• This is the final department of Central Government expenditure being examined by the Last Laugh Looney Party.      🤡Phew !      The Department of Work and Pensions has the biggest spending budget of £ 171 billion in 2018/19.  That is until Coronapop came along, after which spending went BALLISTIC 🤡

The LLLP has proposed dramatic cuts in every other department, but suggests caution in this area.     Firstly, because it is only giving back to most people money that they have earned and then has been taken in tax.    Secondly, it is giving money to the most vulnerable people in society, or at least it should be.   The problem comes when the system is not simple and transparent.    The very nature of Government bureaucracy is that it feeds itself on making things more and more complex.   Hence the 1001 volumes of rules about benefits, pensions and income tax.     And the 76,698 civil servants employed to dish them out at an administrative cost of £ 6.4 Billion annually !

There are four groups of beneficiaries of the DWP’s largesse :-

  • Pensioners – 12 million rising to 16 million by 2044.
  • People with a disability – 20% are on a low income.
  • Unemployed people – 24% of the working age population ???
  • Children / Families – 10% on low incomes.

Living on only benefits or a state pension is not easy, nor should it be, provided people have the opportunity to better themselves.   There are a feckless few ( about 2% ) who exploit the system and give everybody else a bad name.    At its best the benefits system should a safety net for the most vulnerable in society.    For this reason the LLLP will be very cautious in revising it.

The current state pension is minimal and not enough for a comfortable retirement,  hence we end up with add on entitlements, such as winter fuel payments, Christmas bonus’s, free TV licences, free prescriptions.    All of which are universal and often go to people who don’t need them.     The LLLP would lift the basic state pension level, but then  do away with the enhancements and several thousand civil servants who administer them.    If you want a better lifestyle you need to save a lot more while you are working ( 20 to 25% of you earnings)  or if you own your own home as 70% of older people do, then either downsize, or take in lodgers, or sell the equity in your home to the Government. ( Only when they adopt an LLLP house buy back scheme ).  See my one of  my next posts for news of this.

The LLLP will leave this alone for now because it supports many people who genuinely need more support.  Sadly it has been abused by Governments in the past to shift people off the unemployment register and this has undermined public compassion in the system.


  People without a job should only be paid benefits if they are prepared to retrain an gain more skills.     This could be in full-time education or working in the voluntary sector for a year.


Nobody would wish to see children disadvantaged financially, but the gap left in single parent families resources by absentee fathers who pay no maintenance is their responsibility and much more effort should be made to recover it.


This area of Government expenditure certainly needs re-evaluation, but it is too serious for flippant judgments.     So no savings are forecast at this stage.

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  1. alleluia, my tin god! the ‘DWP’ [desirable, wishes party’, on a par with the LLLP> There is sense in the world, and good intentions: But where?? Is it up to you and I???

  2. 226+? or More?
    What a paper, dear John on behalf of the ‘Ragamuffin Society’ of the LLLP, wish to thank you for the :Other buggers EFFORTS;? in Reproducing erudite comments on the workings of all of BODJ and his Auntie’s empire. It has been most enlightening, and my ‘neettie’ has sheaves of paper ready to piece with a hole and hang on the nail? You dear sir have lead us into the affray of government workings and costings, lots of detail, and far more printed opinions and gass by the ministers of each of these government departments.
    Today’s paper by the Department of Works and Pensions is some 226+ pages, and colourful, with charts and hieroglyphics expanding on the thoughts that have to be considered. Being irreverent I found a heading on page 176 -;; Fruitless Expenditure;;- just one sentence? Within the report: However time for a big yawn!
    One of the heart warming activities was those relating to Fraud! And the misuse of benefits and hand outs. I found the report to be similar to being a youngster around the family kitchen table, and mum with the weekly money box, dividing dads money into each ‘kitte’ for the week, and dad asking where is or our the funds for that ‘rainy day’, as as a family we had to budget for the unexpected, not a great amount, but maybe one weeks/months money in a savings account.
    I note in this Paper/report DWP 2020 that the end financial report headings, and charts are printed in true blue? Is this an Accolade to BODJ? Or is it that that colour print is easier on the eye.
    I note the DWP cover most domestic of subjects, work/earnings/benefits/retirement -old age/infirmity and there again ethnicity of the fabric of the UK Population, all noble ideas, and objectives; I just wonder?-are we relying too much on government intervention, and regulations, can we not act together as a responsible and compassionate society????

  3. Uproaronce again, the media both the press and TV channels are all full of ”BREXIT”’, what a thing to chew over at breakfast time! Who is right.?? THE LLLP and BODJ surely have after all the ‘arm waving a ‘FAREWELL’ message do have a solution? I hope so? Who is talking sense, I am unsure:however I await with patience some form of outcome???

  4. Joyous LLLP &Corvid-19
    It is wonderful from Monday as BODJ has spoken, we re-enter a meeting of six persons at most, and all be a ‘lockdown’? Wonderful, me at 77 am protected???
    With this message of enlightenment comes another, more sinister decree, all dressed up as a benefit and a precaution from Corvid-19, that is called/named ‘track and trace’? Here the message is that the previous /existing , track & trace is not up to the task! Allegedly, due to the person information retrieved is in-accurate and not secure enough???
    The alleged proposal is to use ‘GOOGLE’ or APPLE systems of software, so we all can be tracked individually? Where ere we may be by mobile phone and computer, That is the more mobile of us?? Not the immobile and elderly over 60+ who must adhere to the self isolation and lock down???
    Now then come in ‘Q’ and his commander in chief ‘C’ or is it ‘M’ from the intelligence services MI5 and or MI6, and James Bond, they love this counter espionage fandango, every one in their place, and all accounted for? Even George Orwell and his 1984 must be excited? Our mobile phones and computers with the modern electronically wizardry, can I am sure inform ‘The Doughnut at Cheltenham/, and , any rouge player interested in our own personal business, whether bodily or financially.
    BODJ while I voted may be attempting with his ‘BREXIT’ vote trying to rape and pillage me of my free thoughts, and even ‘BRUSSELS/ may have ‘’sprouted ‘EARS’’ to hear what the populous of the UK are thinking privately at this moment in time. It is all too clever for me to contemplate.
    One thing is for certain, with all this lock down, Who Dare I ask is earning a living. Paying taxes, and my pension, and ensuring that the UK & NI as a Nation do not go broke, kowtowing to the highest bidder? The enemy we can not identify or be sure off? We need friends, not whispers in door ways, and a ‘knee trembler’ to say we have had a good time as a nation, or that we are going to have one???

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