A Puzzling Day ?

Full up and fed up with Coronapop.    Locked in ☹️     Shielding  or  shielded ?

Time for a puzzle to keep my brain alive and free from Coronapop for a while.

No point in looking at the news it’s all about the outcome of the American election which is still a …… puzzle.

Maybe I will do a Sudoku which is a jumble of puzzling numbers ….. rather like the statistics on Coronapop that come out each day !

Perhaps I would be better of with Ruzzle, which is a word game where you have to make up words like “stay” or “wash” or “protect”.   That would help clear my head.

What about a jigsaw, gradually piecing a picture together.   Like a C    and an R    and an O    and    another   O     and  maybe a   P  or even two     And yet another    O     and an N   and last but not least what about an   A.

I feel much better now I have got Coronapop out of my head at last 🤡

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4 Responses to A Puzzling Day ?

  1. I am gazing in a dreamlike fashion out of our lounge window, the weather? is grey and dull: However the trees still have a shade of golden hues of the autumn; wonderful so see all those yellows, reds, browns, no blue around even in the sky! Note not political colours of the Westminster group of ‘scallywags’ or as yet the ‘white’! of the LLLP, doctors as they prepare their coats for a very hard winter?
    The red of ‘The devil’ is amongst the leaf colourings as they fall to the ground, This may keep us warm for the forthcoming winter, as we revitalise the 4 week lockdown ready for Christmas. As they say the ‘DEVIL’ is in the detail? and BODJ still has a job to complete with compassion and honesty.
    I Feel like a spring bulb {flower}, as I anticipate my walk today out of confinement to a place not of worship but escape? That local garden centre, which is reputed has been allowed to stay open!
    Like a bulb i will be planted in the dark surrounds of the earth, and arise again as a vibrant flower, all fresh and ‘blooming’ on this dull day I hope, after steering and stealing myself of thoughts of tomorrow, as i receive that divine inspiration, of a little ‘freedom’ to do ”’what I may wish to do””???
    P.S. Cocoa dear chap ‘woof woof woof. do you have a white coat and go around with colleagues in white coats? Are you metaphorically John’s keeper? 3 Quackers or should I say ”woof, woof woof- woofers??”

  2. Just respect and a thank you to those British, commonwealth, allied men and women service personnel who give us as a nation freedom. The televised Cenotaph service of today, I found poignant, and memorable. God Save The Queen.

  3. back to the puzzling day? My sunday rag ‘Mail’ had a full page on Mr Farage politician from the UK, and was within the EU British delegation to the European Parliament: However not now due to Brexit which he believed was the right decision for the UK.
    Now Nigel is in full frontal within page 57 in the ‘Mail on Sunday’ alleging BORIS should be scared?? What Off I am not sure? Nigel did not explain clearly and precisely why we the UK & NI should leave the EU, and has caused a political vacuum, within UK & NI politics on ‘BRITEX’ Nigel is not or appears not committed to form a political ideal within the Nation either in the past at the 2019 General election, of indeed to caution and advise Parliament as to a possible honourable future political policy for the UK & NI. Nigel is supposedly a friend/colleague of the present USA President Mr Trump, and Nigel like Mr Trump enjoys sound bites, and maybe tweets, with no real convictions other than for personal gain and enhancement of self adoration.
    Nigel is but an image political in a mirror, and casts a shadow and an image of no substance?.

  4. I blow my refs whistle, cry fowl! Today Tuesday 10 Oct 2020, life is getting more inconsiderate.
    Greg Clark The FA Chairman resigns, after a televised parliamentary committee appearance.
    I just blow my refs whistle and take a breath? Mr Clark looks are frontally brutal, and clannish of a UK White Citezen, however his words need careful consideration, and future discussion ”BAME” and womens Lib are having a field day! However what is the truth, is Mr Greg Clark speaking from the head, or the heart?
    One thing alas , is he is no well dressed diplomat.
    What is next, who will speak the truth.????

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