My last post was illustrated with this lovely rose called Nostalgia in the final days of autumn.     It will bloom again in the Spring.     What world will it bring ?

These are some of the exciting changes, which  will be heralded by newly anointed President Bodj’s new slogans :-

  • Behind the mask of limiting infection the use of cash has been replaced by a new currency.   “Contactless plastic is fantastic”
  • All the big shops will close and be replaced by Amazon.   Small specialist shops will invite you in with green tea or coffee and treats for Coco and her friends.   “High streets revitalised.”
  • Now that there are free school meals for children Coco has had a bark with Markus Rashford’s dog about a new campaign about equality for dogs.   “Doggy treats for eats.”
  • Unemployed graduates will be conscripted to be PA’s for all older people, to help do your on-line shopping and teach older people how to meet people on the internet, now that they can’t go out ever again.      “Zoom from your room”
  • GP’s who will know your name and family history.     Free pills for all ills”
  •  Buy local produce and products.   “ Get you local produce from a yocal.”
  • There will be tree planting instead of more roads.     “Plant a pothole.”
  • We will all have electric Boris cars fuelled by windmills.
  •      “No travel when the wind don’t blow.”
  • In Boris wonderland there will be NO PETROL, NO DESIL, NO ROAD TAX.   “Get on your Boris bike”



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5 Responses to Nostalgia.

  1. What a summation of todays political dogma bow wow!! Shall you take us all for a walk in the park Coco, and return to Mo in a better frame of mind! Not all crooked, wizzen and bent with age???

  2. Excitement, christmas is getting closer! Remembering times past with a warm glow? My very younger days in hamburgh, and at school,listening to the german children sing holygan nacht, and their st Nicholas night with the cloggs out! Ready for the gift of either a birch twig if a naught year had been persued, or a few sweeties if one had been good.. Then home to blighty! And father christmas/ santa claus? My sisters and me at home with mum and dad, around the family table, simple times, but exciting, even in the days of rationing,
    Growing older and as a young adult going with mum and dad and sisters, family to the catholic church for =midnight mass= mums church of her birth!, then the january visit to our home of the Catholic priest asking us all to join his congreg’ation, mum was wise and would invite in the ” ladies and gentlemen of Jehovah’ for a differing view? All in lifes education. Careers then took over for both my sisters and i, and marriage and in time our own families, and all those rituals once more??
    Now as the older generation, only polished down and brought on parade when requested, it is great fun, and attending the christmas festivities, starting, with prestingle,!! a full blooded service is too much church for me these days.
    By the way seasons greetings to you dear reader!!!

  3. Here today sunday 28th november 2020, i am rather in limbo with my thoughts at my gentle age of 78!!
    The mail on sunday pages 30 and 31 has a headline, ” quotee- condemned by a ‘ care pathway’ again by the reporter Sue Ried.
    What perplexed me was the notation of a nhs staff member in accident and emergency, holding a position titled Frailtyy nurse practioneer!!, and basically the conditions of do not resussitate? Written and posted by a clinician based upon age , not maybe as Allegedly involving family or proxy/ probate nominees.?? The vunarable age 75+ and 85 + especially those in or on care from society.
    To be a little more informed when one enters the title frailty nurse pracitioneer, nurse, on the web, one is given a little more information! However age is a definite factor of over 75 and in care, and it makes cold reading.
    Noted it is not a consultant, the decision is left to the age reached, prospect of a quality of life after treatment.
    Society is making the act of death, not a natural event in the arms of ones faith, loved ones, but a cold hard decision, without compassion??
    We need a little more thought about this eventually, we we will all have to face,! BUT N O T SENTENCED TOO?????

  4. Nostagia, a strange bedfellows butwell loved??? I have today sunday 28 November 2020, been perplexed, with the language of my birth? The mail on sunday today published 2 articles with the word “”WOKE” referenced, and quoted. New lingo and not english ” slang” but american usa slang of today, not yester year’s.
    It has brought me up by the short and curleys, and the 2 reference books ihad as reference i. My days at school, and college. The first book a holy bible king james version, as presented to me and every school child by our education society the west riding education committee, and then the second book reference, when i left home for my apprenticship, and the start of colleague in Middlebrough: the oxford concise english dictionary.[ a gift paid for by dad and mum] both books have and are serving me well.

  5. Here is a nostalic tale for one? Should you believe it? Inthe 70s and later on in my working life 90,s and early 2000,s i worked in the UK offshore sector, a d the government and industrialists/ entrepreneurs were contemplating what to do with the offshore gas fields as they became depleted. ???
    One solution then was to use the infer-structure of high presure pipelines and compression plant, and reverse the flow of gasses from on shore uk to offshore gas fields – the gas under consideration was carbon dioxide C02.
    I just wonder if the green party still think along these lines????? There was then a possible solution?? What about today???

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