So far the Last Laugh Looney Party investigation into Government spending has only just got started .    Nonetheless we have already revealed a great deal of bluster, self-justification and inefficiency and potentially achieved  some spectacular savings.     We began by looking at some of the smaller departments, although nothing is small in Government spending terms, they only think in £billions and utilise thousands of staff and bloated management structures.
The diagram below illustrates the galaxy of central Government departments and the size of their annual budget in 2018/19.


  • Overseas Aid.        DFiD.                13.4  Billion
  • Defence.                  MoD.               175.   Billion
  • Education.             DoE.                  107.  Billion
  • Food Supply.         DEFRA.              2.1 Billion
  • Business.               BEIS.                    7.5 Billion
  • Culture.                 DCMS.                 7.2. Billion
  • Justice.                  MoJ.                     9.2  Billion
  • Tax.                        HMRC.             500.   Billion

That’s about £800 Billion potential saving so far from just  8 Departments !   Plus a  load of civil servants;  a forest of paper;  a fleet of jumbo jets of foreign travel and a windbag of hot air.

You can suggest these things if you are the LAST LAUGH  LOONEY PARTY, because nobody ever thinks you are serious.


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  1. Mindless, vacancy
    Here I am non nonplussed by the LLLP and the innuendoes, that we could do better, in this age of talking and ‘rabbiting on’ while on the ‘STUMP’.
    Well by jingo I have just eaten my breakfast, with short term reading of the government papers and the office of statistics, plus a brief look at the 2020 Budget announcements/proposals. I am whacked, eyesore and of a numb mind, while I dilute the statistics and facts as I see them!
    Firstly the UK working population is some 36.3million souls and is two thirds the number of persons/souls living and registered in the UK & NI. { total population some 108 millions persons /souls-of which the elderly are a good proportion of the remaining third-on pension/non working- depending upon savings/assets and the state for income.
    From some source of economic statistic the Average Tax revenue for 2020 before the CORID-19 pandemic was £408million, for the UK & NI: There again from another statistical group of numbers/ facts was that during the same period the average income per UK & NI household was £29,610pa.
    Should you like me divide the Gross average Tax return £408,000,000 by the number of working population [36,300,000] one comes to £11,243 to be paid in tax???? Now then ones income average is £29,610, and one is shelling out £11,243 or ALMOST a Third of one earnings, which leaves the average household to pay for food and shelter, and that rainy day, little to think about other than to survive, and still we have the future and CORID=19 virus to contend with and the future of an economic climate in the UK & NI, while BORIS spreads the word of spend spend spend, waving his hands in the air, expecting ‘manna’ from heaven!
    I am a worried LLLP Ragamuffin Society Member and Just hope that the Current UK Conservative Government can see a way forward that may benefit us all equitably.
    Enough of waving hands? Where is reality and assurance????

  2. Question arises is a £Billion One million Million as the english would say, or as the americans £100 million? It is all in the waving of the hands, and paper money to boot, not a 50p piece to wet the baby’s head, at a christening???
    Just the LLLP Talking? what is an added zero on the score,
    Mathematics any number multiplied by a ‘Zero’ is the IRISH Millionaires savings investment Still ZERO! I mean’;BUGGER ALL’???

  3. Correction my calculation for the total UK registered population at approx 3×18.1million i.e, Approx 54 Million population, Not the 108 million, apologies please.statistics is not my game, but then I am a Loonie???

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