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The Last Laugh Looney Party is beginning to have a global influence.   It has gone viral.    Rather like Coronapop 🤡 Ever since the LLLP started its investigation into UK Government spending and began to come up with radical recommendations … Continue reading

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Coronapop Rugby🏉

I last posted about rugby way back in June, when I thought the season was all over and Leicester Tigers were at the bottom of the table (bar Saracens who were relegated for cheating ).  But, I was wrong ! … Continue reading

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Bodj Technology

This is the final broadcast by Bodj on his manifesto for a brighter future.   If you have been tuning into Bodj’s earlier broadcasts you will recall that he has convincingly demonstrated his breakthrough thinking on keeping us all safe, … Continue reading

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This post is all about Bodj’s world leading approachch to climate change.   He decided on this after he met the 5 year old Nobel prize-winning Greta Young Bird, who seems to know everything about it. He will inform the … Continue reading

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Bodjing Education

My two previous posts began to map out the Bodj manifesto for the next General Election.    In my next broadcast to the Nation I will tell you my thoughts on education. “ I learned a lot from the lock … Continue reading

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Waiting for Bodj.

This post follows on from my last one, where Bodj has sacked his whole Cabinet, all the MP’s and the House of Lords.      So it is going to be quite quiet in Westminster for a change.     … Continue reading

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After Coronapop ?

For the past six months and probably for at least six more our heads have been full of Coronapop.   All forms of media have had their attention grabbed by the virus worldwide.    The world has been on hold, … Continue reading

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This is a follow up to the last post Bodj has got himself fixated on SIX, but being a classical scholar the Last Laugh Looney Party recommends he remembers his Roman Empire history and changes the focus to TEN. Then … Continue reading

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LLLP What next for Bodj ?

Brexit looms and Coronapop is still at large, so the Last Laugh Looney Party has advised Prime Minister Bodj to call a General Election.    It is time tor a fresh start.       This is particularly urgent because … Continue reading

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The Last Laugh Looney Party has now completed its long investigation into Government expenditure.   What a marathon !   And what lessons have been learned ? Firstly, the Governments and the Civil Service don’t really want you to know … Continue reading

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