Coronapop Poem


When I was a child,

I always knew.

Corona pop was for me,

not you!

Coronapop is in my head,

it wakes me up when I go to bed.

I think about it every day,

it will not go away.


Switch on the tele and it’s there,

so frequently now that I don’t care.

Open the paper and it’s on the front page,

just someone else, all in a rage.


It totally dominates the News,

with every possible scientists views.

On one thing they all agree,

of Coronapop we will never be free.


I wouldn’t have minded when I was young,

Corona pop was so much fun.

But now it has a whole new meaning.

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5 Responses to Coronapop Poem

  1. My! My! my mind is drifting helplessly back to my college days, and the mid day break, in the communial hall, where lads and lassies would eye each other up, and then maybe have a dance-jive or bop, before the bell would ring to summoms us back to our academic studies. One of the pieces of music which dear John has brought to mind is with this title POEM: Is the ‘JOHHNY TILITSON Song’ — ”Poetry in motion” basically the dream whether male or female the image of a pefect lover”? I ask you as John has written about Coronapops, My perfect image of confusion, and un co-ordinated movements, with a mindset all of its own is!!! My todays image of poetry in Motion is BODJ and his list of comradies in Westminister, I do not know whether it is a slow foxtrot/slow waltz, or maybe as i may have ungraciously suggested a ‘daisy chain?’ to the uninitiated a ‘CONGA’, but not with the songs and tunes I remember from my happier younger days, in the Dance halls of the NE Coast of England.

  2. Last line of John’s Poem! I wonder, just reading and trying to understand the current media outburst on ‘Lockdown’, I just wonder at 78 am I being protected from the enjoyment of living, or confined to ‘HELL!’ living in isolation??
    I note the bed occupancy/facts/ etc. are stating in this next wave of CORVID-19 I am vulnerable, very vulnerable.
    I respectfully ask am I a carrier of the virus? Is it my life they are protecting? Just stop how long Have I got to live, can you inform me, i cannot tell you-However can I make an informed decision, of the ‘risks’ I may accept, and balance a life in total isolation, and yet one where my ‘soul’ is set free??
    Do not get me wrong I wish to protect my children, and their offspring? But what off human relationships? The media are dividing us up with the boffins ” into age groups, and vulnerability” and i ask respectfully in all this chaos where or which age group has the majority vote, that makes, or could make the difference in attitude to ”CORVID-19????
    What I would wish to see is a little of Common sense, and less HOT AIR spouted about a solution to CORVID-19. For instance why are all the population people not tested upon for CORVID-19 with results of [HAVE Not Have-symptoms] within 24 hours. Do we all have to accept a ‘risk[s], therefore depending upon the answer, what are the simply put risks??? WE are economically all going to hell in a handcart? and the elderly/old with their pensions are a national savings, not a treasure????
    Boris and Parliament please, a little truth, and an uplifting message of how we all can go forward with a meaningful and enjoyable life, with I accept a risk or 2??

  3. Deep thoughts-blue moments
    Just a follow on, and a fundamental question, with my mind in neutral, and index finger in my fundamental orifice?
    QUESTION HAS ‘Your God’ been here before? What is the world coming too ‘Armageddon?
    During my lifetime,and meeting members of greater family since 1900, we/I have talked, learnt at school, and had modern history to study about the greater loss of life in the 1914-18 war and the human costs in Europe and the allied world countries. Then the epidemic of Spanish Flu in the 1919/20 and the great loss of life worldwide, WE then have two dreadful events both as evil as each other The general Economic World Slump in the 1929/30’s, and the Ethnic Cleansing/genocide of the 1930-1945 by the Germanic race of peoples of different beliefs and nationalities- ’The Holocaust’, and all that meant to civilisation and human beliefs. WE then had the loss of life in world war II, and the dropping in Hiroshima of the Atomic Bomb, and that loss of life with in that one day of WWII.
    Since then the world as know it and general history apart from the odd local uprising has not had a ‘’greater loss of life’’ that may be attributed to the as before mention incident/events in history? That is until total CORVID-19, and its world epidemic, we are still as a world society counting the cost!
    For a different view on the subject, I am at the moment watching MICHAEL PALIN channel BBC4 TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD In various directions. What has struck me most vividly is his travels in the Pacific Rim Countries, and I note the vast number of ‘shanty towns’ and just people struggling to live. The Country I was most shocked by was the PHILLIPINES and the ‘TRADE’ OF YOUNG LADIES’ To all parts of the globe [many may be in the UK NHS as clinical staff or] as work-people/ professional people, supporting their families by sending monies home to support their relations. It has troubled me? I believed under American Influence they would have had a more sustained society!
    Now back to my thoughts and the Unasked questions??? Is there a ‘GOD’ and does he impose such events on his/our world to restrict or control population growth??? or is it all of MANS doing???
    Join the LLLP for some more deep thoughts.

  4. Just a ‘wee’ note ‘hen’ I note that the media were exposing in last evenings teatime news broadcast, the effect at the end of ‘FURLOUGH’ and suggesting in a strong voice that those working peoples over 50+ WILL LOSES employment, and cash back, and have to depend on the ‘DOLE’ and all that means, and all though not mentioned they will not be able to live comfortably on a ‘day to day ‘basis {And many may be latter day parents-married have children after 30], will not have monies to keep up pension payments? That must be concerning as then the population age { from 50+} they become the next destitute generation?? and maybe unable to pay off their mortgages, and other costs of living they undertook to live a secure and safe liveleyhood? SO BODJ and the COHORTS of Westminster do you for see a problem, or do the ”rich get richer” and hang the rest??? Literally out to dry!
    Please a little fore thought of what the future of the UK & NI may become regardless of ‘BREXIT’

  5. Long covid-19, the daily mail health pages are full of it? I just wonder this piece of reporting was all centred on ‘SOOTIE, SWEEP and SUE’, and it took me back to my younger days, GUISLEY and Park Road, not Monopoly and Park Lane, and all that lolly, if one had a hotel on the site? I was dreaming and passing a stone built semi family house, and a modest man Harry Corbet, [father of Mathew] the instigator of ‘Sootie, Sweep and Sue. Many a memory and how he would devote time and support local youth organisations like the scouts and guide movement.
    LONG Corvid -19 appears to be as the daily mail states, the adverse effects, and after effects of a positive Corvid -19 sufferer, and not a joyful or enjoyable illness: Corvid-19 has many strings to it bow, and where in fact will we all end up??? Like SOOTIE, all we can say is ‘IZZY WHIZZY lets get Busy’, and trust our society and politicians that they can see a way forward!!!

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