Final Flourish.

Autumn is drawing to a close, a few flowers still bring a smile to these wet and windy days.      They have waited all summer-long to wave their good bye.

My garden has kept me busy and the flowers have kept me smiling all through this troubled summer.    Planning for a new year of bloom will carry me into a fresh start to  new garden age where every flower brings a smile.

One last final flourish is from a single rose which is aptly named “ Nostalgia “.

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4 Responses to Final Flourish.

  1. While | Drift and dream looking at that last rose of summer/ I am looking over my shoulder at that ‘wizened’ OLD NUT,? is it a Walnut? or a sweet chest nut of a ”konker” on a piece of string’ ready to bash and smash the world? Especially the current thoughts of No 10- with the banishment of that infernal. internal combustion engine! I just ask how will one trade , travel, and import/export goods to this world as we know it, or do we all go up in smoke? or is it gasses as hydrogen takes over as the space age fuel? I Just wonder?
    Never mind John with his thoughts has lead me through the ‘garden’ !! The Garden of Eden, and I may just take a bite out of my apple ‘PINK Lady’ and dream those thoughts of my courtship days with Molly. and the forbidden fruit? Now at the ‘autumn of our days we relax in each others company and just chatter with our family, and relive those summer days on holiday, or enjoying a get together to celebrate an event, birthday, wedding or just a ‘get together” to natter? It is all in the memories.
    What who is John? Just an old fruit? as I would say in seaman’s language, a good old shipmate!!!

  2. Now then as the only spectator sport in real life is, the grocery supermarkets, whsmiths and our garden centres, i must with my mask disguise my speech? But not my thoughts? Go on an adventure tally ho!!!
    I must in this world buy some manure, a spade, some fertilizer, and peate, dig a hole, read my news
    Paper from whsmiths, with all that political hogwash, gather my thoughts, think of heaven, and buy some flower bulbs, seedlings and plant them in my garden, along with my snowdrops and daffs ready to greet the forthcomng spring and lighter days. What should i but? Like john that occassional rose for that special memory, and some gladioly, not forgetting that i need some grass seeds to give a background to my daisies and dandilions, and that saying of mummys, pick a dandilion and you may wet the bed, and there again the sublime pleasures of picking daisies with the younger members of the family, making necklaces and wrist bands from those daisy chains??
    Before a!l this reality and dark nights and lockdown, a d bld to pronounce christmas is here? Not ones church leaders and all that bonamee and carol services in church for the larger family, but buy the grace of parliament???? Hogwash!!!!

  3. Do you CARE???
    John. Who is he? I mean John Grahame OBE founder of this website ‘’smiles and grumbles’’? I have neither, a smile or a grumble. Just a reflection, as I look out at life and reflect within my mind! {Not in the mirror-I am too disgracefully presented for that Picture of Excellence?
    I am within corvid-19 not a sufferer, but a subject of lockdown, and within my retirement village [One of many that John and the Extracare Charities Trust of Coventry had the concept of a retirement village of many years ago]. John as CEO at the time was responsible for running ‘schemes-Nursing homes/care homes’- usually in those days about 60 odd residents.
    Come up to today 19 10 2020 and Corvid-19, any typical urban/city area within the UK, and the problems facing those elderly citizens? How can we all help socially, and individually? It is not easy: the answer can/could be very emotional. I do not have to hand the proportion of older/elderly citizens within the UK? However their individual problems may be related?? The solutions are not comfortable either from a personal or a social aspect. I have no solution but I wish to quote allegations/gossip and chatter.
    Here goes:: In the current climate of rising Corvid-19 cases, and hospitalization and care!!! Those cured, or non-carriers of Corvid-19 are challenged then cared for by the NHS service within the hospital regime, and then appropriately discharged back into to society with care!!! It is this care I wish to chat about?
    The oldies from hospital are discharged either back home {private or social] they are given not offered not full time care in all events, unless they can or the council can pay for it? And the definition of full time care is a visit, Morning, mid-day and evenings- Excellent: however no relationships to age, and vulnerability? If dire then at a cost to the person/family/council-social support to a care/nursing home. Question for us all-Have we all considered extreme vulnerability in later years and have we made provision?
    I now come to the crux of the dilemma, a care home/nursing home at a cost may provide assistance. And there are staff dedicated to all residents for every 24 hour period of the day, on call by alarms. Push buttons and by intercommunications: One is secure and protected. One of the greater benefits is the other residents, and staff one is mixing everyday with human beings, and conversing, laughing. Joking, and even in a quiet moment in the company of another human being- One is not alone. All this at a cost!!!
    Now The Extracare Charities Retirement Village, is at an initial cost, and the added advantage of support and care at cost by domiciliary care, and support management:: However the advantage is the village atmosphere of social public rooms,[ for meetings and events such as dances bowls, snooker, curling, shops for hair appointments. A corner shop for those items forgotten, and newspapers, craft rooms and activities instructors-not in covid-19 functioning] but the ideals are ther, sometimes run by professionals and support by resident volunteers, and a few more considerations to the benefit of all residents? It is a village and in Corvid-19 while one is isolated one is not alone, and seeing fellow residents and staff on a daily basis is a comfort! One is not reliant on just the routine 3 regular attendances a day on care! It is not one sided, one must make the effort and take part, but hey on your own in your own house, who else can one talk too?? The wall or the telly/radio.
    We can get through corvid -19 and the battering’s of old age. But one must have an idea of what they may wish for???

  4. memory??
    It has deserted me. Lovat Fields opened in June 2007, around the autumn of 2009 Extracare invited the BBC to make a factual program of life in a a Typical [retirement village-Lovat ?]. the programme was broadcast and the team from the research centre (OU) invited to a feed back meeting in front of all villagers/all questions? It was a revalation the BBC called the program??? -Elderado- or such similar name?
    The program centred upon the ailments, and generic problems of growing old-[senile dementia, mobility, relationships in old age after a spouse or partner died] all salatious and in a way factual. but not revealing what such a retirement village as Extracare had conceived in socially. neighborliness, and comradery? This upset the villagers at the time in Lovat, and now the ‘clock has gone full circle’, and in lockdown what is missing in society is what we felt as the older generation in 2009 the social integration, passing of a time with a friend or neighbour, and the comradery of companionship. It is a shame that life has its boundaries during this Corvid-19 It is a life sentence for us oldies??/ What say You???

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