Coronapop Brain Fog

Coronapop is exhausting.    I am tired of it now.     It came from nowhere and in no time at all it’s everywhere.

It has replaced the weather as the first daily topic of conversation.    “How many people have got it?”      “ How many people have died?”     “What are the latest rules?”     “Can I go out?”     “Masked or  unmasked?”    “How far?”     “Is a trip to Durham out of the question?”

“Are the shops open?.”     “Are the pubs shut?”    “Is it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday?”      It must be one of those.

“Have we Brexited yet?”     Thank God we have not exited yet.

Coronapop is confusing.    Coronapop is confounding.    Most of all and worryingly Coronapop is compounding.

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8 Responses to Coronapop Brain Fog

  1. woof! Woof! Coco, question, have you been walkies this morning, chasing that odd stick that is thrown your way, or maybe it is a ball, thrown by John from that arm projectile rod? to ensure you Coco get lots of good exercise? Who or whom do you pass on your walkies, the vicar? dreaming up another sermon, the local paper boy as he delivers the papers, or the school children of all ages as they chatter, play in the street, as they proceed to school to beat the attendance belle? That girl of my dreams ;Brassy noisey and a show off??? Great dreams Woof! Woof! Time for my morning newspaper and cuppa

  2. I do not know where about’s John is in his mind? Mindless! empty of thoughts, so I in my way wish to pass by him a few ideas from my past as an apprentice in the North East?
    Firstly Coco, you are not alone in my thoughts, or comments: My landlady in Middleborough while at tech for 2 years had a border collie @DANVUS@ I called him ‘dan’ had many a pleasant walk around borough road and albert Park hinterland of Middleborough, after tea, and before I settled down for my evenings studies. ‘WOOF!’ WOOF!’
    My next port of call was South Shields and NEWCASTLE, more college, shipyard time at Palmers Hebburn, and Mrs ???[Cannot remember=Mongan?] but she had a daughter, who had a friend whom i had a ‘crush on’ still I was sent out in the cold to the dance halls of Newcastle, Mayfair, Oxford or if I was slumming it the Majestic? Then back to digs of some fun-my last before going to sea, Julian Avenue in South Shields [ mrs inkson’s], while I finished my training at South Shields marine Tech. There were 8 of us scallywags in the digs, all students, and the landlady had a daughter of our age, who made sure we all behaved. Days out to the local pubs/dance halls in Sheilds, across the river to north shields and the roller rink, great fun.
    I in later life met up with this landlady in Aberdeen, her husband had transferred from his job on/in the Tyne shipyards to engineering in Aberdeen, and the landlady, worked as a senior admin secretary in the HSE Offshore Office. [ this was some 30-35 years later after being in digs in South Shields], which was my department/employer[ i was based in Norwich but often was required to be in Aberdeen for policy discussions] at the latter years of my career- A very Small world?
    I see in John’s blurb he mentions Durham? I believe he may believe in the good lord, I enjoyed my later working like on the Tyne, and for days out would take the family to the city of Durham, and the wonderful cathedral, so I did go to church, if only to gaze? Never mind its wonderful University.
    I just dream On???

  3. just a slight correction. adjustment of my memories. On the Tyne, time out at the roller rink, or was it an ice rink? where was it? among the NORTH Shields Arab Country Seaman’s Vernacular [ joke a North Shields seafarer was never sure of whom or who was his parents-hence the slang?]. The rink ice or roller was or could have been at TYnemoth, or Whitley Bay. It is all jumbled up in my memory bank?

  4. Hello! Good morning you old trout? in your best sunday ‘get out’ are you still fishing the internet for common sense? We have had our ‘doomsday email of information’ and are in lockdown once again? Tied to the boundaries physically of our retirement village, except for medical, and shopping expedition’s for essentials {or home delivery}. It is all a bit bleak? Hence I just wondered if you had gone fishing in a frock? as an ‘OLD Trout does’, to brighten my day up with naughty, salacious and mischievous thoughts. My body is locked down but my soul, spirit and mind are still as free as the wind!
    What say you dear reader?

  5. Alleged News.
    Today 6th Nov 2020 I read my daily rag! Daily Mail, I was scouring the pages for a story Alleged on the Daily Express web sit the evening of the 5th, November 2020, and the ‘’Story report’’ That HR Highness Prince Charles would take over the role as Monarch in summer 2021, as HM Queen Elizabeth was standing down; It was just a bold statement/allegation. With this in mind I bought a broadsheet paper of repute today 6th. November 2020, to see if the story could be true/substantiated? The Paper I bought today in addition to the Daily Mail was the Daily Telegraph: There was not even a ‘whiff of a story or comment that HM Queen Elizabeth was standing down, and the that HRH Prince Charles would be ‘King’ in the summer of 2021.
    I rest my case, and look forward to an apology by the Daily Express.
    However my concerns did not end there,I have BORIS and the British Parliament have to come to grips with and again accusations/ misrepresented stories of facts to do with the UK & NI Lock-down and Corvid-19. Allegations that it all maybe a tissue of lies, facts and figures ‘’At-tissue/at-tissue’’ it has all blown away??? and we all fall down! As the nursery rhyme says.
    Then to cap it all I have the US American Elections, Messes TRUMP, against JOE BRYDON, and I just wonder as we praise America as the leading ‘’democratic country’’, in the Western World! What the ‘HELL’ is a vote for?? Is it for a ‘GOD’ – ’Dictator’ – Regal Body – Or plain unadulterated ‘POWER’’ without ‘SCRUPLES’’ Please take your pick from the world around us?[ Vatican City-Russia/China-or a kingdom]?
    I with respect ask is the European Union the new balance of POWER? And how do we make it work with ‘‘BRITEX’ around our necks’’. Like a ‘Turkey’ I wish to vote for CHRISTMAS? But wait a minute CORVID-19 [long or short] is there before me? So what is the future either for me, or the Turkey, or indeed for both of us?

  6. I do not know what the world is coming too? I remember somewhere within these blogs is an occasional ode attributed to MO!
    Now Halloween has passed 4 nov. mischievous night has passed, and so sadly has Nov 5th. Bonfire Night? ‘Guy Fawkes Night? I just wish to tempt Mo to her window of life to ask, what is her Vision of Ghosties and Ghoulies, what mischief does she wish to play on us all, or has MO! the ”oracle”: Or has she set fire to all of us and burnt us all as chumps and rubbish on the 5Th. Nov Bonfire night??? metaphorically???
    I do wish to ask politely!!!

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