Elderly Commodity—- continued

This is a continuation of my previous post commenting on the Sunday Times Insight investigation into the Government/ NHS handling of the Coronapop crisis.

At the beginning they were focused on preventing the NHS from being overwhelmed, which is understandable given what had already happened in Italy.   They succeeded, but at quite a cost both financially and in older peoples lives.

Then our “leaders” became rabbits in the headlights of the media.    Questioning their every move and picking up on every mistake.    The holier than thou Laura Kunsberg, the sarcastic Robert Peston and the ever right Piers Morgan.      Add to this a leaky Cabinet  and a multiplicity of scientific uncertainty.     Not a great place for calm considered decision making.    More an environment for headless chickens and  off the cuff action.

Gradually we got the situation under control.    Our hospitals were underwhelmed and we had paved our way from a health crisis to a financial crisis.    The phoney war was over but the real war was still to begin.  That is why we need to wake up and learn some lessons, beyond the media frenzy and without the ever-present blame culture that obscures reality.

Older people are still at risk both from Corona virus and from ageist attitudes in the health service.    Nor have we addressed the poor standards in Social Care.   It is not just about money.    Extra money is needed in social care to pay for higher training levels and higher wages for staff, but it is usually siphoned off to pay for greedy venture capitalists.

Which brings me on to the second headline in the Sunday Times, which is about a takeover bid for McCarthy & Stone.     This too sees older people as a commodity, in this case for a US investment company called Lone Star.     McCarthy & Stone were the leading private sector provider of retirement housing until they lost interest in older people and just became a business to be traded on the Stock Market.   They had a market value of over a billion pounds before Coronapop came along, but now they are valued at nearer half that.     Lone Star have bid £630million, which means older people are still worth something, but not as much as they used to be.
These guys are just gamblers, they may make money but they will do little to improve the lives of older people.

It is the same callous attitude that sees older people as a commodity to be exploited.   We are all to blame for this approach, we need to reappraise what we value most.

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3 Responses to Elderly Commodity—- continued

  1. time needed to think!! Us oldies may be in lockdown bodily, but not in mind and soul/spirit?

  2. A few thoughts?
    Wandering amidst the recess of my mind, encouraged by John;s passage above, I have reverted to the web pages of information, there are a few listed? However I was looking for data from the Office of National Statistics on the older population of the UK & NI, then a flash of inspiration how about the Conservative Party Office? Some joy: However for me to make sense of current polices for the elderly, Apart from CORVID-19, I had to go back not to 2019 and the then election manifesto, or in fact 2015, but 2010 that year, and this document I could understand and relate too?
    Entitled ‘’ the Conservative older people manifesto 2010!, signed of by David Cameron, and a paper named ‘’An Invitation to older people’’ A most if true honest and understandable scenario facing the nation, viz:-
    1-The population of the nation- the older folk in 2020 will outnumber the younger generation, [children], and then the older population will be in excess of working/retirement age [55], and then we will have to consider as a nation:
    a)Enforced redundancy as business [all though not said], cannot pay extra wages/salaries in consideration of loyalty to the company {seniority}
    b)The redundant staff will have to rely on pensionable pay?
    c)Due to government policy in 2010 the removal of enforced insurance payments for retirement, if taken up the workers will have no reserve monies, unless they undertake private payments for a pension at the envisaged retirement age (then it was mooted 70 years of age)
    2-The next policy proposed was ‘That one would have to sell their home for health and welfare/support’
    a] Time has proven this selling one home assets to be correct, and BORIS still persists in this belief! THAT THIS DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN?
    3-The next policy was immigration, and the Aussie Points system. Here the picture may over time become confused, and tied in with our relationship with THE European UNion of which we are alleging we celebrate we are out of by 31 December 2020? ‘’BRITEX’’ and all that means.
    My conclusion
    We are in a fix, and Europe like us is growing older. We have now the post war WWII UK baby bulge reaching retirement, and in the EU the younger mobile working population may I suggest come for the old communist countries of Europe, and we as well as the rest of the EU need these willing workers to supplement our working population, in manufacturing/production and support and welfare {NHS}. Here the ‘BAME’ crisis arises, and complicates the ethnicisity of the UK and NI. Another ‘Taboo’ subject on the political agenda.
    Basically we are broke, and metaphorically we are the ‘beggars’ of Europe and the world. We need a leader and a parliament that needs to stop its inter party dogma and squabbling, to see the way forward with trust and dignity, in world affairs where we can prove by hard work we can be an honest nation to deal with.
    MONEY HAS NO PARENTS OR ‘GOD’, It is alone within its own world as are the older generation of the UK & NI ARE AT THE MOMENT’?
    Is it that Money is a GOD? And do we share it around, with the knowledge that what one puts into one labours one gets the rewards, not @JUST@ but fair, and that we have the benevolence to help our neighbours.
    Again, I ask who or Whom do I believe is my ‘GOD’? I am older and am I wiser? St Peter is near by at the ‘Pearly Gates’ how do I get comfort within this world, before I ascend the steps to heaven, or descend the steps to HELL? Question Have I lived an ill gotten life, and voted just for me/myself? What say you as a reader? X marks the spot.

  3. Unless I am wearing rose coloured spectacle’s, I am lost. I have just spent some time looking at the manifesto’s of the variours major UK Political Parties.
    I can find no reference to the elderly population as of present within the nation, only the above quoted 2010 research paper as fronted By David Cameron?
    I ask do the politicians care about us oldies, do we have a limited life ahead, and should we resign ourselves to a life with no future, other than the ‘Pearly Gates’, are we in fact ‘Pearly Kings and Queens;, just dressed up for, show??? Shame on you all who may think these thoughts!!!!

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