This is the Last Laugh Looney Party penultimate investigation.   This time it’s the turn of the Department of Health and Social Care. Normally they are the second largest spending department, clocking up a massive figure of £ 171 billion in 2018/19.    Thanks to Coronapop in the current year it’s spending has gone into the medical stratosphere, totalling goodness knows what.    But we will find out eventually 🤡

Let’s start with some prejudices about the NHS, which I say having worked alongside them and in partnership with them for many years, long before Coronapop was even heard of :-

  • First of all they are a LEVIATHAN, a massive organisation.
  • A massive administrative management nightmare.
  • Potentially great  at the front line, if you can get to it.
  • Dictated to by endless executive orders from “on high”.
  • Dominated from below by Trade Union limitations.
  • Tied in administrative red tape.
  • Fearful of ambulance chasing no- win no-fee lawyers.
  • Regularly reorganised by successive Governments.

It is a miracle they achieve everything they do and that most peoples personal experience of the NHS is very good.   That’s down to the front line staff.

But now Coronapop comes along and they are caught with their pants down !     Not enough beds,  not enough ventilators,  not enough PPE,  not enough testing, not enough money.      No contingency plan for a pandemic.

Oh!  And so far I haven’t even mentioned Social Care,   The poor relation of the NHS.   The Cinderella service, last in the queue for attention or resources, but home to so many people who draw on NHS services.    A rabbit in the headlights of the NHS steam train.

So what do we do with a vehicle designed after the Second World War and still running 70 years later, with essentially the same organisational and funding model.        We could go forward with an HS2NHS.    An all singing all dancing technologically charged Alexa hospital service.   No need for doctors, just a video screen to talk to and robots to operate on serious cases.     That gets around the Trade Unions, the paperwork, health service managers and lawyers.

Bodj’s latest broadcast to the Nation :-

“I have decided to abolish the NHS because ever since Coronapop came along it’s costing the country a fortune  and from my personal experience on the ventilator it’s doing my head in.     This new health policy will save the  country from bankruptcy, although sadly there maybe a few more deaths in the short term.   My MinIster of Health, Matt Handcockup, will continue to provide a comprehensive health service with Alexa and his laptop computer.
P.S.  I forgot about Social Care, which is what I always do, but I will order another public enquiry, which should make it all go away until I am better.”

FORECAST SAVING.       £ 171 Billion plus who knows what?

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  1. Marmite? Or the LLLP?
    I note with caution, not with hilarity on this occasion, the gentle remarks, and comments made by the chairman of The Last Laugh Loonie Party, and as secretary of the ‘Ragamuffins Society of The LLLP, I comment, I trust, not with indecency of feelings but sincerity? It is for you the reader to behold!
    Too me! The whole subject is very emotional, and I strongly believe in an NHS {National Health Service and Social Care for all as set out in the 1948 ACT]. Today this is still I believe the governments intent: How it is achievable is a different story.
    I have read John;s comments, and further attempted to scan read the Government Briefing Paper-House of Commons for the National Health and Social Care dated 2020. I found it a formidable task, and still there are areas, I can come to terms with,while there are others, I bow to John;s experiences in his lifetime.
    John has highlighted some of the points, and the endless mind numbing procedures of government bureaucracy. With the reading of this ‘’THE Commons Briefing’’ one of the opening passages was that referring to the Elderly in England, and the support and care they need from the NHS? Indicating that ‘bed blocking’ is a factor of growing old, and the lack of support, within the greater community for the elderly, both mentally and physically, and the inability, when their issues [the elderly 80+], have been diagnosed within a hospital environment, to one of utter care and support, to discharge them into a @centre of excellence@: Here the problems are personal assets, {Housing}, being living in individual dwellings, rather than larger care homes. Or nursing homes, or as a concept older people gather together in a ‘retirement home/village’ where for economics there may be some 250/300 dwellings individually provided to give independent living, but within the complex the management provide domeciallary care and support, to which the individual home owners/elderly can live independently, and be a recommended home and place for discharge from hospital, once the original diagnoses has been completed and treated in a safe and secure manner. This may require a mind set from the public at large, and the complex -Retirement village/home has the ability to maintain a young at heart clientelle, so that one has from 60+ a mixture of vibrant residents, willing to take part in activities of the mind, or a skill of the body, and then volunteer to help organise and run the functions within the care and support of the retirement village/home management.
    Reading the discussion paper, I was personally drawn to the new/proposed ‘Area trusts’ that may run the national health service, and I had to have a quiet smile!-Here the geographical boundaries, were not by counties, but I believe by old industrial heartlands, and the diseases most common to those areas. North East Mining and shipbuilding- chest complaints: Silicoses, North WEST the cotton/mining Industry and the West Riding mining/woollen industry, and the chest complaints of fibres, contamination of the lungs. Then One had the Black country-Midlands and the local complaints about the engineering industry. Here the ailments maybe many? It was just a paragraph to me, and for me to ask the questions? Why were these areas united, and do or does the older not the younger population pose a problem?
    The next little bit of lite relief was the acknowledgement to the MARMOT 10 year Review 25 Feb 2020 and I wondered having not read it if it was a ‘MARMITE’ document? You love it or one hates it? As John has stated we need enlightenment and BODJ is the leader, but is Nick Hancock to be believed or up to the task of taking us all to a new-reborn National Health and Social Care????

  2. ALEXA, who or Whom is ”SHE” Lassie¬ a good guide dog, obedient, or a mindset in this modern worlds where one ‘claps ones hands’ and rattles one tambourine for inspiration:from the ‘Good lord’! or is that the ‘SALLY ARMY’::: maybe not? and she is that electronic gadget dreamt up on the ‘web’ to answer all our questions of inquisitiveness?? It is ones personal request that sets this young lady off drifting the worldwide web for an answer to your query???
    Who controls the big web? Big brother, is it another invention of 1984 and george orwell? Is it the master race out to control that ‘free spirit’ within us all to think openly and freely???

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