Lost !

I am lost in a WordPress fog. As if Coronapop wasn’t bad enough.

What used to be simple yesterday seems to be complicated by an ” upgrade”.

It must be something to do with that horrible little symbol that appeared from nowhere. Origin uncertain rather like Coronapop. Perhaps I need to do “Test, Track and Trace.”

Is there a treatment for or do I need to wait for a vaccine ?

Strange times.

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6 Responses to Lost !

  1. Do you mean, do you have to enjoy the company of a ” prick” or two? Or does one just get a memory “jab” at the coronopop clinic???
    I just wonder, and wait in the side lines of the stage, and wait for my STAR! To appear, or is it a vision of a prophet as he comes back down from the ” surmon on the mount” with his tablets of stone!!!! Holy Mosses?????

  2. As a ragamuffin, and lately as a ” guttersnipe” i am often lost, within my own mind? And just wonder of the 3 quacks in white coats will appear from the recesses of the LLLP , THE Last Laugh Loonie Party, and declare me isolated! Of insufficient mind, to be let loose in this coronopop ” LOCKDOWN” and i am committed to my own padded cell, with daily and weekly broadcasts by the great BODJ and his governmental ministers, to listen to their words of wisdom from the foot of No. 10,s doorsteps? Help i need fresh air? And the word of my faith masters? Please, not just personal letters fro BODJ and his cohorts asking for donations to the conservative party funds.?
    I am too worried about tomorrow, and just wonder, with what is happening in the USA and the hand over of the presidency after Mr Trump, is relived from office!!
    Never mind, the LLLP, HAS MANY A READER and i am sure we shall see, maybe a “”Red sky at night” so we can all rest easy with our own dreams and slumbers!!!

  3. For a change of scene, and mind play Molly and I have taken to completing 500 piece jig saws, of various views and scenes,, that jog our memory back to the 1960,, and such like, as we dream, or i dream what was in my youthful memories living life to the full!

  4. Today tuesday 19th january 2021, the dail rag, by the name of the Daily Mail, London, makes me smile and reflect!!
    Page 16. The headline –deeming some lives to be ‘ more valuble’ is utter inhumanity- then page 24 an article ‘ do not ressusitate’||
    I feel personally the elephant is within the room? And in reality i believe as a christian society we are been asked not what us the value of lfe? But what is the acceptance of having had a full, happy and meaning full life? And how does each of us as an individual face death, with dignity.
    That to me is extremely personal between me and my maker, and the carer at the close of life..
    What i do not wish is a Harrold Shippman character taking advantage of my predicament, but a compassionate person.

  5. Trials and trivulations of the day? We have in our retirement village some 234 apartments and we all have been put into “self isolation” since monday 18th january 2021 for the immediate future!!
    The estate management. Are doing us proud, whilst this south of england national lockdown is in place? Which all have to be patient off, 1and mindful of the dangers of this corvid -19 epidemic!!
    So for relaxation besides talking to any mirrors i find in the house, or which ever room i am in talking to either one in particular, or all the four walls, or chiming in time with the clocks on the hour and half hour, for a change i do my exercises, make the bed or open and shut each room door repetetively, to flex the body, or cause a draft, with which i can inhale, the moving air.
    It is absolutely mind numbing, and my stay on the web sites is becoming longer and longer, for that inspiration of freedom of the mind, body and soul??? So you see i am full of grumbles and smiles!! Your a saviour dear John,

  6. Sombre, sobering, and very emotional tv, at a prime time viewing.? Does this program require a more in depth exchange of view points? It is up to each one of us??
    Itv 19.30 to 20,00 care homes the long year alone thursday 21 january 2021.

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