Covid Vacuum

I am in a Covid vacuum.

Coronapop has crowded out all other thoughts.

I could turn back to clutter,

but Coronapop now is my clutter.


Turn on the tele and it’s all about Coronapop.

Open the paper and Coronapop is on the front page,

the middle pages and even the sports pages.

Everybody has caught Coronapop.


Take a break and go out for a walk.

A socially distanced passer by,

shouts through a muffled mask.



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3 Responses to Covid Vacuum

  1. Well, Well, Well!!! you are not alone dear chap! What about Holby City Hospital ‘Soap opera’ last night on the box BBC 1? Who coughed and croaked? I did for one/ I expect entertainment, not fictional reality.
    As a passed steam marine engineer I revere at your condensed remarks about vacuum? 29 inches of mercury is the absolute ‘goal’- for attaining the” perfect condenser vacuum” in reality it was more like 26 and and half inches, but with that we could proceed at full speed on an economic fuel consumption, and travel many a mile, and reach our desired destinations.
    So dear John I have your missive, we are safely and with efficiency on our way to where? I do not know? But hey! Young man the sky/dawn this morning at 0700 was a ”beautiful red”- I Think the saying is ”a shepherds warning”- What next, I just wonder????

  2. A perfect vacuum through which only light can permeate, no sound, not a word? So John we wait for your inspiration and a ”light on this world of ours” Whether we get any depends upon your inspiration? even if it be divine! As for the ”WORD” it is for us to interpret the written word scribbled in some form of light message [maybe email electronics?], and then we may speak volumes, once the vacuum has been released???

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