The Little Things !

In these dark down, tied down, up and down days, it’s the little things that keep you going.

  • the Phillips screwdriver in your hand when your trying to unscrew an old type screw,    Grrrr!
  • the exciting parcel that has just arrived with the book you have been waiting for,  but that is double-wrapped so tightly in reinforced tape and extra strong plastic.
    Scissors and knives, a bleeding finger and rubbish strewn all over the carpet somewhat dims your excitement !
  • The TV remote control with a mind of its own, with buttons accidentally pressed that lead you to mute the sound as News at Ten is about to start.
  • The mud on your shoe when you come in from the garden or the leaves that blow in through the door when you have just swept the floor !!!

Is this what Dylan Thomas ment by raging against the dying of the light ?

Then you go out for a walk to relieve the tension and a passing by baby in a pushchair smiles at you for no reason and  all the screwdrivers, packaging and remote controls are long forgotten 😀

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3 Responses to The Little Things !

  1. dreams
    I am, Gently reflecting, on Johns wisdom above? “ all screwed up” Waiting patiently to be released into this world of reality?
    I look into the heavens for that divine inspiration! ‘ oh lord’ it is but a Sunday, i had better be respectful? The skies are cloudy and grey? Insufficient blue to make sailors suit, and look forward to sunshine? Dreams
    However never mind i have my mind and those cherished memories!
    Blue I start off with, and those characters in parliament, and the passing of Dominic Cummins, and the new Incumbents, and all those accusations of “ who is a lovey” yuk!!! it is mind numbing? Let hope the policies bring a little more compassion and equality to all? As John’s heading goes – all screwed up”?

  2. Now then dear dreamers! Look at the ‘Related’ past comments, and as they encourage one to do smile? not with teeth bared but with a thought or 2 of something memorable?
    I am at a loss do I think of the past motor, cycles, friends colleagues, or just that happy occasion with the families, either growing up, or with my own children.
    WE had a telly the first one a ‘FERRANTI’ in 1954/55 and the BBC have a variety program on the box? some how on prime time on a Saturday evening, and the compaire was Dave King: He was not too bad to look at and follow and surprised the audience by singing ;;-Memories are made of this;;- a tuneful and catchy number? Did it make the top 10 of the popular songs of the day-My memory is shot?.
    Around the same time, as dad was a commercial traveler {in Bitumen] his company changed his care from a ford consul to a Hillman Minx, and to celebrate [Mid summer] Dad decided to take the whole family from Leeds to Scarborough for the day and see our family friends Auntie Joan and Uncle Harry, and we all descended to the the beach in Cayton Bay; It was great sandwiches pop and lots of sand with the ice cream cornets. We stayed until some time after 20.00. We set off home, all ok! as we left Seamer and Scarborough, alas as we approached Malton { where the York/Leeds Scarborough Main line railway crossed the main Scarborough/York road] we had a serious problem and the traffic delays were for one hour as we waited our turn to cross the railway level Crossing-The excursion trains from Scarborough where all returning to the industrial towns of Yorkshire {In those days the West Riding- no South Yorkshire then?}. However home by 23.30, lots of pleasant dreams of a good day out.
    It just goes to show how before the construction of the motorway system, the mass method of transport was the railways, and steam locos, even the diesel electric locos {deltics] were but a dream? Now all we think about is ”electric” for all methods of transport including Flying.
    In the 50’s it was the Dakota, Britannia, and other propeller type planes, with that dream uniform for girls of being an ‘air hostess” hoping to meet that ‘juicy Pilot’? not some scrubby oily engineer who went to sea in a pea green boat.
    Never mind ‘Popeye still had his ‘Olive in Mind one day” and lived happily ever after, even today after some 54 years of a happily married life?

  3. Just looking over Molly,s shoulder, and scanning the todays pages of the daily mail, and bodj to self isolate for the next 14 days, i get the distinct impression that the press and media are the UK government in absentiseem? (Absentia) .Where the hell is a democratic government???? I am disappointed and in,. 14 days time we have the exit negotiations for Brexit!
    At least prince Charles is building bridges,? Where do we go from here?
    Hell and back? Or Westminster and government for some sense???

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