The LAST  LAUGH LOONEY PARTY has started an investigation into Government expenditure, in order to advise Prime Minister Bodj how to get out of the Over half a trillion pound financial hole that his  Chancellor Rushi Havesomemoney has got us into.
This can’t take too long, because there could be a second wave of both Coronapop and seasonal flue .     Then on the advice of Dominic CummingsandGoings the whole Government will have to move to Durham.     Perhaps this is what they mention when they kept referring to the Northern Powerhouse ?

The LLLP investigation started with my previous post on the Department for InterNational Development which is over-ambitiously  charged with solving poverty throughout the world.    Having looked at its Annual Report it doesn’t seem to be doing that, but it is spending loads of our money.   So the LLLP in a radically different approach, has put their ideas for future project work to the people in a survey.      Now we just have to await their verdict.

What the first LLLP investigation also revealed was that Government Annual Reports  are all written to a standard civil service formula.     They are full of praise about how well they are doing, or possibly it is just bull——.       They claim to be transparent, but by providing endless irrelevant details, they are just confusing.   The implication is that their work is too complicated for the average member of the general public who pays for all this to understand.

The LLLP thinks that is nonsense and will find increasingly novel ways to  challenge both the politicians and the civil service machine.   A bit like Dominic 😀

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  1. come oH! come OH1 you reader of the LLLP? I am amazed yesterday Boris was giving a pronouncement that the ‘Corona Virus’ is coming for a second time¬¬¬ to rape and pillage us the population, and we will have more, lots more of policies such as ‘Lockdown’
    I am confused, totally confused? who is the enemy??:-
    Is it us the population for not believing in lockdown?
    Is it us the 70+s who have an early ticket to St Peter
    What has happened to the research into a vaccine- at one point some weeks ago at the height of lockdown we were told of a 50p tablet which could provide a possible solution to the main effects ailments of the Corona Virus, all hailed without an age profile of sure death.
    Do the Politicians and the world, as this virus runs all civilisations ragged, have to educate us the population, that life is to some extent a lottery, and non of us known when St Peter comes calling, and we as a society must react with truth and compassion, and to some extent teach each of us that not everything in this world can be solved at the will of a few leaders in this world? We must reflect in the health and well being of our community, its compassion to seek and support the truth, and yet acknowledge that some problems in life are beyond our control, even all though we do , and act responsibly as a society! and we as a world community must help each social group, with out rancour and bitterness.
    Be considerate to all and everyone around us, we need the good will of each of us to survive?
    For instance is money a ‘God’ of your beliefs, and life money we have a choice? Of which in dire circumstances maybe death by choice or administered to survive!!!!!shocking!!!! but we cannot live alone and in isolation.
    Age and mobility are gifts and as one ages and then reaches a certain age, when one might chose actively to live in an elderly society such as a retirement village where one is able to enjoy and take part in an actively life style, and discuss the finer points of life including the moral delemia’s
    that the politicians of the day present us with.

  2. All change
    Amongst all this LLLP, Boris and Corona Virus, and the latest No. 10 Broadcast by the informed and educated, my mind is utterly cluttered, and I need that 5 minutes ‘think of home’?
    Where do I go? Anywhere is the answer, where I find myself in the most pleasant of memories!
    An afternoon film of some mindless but escape from reality, and a song by Patsy Cline, lovely, and then in my mind the song @Crazy@ by another american female singer. Then I drift to Mum and Dad at home in my youth, and their love of Nat King Cole, and a 30’s big band group, not playing Jazz but the hits of the day, and Honky tonk? What or who are they? I do not remember the names or words: however when I hear the rhythms and tunes in my mind, I just relax, wonderful. It is not Sinatra standards but those by Bing, and again the Italian american hunk Dean Martin, who sang with the ‘rat Pack’, not the black american solo singer.
    There again from my tunes of the past and Mum and Dads favourite artists to my teenage years, and scouting/dancing/college: here Ralph reader played a part, the gang show, campfire rounds, and endless chants on a hike in the yorkshire countryside. THEN Girls youth clubs dances, and the tunes of the late 50’s Elvis, Everly Brothers, the song ‘Big Bad John’, Johnnie Tillutson, and many more, Guy Mitchell, and the song ‘Handyman’, plus many more. Then at college prior to going to sea, Classic Jazz Club music, to the old tunes by the River City Jazzmen on the Tyne, and the Mayfair dance hall, walking home to the digs in Jarrow from the Mayfair Dance hall in the centre of Newcastle, not drunk, or incapacited, but having waited for the last dance, and then learning the young lady did not want to dance or lived north or Newcastle some miles away, and then that could be a big walk home to Jarrow on the southside of the Tyne. [never done]
    Then Molly in my home district of Leeds, and now as I reflect on our meeting, at Wetherby Race course, again later at The ‘Old Mill’ dance hall in Wetherby. Great days memories Engagement and marriage, all of which alight me with pleasure, and our travels together on my ships {Time at sea}. Again all brought alive by that odd tune on the radio or tv programme, in which my mind as at present drifts back to the BBC World Service, the Home and Light Programmes. My many, our many friends from our travels come from various places in the UK and Northern Ireland, their sing song in the many local dialects lights a fuse and from that friendly Londoner, the scot, welsh, Geordie or west country buddy, and occasionally that Lancastrian, bring my dreams to life.
    Just a ramble- time out from the trials of the day!!

  3. In my moments of madness, I came across my fathers Honk vourite band- Pee WEE Hunt, and there again in my quiet moments I am fond of a little piano music-Winnie Atwell, Russ Conway, and mums favourite Charlie Kunz!!! I am Humming, with enjoyment.

  4. I must apologise and re write the blog above with the correct sentences/spelling as I am finger dithering sorry!!
    In my moments of madness, I came across my fathers favourite Honk band- Pee WEE Hunt, and there again in my quiet moments I am fond of a little piano music-Winnie Atwell, Russ Conway, and mums favourite Charlie Kunz!!! I am Humming, with enjoyment.

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