The Last Laugh Looney Party is still looking at Government expenditure and has now turned it attention to the HMRC.     Cloaked in Her Majesty’s name, but more commonly called “the Taxman”.
Once you start to work these guys follow around for the rest of your life, like a Mafia protection racket extorting your hard earned money off you.  They want a percentage of every thing you earn and everything you buy.  They will even turn up at your funeral to see what is left to take off you.

Their 2018/19 Annual Report proudly declares that they collected or extorted £ 627.9 BILLION  from their “customers”.   They have an army of enforcers that total 58,700 with powers to imprison you if you don’t cough up.   Unless your name is Amazon or Phillip Green, in which you don’t pay.

They explain clearly what they do in 24 volumes of tax manuals.   That is why they had 42 million phone calls from people wanting to understand why almost half their income was going back to the Government in taxes.       You just need to pay an accountant to translate it all for you and then if you get a  rebate it will probably pay the accountants fees.

The LLLP has a radical solution provided their recommended reforms of other Government expenditure are implemented.   With less spending and less civil servants we won’t need so much tax to be collected.


  • Everybody pays some tax towards common good like health, education and security.  ( not including the BBC )
  • Taxation must be simple to understand and difficult to avioid.
  • Don’t tax people only to give it back later, except for state pension.
  • Focus tax on sales, so the more you buy the more you pay.
  • Tax on income is a disincentive to growth.


  • 10% income tax and no National Insurance upto £100,000.
  • 20% sales tax on anything that moves.
  • 50 % inheritance tax on over £1 million.   Spend it before you go!
  • No more.
  • Prison for people who don’t pay.   Especially Amazon and Phillip Green and their accountants.

This will mean there will be a lot less revenue for the Government to spend on our behalf, so they will have to slim down their ambitions significantly.   On the positive side people will have a lot more of their own money to spend as they wish.

Nor will we need 58,700 tax collectors or a zillion tax dodging accountants, they can all go to South America to plant trees!

ESTIMATED SAVING   £500,000,000,000 and an Amazon forest.

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  1. God bless you, you the chairman of the LLLP, you have in the past few blogs alluded to the expenditure of BODJ, and his collective underlings within the UK and NI government? BODJ is still in the mind to spend and spread the word @Money is round to go around@ or words to this effect1 as the responsible spokesperson of the LLLP you have at least pointed out savings? Well I never??
    We come to days ‘sermon on the mount’ and you point out correctly the role of the ‘TAXMAN’, and what is coming our way?? BuT Wait please do?? not for a bus or train, or other means of transport, to that centre of common sense @Parliament Square@, Please ask the question? and look around, which of us is working in this COVID-19 PANDEMIC and earning an HONEST living, supporting our own kind?
    Are we all going to ‘HELL in a Handcart’, while those around us making off! into the morning mist with our assets and hard earned savings.
    Answers on a postcard please to the usual address. LLLP, at The local Sanatorium! C/o the Men in white coats!

  2. A little sense? Or maybe nonsense?
    Today 24 August the ‘Daily Mail’ is full of stories! I am nonplussed at a few, just odd comments: Firstly the media and the US Presidential elections, and the electioneering concerning the racist activities, of the American authorities [Police in this instance], and the alleged persecution of non whites, the arguments being put forward for resumption of control of the population, and the behaviour of one section of the community. I found the comments wanting, and distressing and confusing: However that is the United States Of America, and their political system.
    Then while enjoying my coffee, I read the internal pages of the ‘Daily Mail’ and the story of the forthcoming BBC Broadcast of the ‘Last Night Of The Proms’ from the Royal Albert HALL, and the decision by the Board of Governors of the BBC to support the BBC Senior Management team to make the Televising and Radio Broadcast Of the ‘Last Night Of the Proms’ void of a live audience, and all though not stated I suspect a live promenade BBC Orchestra and performers [Singers and instrumental soloists] bazare In the least? I have to allow the singing to be of an operatic or classical style, not popular and stylistic: However I find they are banning the tunes ‘Rule Britannia, the National Anthem, and the song Jerusalem, is a kick in the gut for being British.
    At 77 like many of you I was brought up by my parents and the greater family, being lucky in my youth to Know my grand parents and their generation, then my Parents generation, and the fact that both generations fought for Great Britain and Ireland, {later the UK and NI}, and knew death at first hand in WWI and WWII, both at home and abroad, fighting alongside soldiers , sailors and airmen of the then British Commonwealth.
    The first lesson I was requested and required to learn was to say thank you for the lives given by all those allied servicemen in WWI & WWII, and not to be ashamed of my countries past heritage, only I was advised to learn by its mistakes. Part of this process was to embrace the Scout Movement, and the many songs and hymns, of church {C of E} and in auditoriums of celebration, here I include the BBC Broadcast The Last Night Of The Proms and the attendance by a member of the Royal Family, sometimes the Monarch, representing in my personal interpretation of a UK & NI as one complete family. A dream to behold and revere and relish with love!!!

  3. Tribalism-A social dilemma? But Who For???
    Here is a footnote to my comments above. Part of the WW1 and WWII was the State Of Germany, and her beliefs, of being heard, and her wish for ‘World Political Power’. In WWII one of the manifestations of the German people was the supremacy of the ‘Ayrian Race’! and all that that meant.
    I believe in my ignorance, this battle was one of the cornerstones of why we as the ‘British Nation, and Empire {Commonwealth of Nations}, we fought together and alongside each other other to untangle the myths of @TRIBALISM@ regardless of colour, class , or creed? We fought for our ideals of ‘FREEDOM’.
    The current political ideals being banded around the UK & NI at this moment in time disappoint me:-
    There is tribalism within the UK & NI Home rule for each nation, and, then,
    On one knee arm in the air for the show of solidarity for the alleged ‘Black persons underdogs’? and then
    Black Supremacy for the alleged ‘Underdogs’, and then,
    Our own UK & NI Immigration Policies, towards the world, and then:-
    Our Future relationship with the European Union, and the nations within it???
    Where oH! Where do we go from here, with our nation of Christian beliefs, and tolerance towards the peoples and nations of this world of ours? The english speaking peoples/nations cover many continents, and I trust, with all their faults bring reason and respect to all the nations of this world, however the story of history is repeated, and in its many guises. We are all not perfect. Do we survive as a tribal nation? the answer must be ‘’In No Way’’! we need wisdom and compassion, and our lands can not physically support us [UK& NI], with all these altruistic beliefs, we need if we believe in educating, and informing the world of our in depth beliefs of non tribalism, that they can if they reflect in their own image and ideals develop those thoughts in their birth place, and fight like we have through history for a free world, not of domination, but in deed and thinking?

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