This is yet another Government Department the Last Laugh Looney Party has been asked to look into by Prime Minister Bodj.
The Department of  Digital, Culture, Media and Sport just sounds like a jolly for politicians.     They get tickets for football matches,  Concerts, film premiers, they even get to go in the Royal box at Wimbolden.    Strange how they are all avid sports fans ?
They get the best seats at cultural events.   TV appearances are not always fun because they often get asked question they can’t answer 😀

They also get to go on lots of free trips abroad to promote British culture in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Italy and Jamaica and other sunny places.     They also had to go to Japan, Australia and other far off places.    If fact they spent £ 24 million on travel and subsistence in the year.     Still it is only money !

This  mind map type illustration is taken from their 2018/19 Annual Report

It sums up in one picture just how confused the DCMS really is !   If you can’t read it don’t worry it doesn’t help you understand what they do with our money or the freebies.

The LLLP recommendation to Bodj is “ Shut them down immediately before they create any more mayhem !     Make National Museums and galleries charge entry fees with concessions  for children and  the elderly.    Make the BBC  pay it’s way in full, even if that means shutting down BBC3 and BBC4 and halving Gary Linaker’s salary.       Do you agree? ”

Forecast result

Disagree                  —— 27%

Agree                        ——-65%

Couldn’t care less    —— 8%

FORECAST SAVING.   £ 7.2 billion 

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  1. Goody, goody two shoes? what ever will you do? DCMS- the headlines-Departmental-comics-mimics-sanatorium> another name for the LLLP? sorry they have sense I mean BODJ and his -Devoted-chums- misfits-society! They have the POWER and The GLORY, to throw monies around: Not their own may I note! But yours and mine, and then they have the cheek to have a parliamentary holiday, and a tax break? while refreshing their personal thoughts, on how to fleece us , as though we are the mindless ‘FLOCK, off Suffolk, Wensleydale, hebrideaniean, and welsh sheep as we munch are way through their hearty library of informative departmental diatribes, describing how we have all missed the point, and voted for these lame ducks? Another episode in Mrs Dales Diary and ‘Captain’s escapades’ as they enjoy nine lives, not the revenge of the ‘CAT OF NINE TAILS’ for those mister miners in their political sojourns.

  2. Off the wall=Up the pole?
    Just what the Last Laugh Loonie Party [LLLP] ordered, a virtual world, Where everyone is a nobody, but exists as an Image? In whose mind? IT Is for one to decide!
    Firstly we start with the nominations for the USA American elections for President, we have abandoned those cardboard cut out images: and yet we are bombarded with tweets and alleged visual video’s and website ‘snippets’ of favourite phrases and images, of those we are supposed to care for, discuss with and then vote for? It is all in a ‘mind game, and censored, there is no real auditorium full of humans, listening intelligently, questioning and reasoning with sincerity, the future of a nation?
    The alleged cause is supposedly COVID-19, I ask politely in this world of images do we all meet our ‘’maker’’ on the web, introduced by St. Peter, being asked without reservation, do we agree to ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’ and a personal website image of ‘Satan’? This is a question for the over 60’s, or do they not care as to the outcome? Even the Chinese have that wise man, born of many a year? Confucius; Age is in their culture, and respected and maybe revered, not to be ‘scorned at’?
    That’s the modern world? What about us The UK & NI the LLLP are concerned, are government has descended to the hills, and tents for inspiration, cooking I suspect on campfires, and the cabinet singing songs like :Ging gang gully watch ging gang gouu, or maybe a round of ‘London Burning’ fire fire pour on water pour on water, or even that yorkie song on ‘Ilkley Moor Bah Tat’, with the resounding last line of the last verse ‘Then we shall have eateen thee’
    It is all in the imagination, what is real? What is a dream? Who can lead us forward to a world of Normal human relations, where we all talk, converse, joke, laugh and call each other a word of Endearment in jest -’A bloody fool’, and respond with a ‘full blown ‘raspberry!!!
    Go Get Em! LLLP, we are all mad, including our most august leader [s]. Bah Humbug!!!

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