2013 Headlines come hauntingly back.

One of the good things to come from de-cluttering is that it gives you new ideas for things to write about.     A stored up sense of history.   A temporarily buried time capsule.    A more distant perspective on things that seemed important enough to keep.   The end of  an ” I might need that one day” thought.

So here is one of my early discoveries :-

          A folder of newspaper clippings from 2013.

I used to have files full of these, but the news came faster than I could write blogs, so in my paperless office de-cluttering frenzy I threw them in the rubbish.    This folder escaped the net because it was ‘filed’ in a box in the bedroom 😀

  • “£70million fund to tackle the epidemic of loneliness”
  • “Lonely OAPs’ spend 100 days a year on their own”            As the number of older people grows so does the number of people living on their own.   Technology is leaving many of them behind, because they are unable to keep pace with the new increasingly digital world.   How ironic when it has the opposite impact for the younger generation.  It is hard to see how even £70 million will bring much more than a slight benefit on a relatively small number of people.  I hope they find something that really goes viral for older people.
  • “Hospital ‘death pathway’ bribes will be scrapped”
  • “Let the patients voice be heard by those in charge of the NHS”
  • “NHS writes off elderly patients who don’t want to make a fuss”
  • More hospitals are failing to treat their patients with dignity”
  • “20,000 patients died needlessly in NHS hospital, says expert”                                                                                             These have been almost every day headlines in all the years since 2013.     The leviathan that the NHS has now become is a money gobbling black hole, immune to any comment, criticism or reform.  It still does great work for many of its patients, but the elderly with complex conditions are usually last in the queue and the queue is getting longer by the day.
  • “With small changes this social care cap can be made to fit”
  • “Families to foot the bill for cost of care for elderly”      Social care is still top of the bill today, although it is eclipsed by Brexit.   This is a convenient smoke screen for politicians, because they still have no idea how to address the issue.   It needs radical reform, but that won’t happen soon.  In the meantime ether families will have to step up or for those without support they will have to struggle on.
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3 Responses to 2013 Headlines come hauntingly back.

