The Department for Transport is a small section of the civil service which only directly spends about £ 450 million every year.   But, behind this they are also responsible for £ 24.8 Billion on trains and boats and planes and cars and helicopters and bicycles …. and probably skate boards and surfboards and scooters and roller skates and anything else that moves that they can tax or regulate !

Like all the other Government Annual Reports theirs is full of self-congratulation and incomprehensible gobbledygook.   You wouldn’t think that our roads are congested, or that our trains are over priced and frequently late.   Nor would imagine that DfD projects take years to complete.   The extra runway at Heathrow has been under discussion for the last fifty years and it is still not started.   Budgets and timescales overrun by years and £billions.     Yet the 2018/19 Annual Report claims that “we inject pace and urgency into everything we do”.     They have to be joking !

Coronapop has done them a great favour by pointing the way forward.   Just lockdown everything.    This year they will be able to report the best performance ever.      No train delays;  no road congestion;  hardly any flights;  virtually no road accidents and almost zero carbon emissions.

So in the years ahead, if we don’t let any body into the country we won’t need customs officers.    Since most people will be working from home, most of our cars will be of the roads and we might as well forget about the DVLA and MOT’s.    We may need a few trains but, we definitely won’t need HS2.    With hardly any flights we can plant trees on Heathrow as a new Greening  Britain project.

           FORECAST SAVING    £24.8  BILLION.

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  1. ‘Auntie’ in new clothing, I knew her as BOT, Dp T, DOT, and other useful names, in charge of shipping, which was my fortaie- RNLI and Coastguard helicopters, and the men to protect our coast lines. Then there was International air traffic, and the control of passenger and freight,
    Amongst our souvenirs was one Dept Of Transport Minister, in a past Conservative Government, who made a lot of noise, waved his hand in the air, and uttered in despair that we did not understand him and his policy at the time???
    PS the third heathrow runway? This was to be in the lower Thames off I think at that time was called @Shoeberryness@ where has that gone in his later utterings’ as PM, or is he still waving his hands in the air, and letting the wind breeze through his Hair? I wonder?
    Life does go on and on! does it not???? Does it not BODJ!!

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