Barring Barristers.

Thanks to  Coronapop waiting lists are getting longer and longer.    This is not just in   health care settings, but also in our Courts of Justice.     People are being denied justice which is obviously unjust.    There are 51,000 alleged criminals awaiting trial.    So proposals have been put forward to speed up the courts by extending their opening hours.    This doesn’t seem unreasonable,, since many organisations have had to change their working practices.

However nothing is simple when it comes to the law.   The legal profession is steeped in hundreds of years of tradition.    The whigs and gowns are testimony to that.

The legal eagles, our highly paid barristers, are considering it, which could take a year or two.    Some are horrified by the obvious injustice of  having to work before they have had time to read the morning paper or even worse if they can’t get home in time for afternoon tea.
So serious is the situation that strike action is threatened in the new year.    They are concerned that after been  called to the bar, the bar has now been closed by the Coronapop lockdown, so impoverished barristers are struggling to make ends meet.
One thought being put forward is the possibility of improved compensation for working longer hours.   Maybe double time legal aid for a 9am start and for weekends perhaps triple time and free meals.

If an agreement can’t be reached, the barristers  believe they will have a strong case for discrimination and will sue for strike pay.      Of course, if they are on strike it will be difficult to find a barrister to represent them.     They may have to fall back on a barista to grind out their case 🤡

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2 Responses to Barring Barristers.

  1. Good morning, john, coco, and mo on this foggie, frosty December day! The title of this piece maybe should read ” roughes, vagabonds and thieves” like you john i just question where is the honour???
    For those that trespass we should lock’em up and throw away the keys?? However this may be a little short sighted! I still believe we still need a jury of 12 true and trusted citezens?? But then in this age of “zoom” and other webpage communications, do we need a place of appointment, such as a county law court?. Or the Old Bailey and the theatre of who,s done it?= as agatha chrissty, may have proposed. We have on the saga of the tv soaps all the drama of of Ken and his fiendish behaviours towards his loved ones, going right now through a fictiious court in granarda land, and we are all invited to participate, who is the wrong doer, ? KEN for being such a brute or his wife for surcoming to such ill treatment in this modern up to date world of ours. Are we all in fact to blame? Just pause for a moment do we as subjects need all these dressed up frocks and coats to resolve the issues we are frightened to address as individuals?
    We have just watched? May be not you, but i the storyline of the death of a child in coronation street where the mother, cannot accept death, in a format other than unremoseful grief?? I politely ask where are the guideance rules on life, where one can seek solace and not comfort but the understanding of eternal life?? To enable one to rest at ease with ones soul?.
    Again on the box and Emmerdale another story line of alleged murder, with supposed compassion? It is all too much for me?
    The tv court rooms on these soaps are full of “”Zoom” situations, all of it requires it for this to become true? And we are in 1984 land and big brother syndrome?
    So we care i ask who are the legal professionals are they changing with the times, or is it us as individuals??

    We must not thow out the baby with the bathwater???

  2. Never mind banning or restricting the barrister, as these ladies and gents age they may have a wish to become “” law lords” or are appointed as such by their fellow barristers, then they sit on the “”woolsack”” as chief law lord? So i believe?
    However we now have a new union of kids on the block? “” the European court of justice” where we all, listen and spout in foreign tongues, but on a common theme of principles, and ethics common to all of us citizens in Europe being upright, honest, and compassionate? However we must now wait for “Brexit”, and our politician’s, some of whom may be barristers? Good lord we have now the house of lords in parliament, directing the house of commons ” US” dear voter??
    So i asked with a skewed viewpoint, what is in it for me ??? Justice or a daisy chain of peoples dressed up in wigs and frocks, that is a ” poke up the bum”? What a position to be in reliant on other people to make me reach a climax of excitement???? Ohhh aahh!!
    Is this good enough for the Eton debating society and the lack of ” WOKE????

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