  1. Alas, I discovered a lot of time capsules that were different than I remembered them and was accustomed to speak about them!!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Haunting reflections 2013.
    I am intrigued by this ‘blog’ and must admit it has made me think of the fortunate life I live now in my ‘’Extracare Charitable Trust’’ retirement village.
    I now offer my thoughts for consideration, and comment? If you please?
    I am outside my comfort zone, and have gone outside the ‘’box’’ to look in at the suggested and perceived problems with old age, as I personally see them and understand them, as highlighted by this ‘blog’
    Loneliness of the OAP, s
    It is hypothesised that the younger generation feel at home with modern communications and its technology, and that this may solve the loneliness of the OAP’s: I beg to differ, and ask when one is in the company of younger persons, they may talk to you, or reply if you give them a direct question to answer? They if one is observant in a café or bar the younger persons conduct a conversation with others; however at the same time they have their mobile phones in their hand, tapping out a text/sometime talking-multi tasking, a multiple conversation with those on the phone and with those in who’s company they are in. They are going through the motion’s of contact, without sincerity, I so put forward!
    I wish with life’s experiences wish to disagree, the loneliness felt by the older person, and the younger generation is that human emotion of contact, and ‘’love’’ however one describes it? The younger generation unless they suffer mobility or other psychological, mental and physical problems; can move around different social groups and be adored/converse and express opinions and receive a reaction that shows the person concerned that they are being listened too? Whether they agree or not is a different matter? [Too some extent however one may feel about it National Service! It did ensured that all the younger generation intermingled, conversed- whether they felt isolated is a different argument, and this supports the discussion of today and the isolated younger person on the mobile phone and talking to the web?? Why are they communicating by a medium and not face to face??].
    For the older person I suggest it is the lack of communication, and being done face to face? One of the most satisfactory feelings in life is to talk to a person face to face, crack a joke, smile, touch, and enjoy the human companionship being expressed.
    One of the pleasures I have in the retirement village; within the IT Suite, is to be privy to a ‘skype’’ type communication between members of a family or families however remote in mileage terms being able to communicate, and express not only emotions by tone of voice, but by face through the camera link, as with ‘skype’’. The felling of love and just talk between friends and family members is fascinating and rewarding to observe.
    Where is this leading too?? You may ask? Well we need a guardian angel to solve a more urgent and localised problem? Which is loneliness within a single or multiple community such that contact is face to face and personal one to one? The telephone answers part of this problem, but not the one concerning visual contact or the fact that either of the parties maybe infirmed or in fact both of them? WE need a benefactor with largess, who understands what we are on about, and can donate free of charge/patent/ or financial benefits to the society at large [worldwide- like the international web concept]. Why this? Well a telephone and a HUB connection, whether by BT/Talk-talk/virgin/sky/or others requires a contract, and in some cases a deep pocket, what we need is literally a truly social medium, both in communicational terms and financial terms for the more elderly isolated citizens of this world.
    The next headlines are the NHS pathway, like all things or the ‘curate’s egg good in parts. The greater thought here is what do us as oldies expect or demand of our NHS, and life in general? We have to have the strength to see the next day, and visualise a good quality of life, with the positive assistance of the NHS service, and yet be able to face our maker when he comes calling?
    The NHS must be true to the ethos of life and compassionate when we express a wish to be guided with dignity out of this life into the next life.
    ‘’BRITEX’’ is allegedly quoted as a smoke screen for problems related to the elderly? Half-truth-half right?? But what I wish as a family man growing older into my golden years is vision and dreams for my and other younger families wish for, and the greater belief who I am, British, subject of the crown, and to do what my fathers and mothers (and theirs) did for me, fought for ideals and freedom of thought word and deed with feeling, devotion, with love and honesty to be a free thinking nation, and a friend to similar ideals within this world of ours.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    a haunting comeback?
    As I reflect on my life’s rich pattern, I just wonder at those miscellany of memories that make that ”5 minutes think of home”!
    My first memories where of a steam train whistle as the train went about its business in the upper reaches of Wensleydale: then as the family where stationed with the CCG in Hamburg, mum and dad listening on the radio-BBC Light programme to ”Two Way family favourites &” the Billy Cotton Band Show”, followed by” Ray’s a laugh” Ted Ray. Then back to ‘blighty’, and the saturday matinee in the Odeon in a suburb of London, and” tex ritter and his horse opera’s- including his singing”, and some sci fi horror. Then to Leeds, and my first panto with ‘George Formby, ‘ I am washing windows?”, and school at the ‘ragged lads school as dad called it? Cubs scouts-camping hiking and swimming and my pal Duncan. The in the winters sledging on Hullers Farm- there I first meet my bestest friend Francis! Our first meet was a confrontation where I punched him on the nose, with my then also friends looking on? Francis and I still meet with our wives who were also school friends, all these years later.
    My adult life was as an apprentice marine engineer with a tanker company, travelling to the north east coast of england for my training. I went to sea on steam and motor tankers of various sizes-tonnages and travelled the world of oil. Molly and I during this time re-met and married and had a family. My memories at sea while away from home was the BBC Overseas services, and Jimmy shand and his accordion band and andy stewart and his scottish songs. If one was lucky one could pick up the BBC Light programme Off Cyprus while sailing to the eastern meddi {Lebanon ] to load. The children [ours] painting and decorating the various houses we lived in while I settled down to a shore side employment, and tried to swallow the anchor. music at his time was a mystery to me? the beetles/stones did not switch me on, I liked the 60’s music with elvis/everly brothers/brenda lee and a true fan of Buddy Holly- not all his songs though? Molly and I finally settled in Bedfordshire, more house decorating, and growing up with our kids.
    Then my latter years again working remote from home, having been given a proverbial pier head jump i could not refuse. Here the radio came back into its own, and now BBC 2, and music programmes such as listen to the band and the organist entertains. After some 9 to 10 years of this retirement AH! What next? The Extracare Charitable Trust Retirement Village- done that got the teas shirt, and enjoy many a quiet moment sharing other peoples life experiences, with a little dash of ours. We are all not so different? we are to each of us interesting and have some of life’s lighter moments to laugh and joke about, and yet can with respect shut up and be quiet and listen to the other persons story, or if they have one a tall story or a yarn.
    Do I still listen to the radio, and watch telly yes often. My 5 minutes though are in thought about Molly and our families, the early years, and those radio programmes of yesteryear when I was in a foreign land, or trying to listen to the bbc’s various overseas’s and home broadcast services, with the music of the era? here I do a quickstep while listening off west africa to Victor Sylvester and his ball room orchestra, or out to a March by the Military Band of HM Marines. Night Night sweet dreams.

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