The Last Laugh Looney Party is beginning to have a global influence.   It has gone viral.    Rather like Coronapop 🤡

Ever since the LLLP started its investigation into UK Government spending and began to come up with radical recommendations for reform, other countries have started to follow suite.   Here are some examples:-


After abolishing the House of Commons and the House of Lords on the recommendation of the LLLP, there has been some copycat action in Italy.     The radical governing party has decided to slim down its own Government by 350 MP’s.    That will get them down to about 600 parliamentarians, but they still have a long way to go to catch up with Bodj who will only have 100 MP’s and 100 Senators.    Still it’s a good start and politicians all around the world will be quaking in their boots in case this viral idea spreads.   I wonder what it’s R number is ?   In this case R stands for redundancy.     The politicians will all be wearing masks, socially isolating and desperately seeking a vaccine 🤡


It was not long ago that the LLLP proposed that Bodj should use rust bucket ships to house tax dodgers and expense-fiddling MP’s.  Now the recent Home Secretary Pritty Petal is looking to buy up old ferries to house illegal immigrants.   She could be a lot more creative and use cruise liners like the Diamond Princess and sail them around the world, in the hope that they find somewhere else they like better.   They could take the MP’s with them.


In his first address to the Conservative Party conference Bodj proposed to surround the UK  with offshore wind farms.    He must have pinched the idea from the LLLP comments on the Department of Energy.   ( See the blog entitled “ LLLP  investigates the BEIS “  by clicking on LLLP in the TAG cloud).     Sadly Bodj missed the point about also having hydro power for when the wind doesn’t blow and solar power for when the sun shines.   Maybe he can announce them at next years conference.

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3 Responses to LLLP GOES VIRAL

  1. A brief note
    LLLP calling! The ‘Ragamuffin Society’’ for a response?
    WELL I never viral infections, like sexual diseases have leaky points {dripping tap}, and there are no exception, how do I keep a dry eye in the House -Westminster off course?- The verdict is you need to be slimmed down, keep in isolation and maintain your figure with an ’’R’’ Value -ROTUND?? waist measurement, for all that gorging of food and beer in the Bar at Westminster, after Hours? No 10 o’clock home time for you lot to be in for the curfew of ‘daddy’ and the caring arms of ‘MUMMY’, maybe another @Lady Of the NIght@ as one enjoys the debauchery and revelry!!! Good god miss Molly???
    I am little disappointed with all this peeing up the wall, and painting or wetting ones boots, one has or gets energy from a hydro electric source, all though the head room in ‘Westminster’ may be sufficient to provide a head of energy, even if it is ‘steam’ or is that ‘Hot air’???
    One of the LLLP suggestions is ‘Rust bucket ships’ for housing tax dodgers, and expense fiddling MP’s? Dear sirs, and ladies, please a history lesson. In the era of Nelson we had fighting ships of the fleet, as the ships grew old and graceful, having done their service to this country, they become prison Hulks on the inlets, creeks and rivers of the UK. Two of them became ‘training ships for young scallywags who wished to serve a career afloat in the Merchant or Royal Navy-{Such as CONWAY, WORCESTER AND the ARATHUSIA?{this vessel was on the Medway}. Now that the grander part of the story: However it is mention that tax dodgers and fiddlers should spend time on a @RUST BUCKET@ Turn back the pages of modern history to the Falklands WAR and Maggie! If I am not mistaken old ferry boats, and such like vessels were laid up in the SOUTH Coast Naval Ports and used as ‘PRISON HULKS’, so beware you Parliamentarians after your fiddling, and the serenading by a fleet of EU Italian GONDALAS on the reaches of the Thames outside WESTMINSTER, your evenings drinking and cavorting until the early hours of the morning can be spent locked up in a posh/designed, but chained ‘PRISON HULK’, where you may serve in the NAVY either voluntary Merchant or as Royal Navy Press ganged member, serving one’s ‘’QUEEN and COUNTRY’’ without minimal pay, just board and lodgings, and selling ones soul for ‘Honour’ not to the devil?.
    Should one send Parliamentarians on a voyage of discovery around Europe and the world in a swish laid up passenger liner? I just wonder what they may learn, as their cohorts of international finance are looking for a way out to release there assets, and fleece us all of our few pennies we have left after CORONAPOPS has made us dependent upon good leadership, and a vision of fairness in life???
    What about the elder population, why not have hospital ships on the NHS where one is treated, and convalesce in the sunshine, as one is operated upon, and treated to a smidgen of life as the upper crust, and discharged revitalised and ready to vote in the Next Elections as proposed by the LLLP. Put your ‘’X’’ where it matters.

