Alok gets hot seat.

My new old friend Alok Sharma is in the news again.     I haven’t heard from him since November last year.  . ( You can see our exchange in the Archive. ).   He was doing sterling work at the Department of Buisness, Work and Energy,  where he did so well at closing down business and eliminating work,  that we didn’t need so much energy.

   As a result of his great success, particularly with energy conservation,  prime Minister Bodj promoted him to a new role leading the way on climate change.   Britain is to host a world conference on climate change in  November this year and Alok has been charged with championing the UK’s leadership role in showing the rest of the world how to do it.  His new official title is President of COP26, so it sounds like he will be putting in a few shifts for the Metropolitan Police from time to time.

So far he is off to a good start, with a little help from Coronapop.

  • No fuel is required for aeroplanes now the sky’s are shut down.
  • Domestic travel is also severely curtailed during the lock down.
  • Cross-border travel has ground to a standstill due to the extra paperwork and the need to test drivers repeatedly.
  • Domestic heating is unnecessary now that windows have to be open 24/7 to ventilate homes.

Alok has another idea too :-

Bodj electric cars will be offered free to the world.

This will revolutionise travel everywhere, especially now that the car has been modified  by Sir James Dyson to run on 4 triple A batteries.   Of course this does limit its range to 550 yards, so you will need to carry some spares until you can get to a corner shop.
A complimentary armoured one is being given to President Biden to cement our ‘special relationship’ with the United States.     Ones are also being offered to all European leaders provided the learn to drive on the right side of the road.

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2 Responses to Alok gets hot seat.

  1. New old friends???
    Dear John, or is it dear Alok, and Bodj and the other political cohorts of Westminster??? I just wonder?
    John has had a sojourn/rest since the New Year: Looking forward I suspect for inspiration of this magnificent parliament of ours, with all the news of Corononpop’s and now to bedevil us all a total lockdown in all but name!!!
    I am looking, nay, trying to understand the ‘’GREEN ‘’ issues that make one, and come up regularly in this parliaments thinking. Do I reach for a banner? and say or sing, ‘’Praise BODJ or ALOK’’ and rattle my tambourines and bang my drum, for the fresh air and good living coming my way? I am confused totally. For educational purposes I recorded and watched the Royal Institute Lectures at the begining of the New Year. To at least understand and appreciate those-these Green issues worrying and concerning the planet and mankind.
    My consensus of opinion was that flood plains should remain. Not to alleviate flooding downstream, but that the mud/silt left overs in life? absorbs lots of waste Carbon dioxide, and that in wood land we should chop down trees and leave the sunlight to shine on the fallen trees to help them rot, not only for their ability as rotting beings to absorb Carbon Dioxide, but to provide life and sustenance to all forms of forest life.
    Now then BODJ are you a fountain of knowledge, or indeed a tree of knowledge with all your Fellow politicians, or do you need chopping down at the knees and mudding the waters, before you lead us into a ‘NO MAN’S LAND’ I just wonder? I am totally befuddled.
    Yesterday dear Boris you and the media went for a cycle bike ride-7 of the miles round trip from your humble abode of No. 10. You were dressed in an attire which was not for recreational purposes, so who’s door were you knocking on? It was not mine? Or our local MP. What word of the gospel of the present Conservative Government did you wish to broadcast?? Are we to be a Nanny State??? Or just a bubble? In times of evolution.
    Now then back to dear Johns article, and all the good start comments, concering corvid-19, and BODJ bike ride where are we??? We do not require or need the complications of modern life? Only those to sustain the NHS in these times of Coronopops (Corvid-19). To an engineer and thinking theologian where does all the benefits of modern life come from? Industry, work, employment, services/trade, recreation and future life? ‘Green’s’’ is but one side of the equation, rightly so! However it has to be balanced by common sense and good sound decisions, that can be built upon by our children and future generations, in moderation, not sensationalism.
    As for My BIDEN and the USA, let’s hope he is reasonable and coherent in the way forward, and we only need Triple AAA batteries for that alarm clock to informs us all where we are going wrong, even if it is driving everyone up the pole on the wrong side of the road??? We Brits have to be careful we now have ‘BREXIT’ and no longer have a desire to drive on the right side of the road? Maybe to Hades?? If we are not careful enough?

  2. I am just dreaming and taking in to days daily rag, and the media in general, and i thought with all the knowledge on this blog site, and that “” information floating around on the web and in the media, my fathers saying comes to “” me”” in a -eueksa- moment? And i ask with respect are we all what my father would term each one of us 4 kids, if we were being disageeable and bitchy to each other! As “” GUTTERSNIPES” A BIRD THAT WADES IN THE MUD and river bottom, looking for delicacies and little triffles to gormondise upon, for a living??

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