“Smile Post” 2

This is a continuation of the “Smile Post” theme.  For earlier posts click on “GrumbleSmile Post” in the tag cloud.

  • The penultimate buggy is the “Recycling” rag and bone cart.  A sort of bring and buy sale on wheels.  You can put on the buggy all your old clothes (and new ones if you are a teenager that has moved on to the next designer label) and the wooly jumper that Grannie knitted you for Christmas  🙂
  • You can also put on this buggy all the gadgets you have bought and hardly ever  – or never used — the teasmaid alarm, juicers, breadmakers, chicken bricks, the pressure cooker, and the hostess trolly  (as long as Pat can bring it back just for Christmas Day)

There are two other extra benefits of the recycling trolley:-

  • Pat will deliver all the clothes left over at the end of every day to the local charity shop, so you don’t get lots of plastic sacks put through your letter box from charities you have never heard of.
  • All the unused electrical goods will be Pat-tested 🙂 and then plugged in at the post office to the recently installed, heavily subsidsed, carbon neutral,world-saving, windmill  for anyone to use free of charge  providing the wind is blowing.
  • Then there is the express junk mail service.  For a small extra charge, Pat, who is of course an expert on what’s in the post, will throw your junk mail straight into the recycling buggy so you don’t even have to read it.  Yellow pages telephone directories will automatically go onto this cart and be sent to call centres.  They don’t need them but it will waste their time disposing of them instead of yours.
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2 Responses to “Smile Post” 2

  1. Dear John, Oh!!! not another? But I guess it is. I miss our virtual talks, on this your website, and as you are Huffing and puffing at Pat! I drifted aimlessly into another world. It is Tuesday Morning here in MK and tonight, I shall record from BBC Radio 2 The programme’ the organists entertains’ for no other reason than i wish to be transported on a wurlitzer or a compton back to my teenage and early 20’s and the meetings and dancehalls with Molly. I can no longer twinkle toes my way round the room, but my eyes can dance and smile for me as i listern to the music.
    We had a questionaire recently about the jaquzzi in the Gym, and what would be our preference? Amongst my requests would be a Wurlitzer that came out of the floor and played strict tempo of the ‘Old Standards’ while I sweated off the pounds, in order to remove the girth of a lifetime.
    I find it good to talk, I have not yet heard from Busby? or had some rude comment to stop bumbling? But I do enjoy the site. I recently went about trying to retrace an old piece I submitted for consideration John and was amazed at what you had actually covered both in humour and pathos, but always straight to the point.Regards David

  2. Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

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