  2. A viral time piece
    Just reflecting, or is it the reflections of a life time? John has indicated a viral outbreak of common sense in Parliament, and today Friday;s media have nothing spectacular or even ‘rivetting’ to report that may stretch ones grey matter into a form of thought that could issue speech from ones mouth with an ounce of dignity! So I make no attempt, and just wish to drift and dream.
    I gentle go back with the mention of ‘RUST Bucket’ ships, and the voyage of favourite parliamentarians may wish to have a cruise on such a fine vessel. One of the things one is aware of, or then unaware of is the navigational passages, crossing the oceans and seas of this world in a westerly or easterly direction, and sailing the ‘Great Circle Route’, and not the actual line of latitude, east to west, or indeed west to east. It does not make much difference to the non sailor, and there again the parliamentary member may wish to sail the ‘Great Circle Route’ as he/they/she may be more direct in arriving at their appointed destination on Time, before the rabble{voters} travelling the direct route on a line of @latitude@ welcome them to their homeland? Though I believe BORIS and his Cohorts may have all ready tested the patience[patients] of the nation?? While one dreams on travelling east to west, and vicky verka, one has to at sea, be aware again of the ‘clock’- time; ladies and gentlemen please be patient, and understand for ever 15 degrees of latitude one travels the clock has to be adjusted, so that on arrival at ones destination, one is laterally ‘bang on time’? -{ 360 degrees travel is equivalent to 24 hours one day- so 15 degrees have ever at what speed or ‘KNOTS’ is equal to ONE HOUR, either @on or OFF@ the clock. -Travel east time is least, travel west time is best!}. So where are you? Are BODJ and the rest of Westminster talking sense, and arriving on time, with some common policies to take the Nation UK&NI forward or backward, or on a circular route.
    But Hey ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention, I take one to the city of London, and the Underground/Tube system of transport? I have unearthed a map of the circle line? Here I note among the stops are Westminster, and then the rail terminals to the provinces, such as Paddington-[West country, and South Wales], Baker street-north London[ Aylesbury hinterland], Euston { the north west via Birmingham/Midlands, and then Scotland], Kings Cross/ST Pancras [Bedfordshire/Luton the Midlands, South Yorkshire], and [ The east and north- Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Scotland}, Liverpool Street { East London, and the Counties South of The Wash-Norfolk/Suffolk and Essex} and then to Cannon Street/Black friars/Victoria, the commuter belt and more endowed persons stockbroker belt of the UK in Southern England. What have I achieved in my tour of the circle line? Well Not much? However we all have a route besides a vote to the Palace Of Westminster. MAYBE if invited to enjoy the Hospitality and revelry that one may perceive exists in this ‘glass house of Power’?
    By now one may be bored with my little ‘ditty’, no apologies just more? I hear you groan?? But then I am only on page two of today’s media out pouring’s which have inspire me to write, pen to paper. Fact on the todays’ map of the underground, and the original ;Circle line I knew in the 60’s there are 27 Stations, stop and think, that is 3 figures more than I started out with? I started on a Rust BUCKET sailing the ‘HIGH SEAS’? and 360 degrees in a circle/sphere, and a 24 hours clock, man’s definition of a day. Does this still stand? Or is 27 a more apt figure to consider, as one may debate all the hot air in Parliament, and I ask what is the time zone of the universe, will we meet aliens with a different appreciation of time to us Humans? Or is Parliament and BODJ stretching our imagination all ready????
    Please vote, the LLLP have made a request. X marks the spot!

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