouble giving our money away, now he has got to claw it all back.    Where on earth is he going to get it from?
Time for some bold, radical solutions.   Time for the Last Laugh Looney Party to think the unthinkable.

We will start with a small Government Department  —- the DFiD—- the Department of International Development.     Something which I have some doubts about.    Evidently so does the Daily Mail, which has a big front page spread on it this week.

The DFiD spends 0.7% of GDP each year.   Is that a lot or a little?     How do you make a judgment?   My prejudice is that it a heck of a lot because Governments always spend a lot.

In fact in 2019/20 their budget was £13.4 billion. 

Here are some more of my other prejudices:-

  • we still think we are a super-power saviour of the world, but we are not any more.
  • politicians like trips abroad and playing  benefactor with our money.
  • we have a lot of problems at home, especially in the aftermath of Coronapop.
  • nonetheless we should help with third world poverty.

The DFiD’s  mission is to “eliminate world poverty”, which seems rather ambitious, and “ to promote sustainable development”, which could mean just about anything.     No wonder they a struggling.   In the last year they have got through five Secretary’s of State and now they are being merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

They need to focus on a few issues and make a big and lasting impact.  Rather than throwing our money around like confetti.  Countries with big economies should look after themselves.

LET’S START WITH SOME FACTS.    From the 2019 /20 DFiD annual report.  This should make everything clear, especially when one of their proudly stated aims is “transparency “.    So all I have to do is read 179 pages about what they have been doing with £13.4 billion in the last twelve months :-

  • The first clutch pages are introductory waffle, full of glowing testament to how well they are doing.
  • Then we have colourful infographics, which are more confusing than helpful.
  •  Next we have 10 strategic goals and 6 additional cross-cutting goals.   I hope your still with me.     “Cross-cutting”  sounds like an important word“. It certainly confuses things even more.   
  • I am already losing the will to live and I haven’t found out anything useful yet.
  • I expect there will be an executive summary soon, because I doubt the general public, whose money they are spending, will have time to read all 179 page.
  • Still on we go with the structure of Departments; tables and tables of figures;  more words about wonderful deeds; by country, by region, by policy and by every conceivable sub-division.
  • Then the real meat!   How much paper they used; how much water they consumed; how much waste they created and how it was disposed of.   Unbelievably valuable information.   You could be forgiven for thinking they are trying to confuse us.
  • It is page 156 before I find any relatively straightforward tables of expenditure by country and by policy.  Even then you have no idea of exactly what the money has been spent on and what has been achieved.
  • The DFiD has 3,500 staff all on high salaries and gold plated pensions.  In stark contrast to the people they are supposed to be helping.

I give the report a ZERO for transparency, which is what I suspect they are trying to achieve.    So far the LLLP  has come up with no savings !

I searched around a few other websites and found that very few countries meet the United Nations target of contributing 0.7%  of their GDP.  The European average is about 0.3%.     So how can we be so generous, now that Coronapop has us almost  bankrupt ?

So here’s a Last Laugh Looney Party script for a Bodj BBC broadcast introducing a new proposal for the DDiF :-

We will immediately start a review of all DFiD projects  using the electorate, not the politicians.    Each DFiD project leader, and there are a lot of them, must produce  “a one page justification” of why we should keep spending our money on their project.    The general  public will have one month to vote on which projects they wish to continue to pay for.     After that project funding will cease on projects that received  less than 50% support.
Budget savings will be used to support poverty in the UK and to pay down the Coronapop debt mountain.

  I will  try some other Government Department next and use the same approach with them.

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  1. Dear John, do you love me?? David??
    I have read your ‘’blog’’ above with interest, and I attempted to, as you inferred, if interested in a little light reading, and some research or informative thoughts. I am frustrated, and feel let down! I disappeared on the HMG web sight and attempted to become engaged in some deep thinking, and mind blowing ‘UREKA Moments’ that I believed would help me understand BODJ and his party Policies? I retire injured and brainless, as a complete ‘numb skull’, and a vestal virgin just about to be raped, by some demon.
    The HMG web site offered me information reference: however on opening up the many appropriate dialogues, I found the information was there at a ‘’cost’’ and there where no precis on what the conclusions of the various document, so one could judge what was relevant, only by digesting the whole story at a price??? {on this occasion not followed through}
    As for a simple ‘pie chart[s] of taxation levied, and expenditure anticipated , by the different individual government departments, there was nothing! I feel taken for a ride? I did persevere with one web site ‘The Institute for Government.ORG’, this was a little more enlightening, and also heavy reading, but gave thumb nail sketches of government thing, as per department, and detail of that department.{most of the information was strictly down in minutia and also totally confusing to me as I wished a simple portrait of MR JOHNSON, his cabinet [and Dominic Cummins], into coherent fiscal policies for the UK Government, that I may understand. I felt today was a round of ‘TOO MUCH but CORRECT Information was acceptable BY BODJ, but in simple words “BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS”.
    I retire to my ‘yum yum’ and cup of coffee for solace.
    Dear John, as I listen to my Beatles LP, I quote “ while you still want me, will you still love me when I am 64”
    Answer on a postcard to the usual address please! David.

  2. Mesmorised!!!
    The media. DAILY Mail especially today is most downbeat, and defeatist with its political, and social news.
    THE Last Laugh Loonie party, are in the ascendancy with respect to the future and star gazing???
    BODJ is issuing push bikes with maintenance on the NHS for the British Population, and yet this may be fun, BODJ is being advised to get the adult working population of Britain back to work; While in the back ground the business’s are saying no thank you not yet. Who is paying for all this free furlough time, I wonder???
    As a nation we have become dependent on the service and financial industries, all thought power outputs! We are not manufacturing/making things to barter or sell, except our ‘souls’. We are undressed, hungry, and prostituted into debt? The way out as a nation is unclear, and BODJ with Mr Cummins is not presenting a positive solution for the British Public at present, unless one looks around the world and becomes a deserter from the UK to lands of opportunity elsewhere in this world of ours. WE can not be on holiday for a lifetime of being furloughed. Even a socialistic political outlook may not solve the problems. We need to work together and be guided by political aims of not dreams, but reality and the need to be positive in solving the issues?
    While we educate the young, into thinking and debate in a sterile atmosphere of academia, and then casting them aside in their mid 20’s with no practical skills, other than to debate and become prospective elected members of society such as local councillors or and MP. WE need the man on the street-the market trader, the ice cream vendour, the blacksmith and other dirty black trades in engineering, those of us who can dress make, spin and fabricate cloth, and many more enterprising ideals.
    The modern world is at the hands of ‘SATAN’ and the alleged virus creators, and big brother cheats who are invading the modern world of computer technology and soft wear, we are but at the mercy of modern life styles. A question while I sit on my throne and comptemplate my possible future life at 77, Have I left a good world for my children and children’s children, and my first disappointment is that having given a vote of unity to the conservative party in the 2019 election in the UK, I expected a leader of vision: Not a young old/Goat on a push bike, donated by the National health service/ as for his backroom colleague Mr Cummins? Do they both have ‘’horns’’ and are they friends of ‘SATAN’
    What is the UK coming too? Vote for the LLLP for ideas, and those policies which have profound sense??

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